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  1. Hella disappointed with that Gladiator event, It's just another way to force u to play the most boring character of all: Sura. /yawn/yawn/yawn/yawn/yawn/yawn/yawn/yawn/yawn 

    1. Mein Reich Toten

      Mein Reich Toten

      oh no, you don't know how to play sura with skill ? don't bash it KKKKKKK

    2. Lai


      Gladiator is about Survival, do anything you can to Survive, including party, massive pots, all kind of methods.

  2. loool now i know why people dont go to battle ground c it is so ruined

  3. God fcking damnit everytime I glance at Giant Faceworm Skin I cant help but to read it as Giant ForeSkin

    1. Lex Luthor

      Lex Luthor

      Nice.... PVP WARS

  4. shhiiit when u play with ur dogs for too long and accidentally left ur in-game pet to starve to death. rip


    1. JinToki


      cuz he saw weaponz 

    2. FilipinoPhil


      seriouz???? maybee its just me who didnt get it, i was hammered when i watched it earlier but defo rewatching it tomorrow to see if itz cuz he saw weaponz or not

  6. @Yuuki can we get more info on the Cupid Pet Egg quest? I've been killing Suspicious Bandits for the past 30 mins and nothing is dropped

  7. Sura is so fun omg

  8. I looove how u have to @die after getting married to get back to normal wahaha ragnarok so realistic

    1. VCTZero


      IDK why, but I laughed at this...

  9. Just had a group of goth genetics in PvP with kyrie before going in to avoid getting 1 hit punch wahahaha

  10. Have u ever had a player so eager to kill you they have dual client to spy on u before u get in PvP hahaha #justPrickythings


  11. Giant Faceworm Skin Combo w/ ANY Temporal Boots

    @Akin (Master Keele Zeibel) Ooo ayee It's edited now
  12. Giant Faceworm Skin [0] • Giant Faceworm Skin[1] / #20717 • #20718 The Giant Faceworm Skin's extra bonus effect of "MaxHP+15% and MaxSP +5% when equipped Temporal Boots" does not work with SLOTTED Revised Temporal Boots altho works perfectly fine when equipped with a NON-SLOTTED Revised Temporal Boots. Step 1 : I equipped GFS [0] with Revised Temporal Boots [0] Step 2 : I equpped GFS [0] with Revised Temporal Boots [1] Step 3 : I equipped GFS [1] with Revised Temporal Boots [0] Step 4 : I equipped GFS [1] with Revised Temporal Boots [1] Source : Character Name : Mister Kiko Character Stats (?) : STR 130+17 AGI 1+18 VIT 130+4 INT 1+16 DEX 81+18 LUK 1+4 Solution : The combo script of these 2 items should include the slotted revised temporal boots (#22113 - #22118) I hope the screenies below are self explanatory: Step 1 : I equipped GFS [0] with Revised Temporal Boots [0] The photo above clearly shows that the bonus effect of "MaxHP +15% and MaxSP +5%" to be working. But mainly focus on the +HP bonus cause I just realized I didn't have max SP when i took this photo.. soz Step 2 : I equpped GFS [0] with Revised Temporal Boots [1] As you can see there shouldn't be any changes on my Max HP ( as the boots I've switched into does not give +vit ) but clearly it has reduced from ** 23,144 --> 20, 126 ** therefore the slotted boots itself is ineffective when combined with GFS[0]. Step 3 : I equipped GFS [1] with Revised Temporal Boots [0] Step 4 : I equipped GFS [1] with Revised Temporal Boots [1] Love, Kiko xxx
  13. World Fishing Tournament 2

    Hey beautiful man or anyone reading this, correct me if I'm being a right dumb-shit here but isn't the ranking system suppose to reset? If it is the 'Fishing Master' hasn't updated his ranking system.. I would kill another human being to gain VIP coins without using OP donate system and ( yes I already do hourly-events for VIP Coin(s) )