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  1. Wolfenrir

    Voltando ao servidor!

    Não é difícil trombar com alguns brasileiros no jogo, até no nome você acaba descobrindo que são brs Bem vinda de volta, meu ign é Wolfenrir, qualquer coisa dá um toque.
  2. Wolfenrir

    jRO RK 2nd Sprite!

    Not that I know of, i've seen concepts but nothing after that.
  3. Wolfenrir

    jRO RK 2nd Sprite!

    They need to stop ignoring Rune Knights :/
  4. Wolfenrir

    Hii n-n

    Yeah I just saw it, I'm sorry hehe I was afk indeed.
  5. Wolfenrir

    Hii n-n

    Welcome, I'm from Brazil haha Anyway I'm in Otogakure, we're a friendly guild that does instances every once in a while, if you feel like joining us lemme know, my ign is the same as the forum I'm a RK.
  6. Wolfenrir


    Are you people still recruiting? I'd love to do some more instances, but I'm all by myself so yeah.
  7. Wolfenrir

    RK aura blade and concentration timer

    +1 on this.
  8. Wolfenrir

    Rejected From Server (3)

    The server doesn't like us anymore.
  9. Wolfenrir


    I'm also getting rejected from every server, I'm from South America, why are they trying to make us use proxy so hard? I mean.. Why? ._.
  10. Wolfenrir

    Siggies by Nirsa

    Noice, you do have some talents, all I can do is stickmens at paint with third legs cus I can't make them right.