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  1. Kizzukun

    Special One Week Daily Gift

    It has to be vip coin on first day of April, cause Lai is making a bet for 100$ lol
  2. Kizzukun

    Crash Compensate Event

    How does going from x25 to x30 affects custom drop rates from certain items ?
  3. Kizzukun

    New Gears

    Oh gosh that Etran's Undershirt, I need it so much
  4. So after the patch, the tatacho card doesn't reduce neutral property attacks. Immune shield without tatacho card (12% reduction) Immune shield with tatacho card (should be 32% reduction) Pretty much the same.
  5. Is that from iRO ? It must be different from kRO since when I asked a player from kRO he told me that equipment dex was important in adding damage from the accessories
  6. Also all of these coins can be found on coin bags, which you can drop from the bosses of Octopus cave, and malangdo culvert. The coaelacanthe seem to drop a lot of these bags, and after beating him a lot of shaggy coin bags drop on the floor of the whole instance.
  7. Kizzukun

    "New" doram skills?

    You can't for now, they are not enabled yet.
  8. Kizzukun

    kRO Gear Switch Function

    Can't wait for that switch system. Unequiping second accessory manually through equipment window sure is a bummer. This feature will make life easier for people who use bundles of accessories.
  9. Kizzukun

    Doram Skill: Catnip Meteor

    It is indeed neutral and the skill description states it is Ghost. Now the question is, since in other servers sometime the description doesn't say it is ghost property : what element catnip meteor is in kRO ?
  10. Kizzukun

    doram skill : silvervine root twist

    bump @Inkfish Nothing has changed, skill damage is still reduced by MDEF while it shouldn't. According to the kRO GIF it should hit for 100 damage. On limit RO, if I ignore def, it deals 100 damage (no MATK involved) (I wear wickebine's black cat ears)
  11. Kizzukun

    [Female Doram] Cloth colour

    What makes you say it is a bug ? There are just 4 clothes available that's how it is. If you want more make a subject in the suggestion forum.
  12. Kizzukun

    Doram Skill : Silvervine Stem Spear

    So i was told some doram was dealing 100k damage in pvp with this skill, while i can't deal more than 13k. I'll have to investigate that too.
  13. I wish i could have hard evidence but it's doram we're talking about. Infos on skills behaviours are almost impossible to find. He has datas on skills on this server, if i had it i would tell what to change, but i think my indications are clear enough for him to fix it. Like match the splash damage to the size of the circle etc...
  14. @Inkfish I'll rephrase. My assumption is not "a chance to hit everyone in the circle", but "will 100% hit everyone in the circle". Which is not the case on limit ro : here is a GIf where i cast catnip meteor under similar conditions The damage range of 3x3 is way to small to cover the circle. I think it should be at least 5x5, so it matches what happens on the GIF from kRO. Also increasing the speed of fall so that all 7 meteors ticks under 2 second, like on the GIF (one tick every 0,3 sec). But I'm not sure it would solve the other glitches I've shown above, the meteors that sometime doesn't appear, and the lingering effect...
  15. Kizzukun

    Last room instance cooldown

    Nah, it's really a 24h cooldown when it states 23h on the tooltip. I'll provide a screenshot. (I forgot to take), but when I start instance at 1:00 AM, the next time I can open the instance is tomorow at 1;00 AM.