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  1. Hi, Mad Bunny clean trade with my V.Coelecant card + Infinite VAGABOND card. worth 90vip i guess. Pm :)

  2. ravelyna

    [Opinion] Improvement to Instance Rewards!

    Geffen Magic Tournament, atleast higher chance drop Fenrir Scroll.
  3. ravelyna

    [Anniversary Event] Dear Limit RO

    46. Niska Forum Name = ravelyna
  4. ravelyna

    Doram Power of Land matk +20% didnt work properly

    Yes i know, look screenshot 2 i take 20 point sv spear 5, roots 5, meteor 5, and catnip powder 5 it works. But it should boost matk too when we put skills point to other plant-based skills like Chattering, Meow Meow. Look at the link: He doesn't need to put Sv Roots 5 and Catnip Powdering 5 to get passive +20% matk. But here we don't.
  5. Power of Land should be increase matk +20% too when put skills point to new plant-skills. Like someone said on this: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/207797-magical-doram-questions/page-2
  6. ravelyna

    Party Trolling

    Magic not trigger Hell's Judgment on Amdarais. I've been OGH normal/hard with my magic Doram and Sorcerer spell works fine, Amdarais didnt cast any Hell's Judgment when used skill on him. I think it because stand too close to Amdarais that trigger Hell's Judgment.
  7. ravelyna

    Meow Grass not working

    Silverine Root Twist sprite animation switched with Meow Grass?
  8. ravelyna


    I feel u Yesterday finally got spot and almost done setting up my shop, but someone stood on me and put Oridecon and a Blue Potion 10mil.
  9. ravelyna

    Cant Enter Mors Cave Even Cooldown Available

    No, just both of us cant enter. Party leader can generate memorial and enter.
  10. ravelyna

    Cant Enter Mors Cave Even Cooldown Available

    The question is why I cant enter today when i check cd available. And yes, yesterday after complete instance we talk to senior tracker and got heroic token.
  11. Both me and friend have same cooldown and cant enter. Last time we complete instance, we talk to npc outside cave and got heroic token too. We tried relogin, reparty still same.
  12. ravelyna

    Deepsea City Treasures v2.

    +1 King of Spirit Ring
  13. ravelyna

    Shadow Equipment Question

    thanks Akin for the answers.
  14. ravelyna

    Shadow Equipment Question

    1. Where is Mage Shadow Equipments? I dont see anywhere on Battleground NPC. 2. Sage Shadow Armor + Shoes Matk increase 3% only applied on Sage class or Sorcerer too? Because when i use it on my Sorc, my matk still same not increasing at all.