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  1. Hi, Mad Bunny clean trade with my V.Coelecant card + Infinite VAGABOND card. worth 90vip i guess. Pm :)

  2. Geffen Magic Tournament, atleast higher chance drop Fenrir Scroll.
  3. [Anniversary Event] Dear Limit RO

    46. Niska Forum Name = ravelyna
  4. Doram Power of Land matk +20% didnt work properly

    Yes i know, look screenshot 2 i take 20 point sv spear 5, roots 5, meteor 5, and catnip powder 5 it works. But it should boost matk too when we put skills point to other plant-based skills like Chattering, Meow Meow. Look at the link: He doesn't need to put Sv Roots 5 and Catnip Powdering 5 to get passive +20% matk. But here we don't.
  5. Power of Land should be increase matk +20% too when put skills point to new plant-skills. Like someone said on this: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/207797-magical-doram-questions/page-2
  6. Party Trolling

    Magic not trigger Hell's Judgment on Amdarais. I've been OGH normal/hard with my magic Doram and Sorcerer spell works fine, Amdarais didnt cast any Hell's Judgment when used skill on him. I think it because stand too close to Amdarais that trigger Hell's Judgment.
  7. Meow Grass not working

    Silverine Root Twist sprite animation switched with Meow Grass?