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  1. Kashido

    Warlock Equipment

    I agree, why we have all the end content for atk dealers and we are far behind for Matk users?, i mean no celine combo no survivor set no mob scarf we (magic user) have no opportunity vs atk (brutes) users, we deserve equip to allow us to get the content done
  2. Kashido

    Cart Cannon DMG

    So i was hitting an Undead4 mob whit holy element and i was doing 90k dmg ... here are the maths for my stats/equip vs a lv4 undead mob Since Evil Druid are lvl4 undead the final dmg should be 124437 TOTAL DMG. i know im not counting the ED defense, but cmon those 88 defense are diminishing my dmg by almost 30k?
  3. Kashido

    How to get simplified grf ?

    Merge the GRF w grf editor