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  1. IGN : lalaprawn Process : Final :
  2. As in this video you can see the stat, then after applied the formula the pw is close near. Original Stat INT135 Baselv144 Matk829 Pw Mutliplier (350+135+135+135)*(144/100)/100 10.87 Matk 829 Mutliplier*Matk 9,012.89 Pw on bakonawa Wind property x2 Estimated Dmg 18,025.78 Video Dmg 18K-22K After active Runaway magic Int335 Baselv144 Matk1129 Pw Mutliplier (350+335+335+335)*(144/100)/100 =19.51 Matk 1,129.00 Mutliplier*Matk 22,029.05 Pw on bakonawa Wind property x2 Estimated Dmg 44,058.10 Video dmg 44K~50K As you can see here the calculated dmg is quite closed to the video. Hence as u said, the formula is calculated based on base int is wrong. Here is my another test Screenshot on the same monster Roda Frog. Original Stat PW 15k After Runaway Magic PW 21k My Pw dmg does not increased by 100%~120% I think here is very clear cut. Hence it is bug?
  3. But did you saw the video when the player was actived runaways magic his dmg is increased from 50k to 100k? Merely +200 matk cant do so much differences. Maybe you can find other video to support you rather than this was hiding the stat.
  4. Then i tested again the formula and i found the bugged. Bug Pw mutliplier (350+131+131+131)*(175/100)/100 = 13.00 Matk 566.00 Estimated Dmg (mutliplier*Matk) 7,359.42 the Dmg is pair with the Screenshot 7,591 In conclusion, PW formula has been bugged. The runawaymagic of 200int does not affected in the PW formula.
  5. Xia Yi Yi & WeiYi Dance Combo Name: Poring Twins Love Advice: Love poring like u do Facebook Share Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154890311026067&set=a.10150603512186067.404901.627496066&type=3&theater
  6. NPC Name : Iris NPC Location : Limit Group near the front desk Describe the bug Disappear since 15th Nov.
  7. Item Name / Item ID:Fallen Bishop Card Describe the bug - how you tested When i attack the demi human monster or player with fallen bishop card , the damage is still same as without the card. The damage to angel monster has no problem. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) Your Char Name / Your Char Stats : XiaWei Yi