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  1. Maloot

    Little update on magical doram skills

    Still no cooldowns ? lol THEN WHAT DID YOU BASE YOUR RESEARCHES ON WHEN YOU PUT CD ON PHYSICAL CAT ????????????????????????? LMAO, you can't change your attitude can you ? I try to be kind and be nice, do a good report with screenshots, videos,etc... But no you can't do something properly. The one who threatened me was you kiddo "well, if i have time. i will dig the rule of this forum to ban you. believe me i can find a reason." Remember ? Anyways i don't want any problems with the staff cause everyone beside you is a kind and want things to change for the best. Have a nice day
  2. Maloot

    Nouveau joueur

    Hello, si tu as besoin d'aide concernant les doram n'hésite pas à me contacter ingame (certains disent que je suis le meilleur chat haha) Sinon si tu as besoin d'aide pour n'importe quoi, des questions, envie de parler, pm moi : Maalot ou Maloot. Amuse toi bien sur Limitro
  3. Maloot

    HELLO! :)

    And make friends, that's the best part of the server
  4. Maloot

    Noodle Making Event

    Character name : Maalot Noodle name : Ultimate secret noodles, Doram recipe (dex+30 for 10 minutes) Recipe : (you're lucky to discover my secrets) -Broth -Spices -Japanese noodles -Pepper (need 2 colors) -Mushrooms -Red radish -Chicken -Wasabi beans -Soya sauce -Wasabi sauce -Chili pepper sauce -Chicken spring rolls
  5. Maloot

    Helper Recruitment

    I didn't get any of these cash points bags before Hahaha Anyways goodluck to the next helpers
  6. Maloot

    Little update on magical doram skills

    Then the desc has to be changed
  7. Maloot

    Little update on magical doram skills

    As I said, I will screenshot everything later so wait a bit
  8. Char Name : Maloot/Maalot What I did 1 minute before i saw this bug : probably fap Bug Description : erm, do I still need to describe it ? I already did it twice and nobody cared, I even got threatened... But I guess that's my job as a doram player to report that and to make this server a better a more fair place... I guess. So... Catnip Meteor : Wrong desc (not ghost) Catnip Powdering : Doesn't reduce ATK/(MATK?) enough. Without powdering With powdering Should reduce to 305 ATK Power of Earth : Doesn't give 20% MATK. Without the 20 required points in earth skills (12) With the 20 points Nothing changed... Chattering : Doesn't have a CD. No need to prove that Meow Meow : Doesn't have a CD. No need to prove that Nyang Grass : Doesn't reduce DEF/MDEF. Doesn't have a CD. Without Nyang Grass With Nyang Grass Again nothing changed... Spirit of Earth : *Catnip Powdering : Doesn't give PD. Without Powdering With Powdering Anddddd nothing changed. *Catnip Meteor : Doesn't auto cast SVSS when attacked. No need to prove that *SV Root Twist/Nyang Grass : (imnotsureaboutthisonebeingabug) Both increases matk by 50 but does not stack with each other Without either With both It gives 50 for SVRT and 50 for Nyang Grass but it doesnt stack Why I think it's a bug : Erm, skill desc ? And Same video you used to fix physical doram... Did you test ? : Of course
  9. Maloot

    Your Body Part

    Char Name: Maloot Part desc: My left arm Why you love it: I need it to spam picky peck :/
  10. Maloot

    Entrepreneur/L-Phone Quest

    I think you can only get 1 phone, just use @phone on other characters (150+)
  11. Maloot


    Welcome back to RO and welcome to lRO, if you need any help feel free to pm me: Maloot
  12. Maloot

    The Solar Temple

    The error already has been fixed as for the loots/infos : check those ennemies
  13. Maloot

    Team Recruitment

    Char Name: Maloot Age: 18 (soon D:) Gender: Male Fluent Lang: French/English Nationality: French Occupation: Medicine Student Time in LimitRO: 2 years Playing Hours per week: Depends, i'm mostly afk these days but always keep an eye on RO, so 5 hours playing and more afk/helping ppl Possible helping hours per week: 10 hours ? I don't really know and ill be on holydays soon Personality: Short-tempered when people are trolling me, but i can be patient and very kind with players who want to learn and ask kindly Favorite color: Blue, you know that already Other comment why you suit for this: As I said I can be really kind, I already helped many people and always answers when someone asks a question in @main / @help / discord / facebook (at least when i'm sure of the answer), I know i'm not an old player but it doesn't mean I don't know anything. I tried most of the classes so i can help with that too. There aren't many French speaking players helping other players and that's why i posted not long ago a post to help new French players if they are lost or need any advice. One last thing: I don't really need much better equipments on my doram so from now on I'll mostly be afk/farm CEs/talk to people = that means I'll have more time to help others Oh and i forgot: I'm cute edit: I play RO since 2008 or so
  14. Maloot

    Price Abusing / Ruining Market / Deceiving Newbies

    Probably the same guy