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  1. Maloot

    Entrepreneur/L-Phone Quest

    I think you can only get 1 phone, just use @phone on other characters (150+)
  2. Maloot


    Welcome back to RO and welcome to lRO, if you need any help feel free to pm me: Maloot
  3. Maloot

    The Solar Temple

    The error already has been fixed as for the loots/infos : check those ennemies
  4. Maloot

    Team Recruitment

    Char Name: Maloot Age: 18 (soon D:) Gender: Male Fluent Lang: French/English Nationality: French Occupation: Medicine Student Time in LimitRO: 2 years Playing Hours per week: Depends, i'm mostly afk these days but always keep an eye on RO, so 5 hours playing and more afk/helping ppl Possible helping hours per week: 10 hours ? I don't really know and ill be on holydays soon Personality: Short-tempered when people are trolling me, but i can be patient and very kind with players who want to learn and ask kindly Favorite color: Blue, you know that already Other comment why you suit for this: As I said I can be really kind, I already helped many people and always answers when someone asks a question in @main / @help / discord / facebook (at least when i'm sure of the answer), I know i'm not an old player but it doesn't mean I don't know anything. I tried most of the classes so i can help with that too. There aren't many French speaking players helping other players and that's why i posted not long ago a post to help new French players if they are lost or need any advice. One last thing: I don't really need much better equipments on my doram so from now on I'll mostly be afk/farm CEs/talk to people = that means I'll have more time to help others Oh and i forgot: I'm cute edit: I play RO since 2008 or so
  5. Maloot

    Price Abusing / Ruining Market / Deceiving Newbies

    Probably the same guy
  6. Maloot


    i'm not sure about that :/
  7. Maloot

    Cap's Noob Guide to Physical Doram

    Yep it does
  8. Maloot


    The trade is about +6 Applause+AmonRa card and he kept messaging me offering around 700M this can also be considered as harrassing as he kept spamming that to me If i didnt know the price of this he wouldve scammed me
  9. Lol you're fun, source used for the doram physical nerf was a video of the same guy as i said idc anymore i wont report anymore bugs cya
  10. Maloot

    Hugel Doubles Race bug

    Not a potential abuse, I bought my tickets from someone who had more than 500, i believe he used this so not just potential
  11. I'm really triggered so from now on i don't care anymore about those bugs and ill bug abuse as much as possible, is that what you want ? I don't have time to fcking put my posts in form and your attitude is really tilting so if that's what you want ill use those bugs, i thought Lai said "don't main a class for his bugged skills" but it seems like it's what you want PS: you didnt fix cooldowns see you
  12. Maloot

    So woe seems to be ruined as far as new competition

    Yep that's right, the main goal of the 5 castles update was to open woe to smaller guilds but it ended up as a stealing game and it's just irritating, 1 man had more influence than a whole guild...
  13. Maloot

    Si qqn a besoin d'aide

    Si ya des français qui nécessitent de l'aide et qui sont pas très confiants en anglais vous pouvez me pm : Maloot / Reballot / et tout ce qui se termine par -allot ou qui y ressemble
  14. there have fun And so other skills cooldown is bugged =) @Inkfish Oh and in the time being, Nyang Grass doesnt do anything but it should reduce mdef by 50%