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  1. iGowther

    Shopkeeper do not let me in

    Nice. Thanks @Emistry will also reply to this topic after MT.
  2. However, she does not, hence I cannot continue the next parts of the quest and since this is tied up to 17.1 quests I also fail to continue my quest line in 17.1. Even after repatching and reseting the game. This is still Nyhil's dialogs. Please help. Sidenote: I have already completed all of 16.1 (Royal Banquet) quest line up to the Bijou Instance. However I did not do all of the side quests.
  3. iGowther

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    Alright. Time to update my RK guide. DB OP.
  4. Thank you so much for the feedback. Yeah I thought so as well, Edda Biolab weapons are sooooooooooo good especially since they can be enchanted with <specific> class enchantment which in totallity breaks the meta really hard.
  5. Seriously??? ATK > Long. Gotta check that out. My god. hahaha. Will add it. And yes, I will continue with the other guides. As soon as the update is out. I want to limit test the IB/HS build and the pure Berserker build.
  6. Haha. I was a bit sleepy last night when I was editing. I may have misplaced that MM. Almost done. I really hope this gets the spotlight it deserves as I personally think that this is one of if not the most intensive guide out there for DB RK.
  7. Oh yeah. I though about adding Illusion Armor/Leg/Wing here. I though they were not particularly efficient to have for the build due to the price range. Especially since the MMs are really pricey as of the moment. And I totally forgot about the broken Ahat + Shanaim combo hahahaha. Anyways, thanks for the help. I will add your suggestions to the guide.
  8. ooohhh. I nearly forgot about that one. edited the guide just now. added that and some more.
  9. Still waiting for it. Until then I can't fully complete the guide. I have to do damage calculations and damage tests to see. Critical IB tho <3.
  10. Hi!!! So I've been looking up for any useful Rune Knight guides from the wiki and I've noticed that the guides were pretty outdated especially the Dragon Breath build as you can see here. So I decided to create a guide in order to start a discussion on the best current setup for Rune Knights. So yeah, here goes... RUNE KNIGHT GUIDE BY BOU First things first, Rune Knight is one of the 3rd job Branch Class for Swordsman. Rune Knights are generally tanky that deals a lot of physical damage. Rune Knights can opt into a melee fighting style or a range physical caster style. Rune Knights have the option to facilitate the use of the following weapons: One-Handed Swords Two-Handed Swords Spears Daggers Axe One-Handed Swords: The main strength of one-handed swords is the 100% damage inflicted on Medium size monsters which is great if you plan to use RK for farming Solar Temple and Biolabs. Also, having an extra item slot for a shield is extremely helpful especially if you can afford a Purified Knight's Shield [1] or a Cursed Mad Bunny [1] in the end-game. Two-Handed Swords: Two-handed swords on the other hand has a 100% damage modifier for large monsters which includes most MVPs. It is really great choice of weapon arsenal if you're gonna spend a lot of time MVP hunting. Drawback tho is that you cannot equip a shield with this, thus preventing you from having extra defensive stats. Spears: Ah, spears. Spears are a swordsman exclusive weapon type. Spears are great because of the skill Cavalry, spears (both one-handed and two-handed) deal 100% for all sizes when mounted with Dragon/Peco-Peco and Griffin (for Royal Guards). Daggers: Daggers are an all-around type of weapon which can be worn by most classes in-game. The major problem with this type of weapon is that it only deals 50% effectiveness versus large monsters (i.e. MVPs). However, it is great because the skill Sword Mastery affects dagger type weapons too. Axes: Axes are most commonly used by Merchant classes but some axes are usable by Swordsman classes too. While the Dagger type weapons deals 50% effectiveness on large monsters, the axe type weapons deal the opposite with only 50% effectiveness against small monsters (i.e. Porings ) All right, so with that let's get into the actual guide : Rune Knights have various options in building and configuring stats, skills and items but the most common are the following: Dragon Breath Build : DB GUIDE IS DONE. SEE BELOW A build that focuses on the Dragon Breath / Dragon Breath Water skills (long range physical attack) very useful for mob farming and great AOE Splash damage. Commonly utilizes swords Ignition Break / Hundred Spears Build A build that focuses on the long range damage of Hundred Spears and the AOE damage from Ignition break. All-rounder build which can be good for end-game. Utilizes Spears ASPD Frenzy Build A build which capitalizes on the skill Berserk, One-Hand Quicken/Two-Hand Quicken and Enchant Blade. This focuses on doing auto-attacks like a thief or a spellfist sorcerer. Now on to the builds: Dragon Breath Build Personally I think this is the best MVP build for Rune Knights, not only that but this build is extremely cheaper than the two other builds. The main drawback of this build is that it's locked into two elements: Fire and Water. Thus, this build becomes useless against monsters and players with the right elemental resists. First thing we need to know is how that Dragon Breath is a long range physical attack form of skill and that it has one of the weirdest damage calculations out there. The Dragon breath damage calculation goes exactly like this: Damage = [(Current HP / 50) + (Max SP / 4)] + (Base LVL * Skill LVL / 150) * [95 + (Dragon Training LVL * 5)]% * (100 + Range Modifiers)% * (Elemental Modifiers)% So with that in mind, Dragon Breath build focuses mainly on getting as much HP as possible while also adding SP and Range Modifiers (ex. EA enchants). **Note: DB damage calculation is reliant on your *CURRENT* HP so Ygg berries is nice. Also always bring pots <3 uwu. STATS: Stat Amount Notes STR 1, 30-50, 90-100 1 point for pure Dragon Breath only. More or carrying capacity. 90 and on if getting Hundred Spears or IB. AGI 1-60 60 only to get rid of animation delay. VIT 130 More Vit = More HP INT 90-110 DEX 120 120 base DEX for eliminating Dragon Breath fixed cast time with Temporal Dex Boots. LUK 1-30 Skills: Swordsman Page: Knight Page: Rune Knight Page: The current Base/Job max is 200/70 so we can use a lot of skill points. I am personally using this skill pages to be able to use Ignition Break because I don't wanna use spears . But if you want to use Hundred Spears as a secondary arsenal you could switch up a bit of these skills. And now for the items. EQUIPMENTS Upper Headgears: Middle Headgears: Lower Headgears: Cards: Bodygear/Armor: Armor Cards: Weapons: Weapon Cards: Shields: Shield Cards: Garments: Garment Cards: Footgears: Footgear cards: Accessories: Accessory Card: PETS CONSUMABLES Healing Items: A MUST HAVE BUFF (Stat Foods): Rune Stones (Additional Stats buff): SHADOW EQUIPMENTS Scatter Shadow Set Class Shadow Set Fire Breath Shadow Set (RECOMMENDED) Malicious/Malevolent Shadow Set (RECOMMENDED FOR LEECH) GEMSTONES STAR STONES To be CONTINUED... Please do not remove... **NOTE: WILL UPDATE THE GUIDE FOR THE OTHER BUILDS ONCE THE RE-BALANCE IS OUT.