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  1. verasan

    Ring of Archpriest Enchantment not working

    posting same problem, @Yuuki marked it as fixed but still did not appear in changelog yet
  2. currently its not giving additional stats and boost epiclesis CD when combined with cure1 enchant original epiclesis CD = 60s start CD 17:28:18 end CD 17:29:16 (i need too SS before the CD animation really end) with the combined effect it should be reduced by 10s so it will become CD= 50s start CD 17:29:38 End CD 17:30:37 the additional Luk+2 and Perfect Dodge+5 is not there too without cure1: with cure1 enchant: i only try with cure1 enchant becoz i dont have other enchant
  3. verasan

    Deepsea City Treasures

    can someone explain this ring when combined with enchant what will it give? additional luk and perfect dodge with extra effect or just overwrited the luk and perfect dodge in top desc? i try with cure1 it did not give any extra effect as described @Lai
  4. they all frozen i try biolab 4 and they do nothing, not even moving
  5. verasan


    hello gpx? welcome to limitRO you can be try talk to stranger to make friends, i believe someone can be your friend to play with. for the equipments, yeah its hard to understand it for the first time, but forum and wiki provide many useful basic information for you to read so give it a try. if you find me ingame try talk to me (if i not AFK) i will not bite the name is Vera Sansan, a shaddy white pink AB english is not my first languange too, so its okay as long as we can understand each other see you and good luck
  6. verasan


    first thing first, geared UP, get decent armor and equips. dont try kill MvPs with limit group armor read for monster character and abilities (and i suggest get a friend to play with, its fun) 😌
  7. verasan

    My Childhood is back..

    hi ji d
  8. verasan

    Asking for Password Username and Email

    obviously a LIE
  9. verasan

    Lets talk about ABs

    i'm interested in this discussion, but since i'm not a battle AB i can not give any vote to the poll. i realize the nerf of judex, i mean from 10K judex damage to 2k judex damage is very noticeable, but someone told me too, the previous damage is bugged and now it fixed i read skill bug report and i found the threat about it, so we just back to official and not really getting nerfed. i hope this discussion can bring something good 😉
  10. verasan

    Your Body Part

    Char Name: Vera Sansan Part Description: left pinkie Why you love it: because i have a 'claw'-like nail on it since decade ago until now become my trademark and i proud of it photo:
  11. verasan

    New to RO

    do not forget to play with others 😀
  12. verasan


    go into the "vending Line" ----> use vending skill -----> drag your item into vending window no need to register anything as long as i know
  13. verasan

    Lunette Island [175+]

    @Parakinstried solo today, running out of time..... the dracula using assumptio(hard to kill) and adoramus, queen scaraba use auto guard, safety wall(this one is hard to kill too..), and judex, atroce use agi up(hurt so much) , bangungot use agi up(easy), kiel is (easy), and timed out i were kicked out from arena. how you suppose to solo it only using fist????? PS: dont forget the DIVINE JUDGEMENT!!
  14. verasan

    Costume Headgear List

    when will magic kitty release? and the doge
  15. verasan

    amar al din jalab salab GONE

    Amar al din, jalab, salab from egg scroll is missing from both inventory and storage. what happend after yesterday MT? another scheme or just accident? HELPER & GMs pls help best regards, vera