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  1. Me too. I think 50 str is rather cheap than choosing to up 100++ stats. The weight bonus is pretty good for arrow and spare equipment. With many food buff I almost always have 3k weight in normal circumstance. (considering the ranger doesnt have gym pass)
  2. 1. I mean like 1st tier and 2nd tier. It listed +9 FAW and +9 HBP but not written which one I should choose for better damage(probably FAW for crit dmg) 2. I think Heroic suit[1] is not giving much damage. +9 WWS with EA11 enchant giving about 40% ranged damage but +16 heroic suit just giving 3% long ranged and I don't think the autocast DS will give much damage(since probably it wont affected by crit increase damage). At +16 heroic chance of DS is 11%(5+refine *5) which give about 4x normal atk damage. That roughly giving 44% bonus damage than normal atk. With normal 1.4x crit damage that bonus will down to 44/1.4 = 31.4%. So probably +9WWS max enchant still out dps heroic 4. So fear breeze affected by crit? I think I read a forum saying it wasn't because its like triple/double attack mechanism. Since fear breeze atk is 1-4x(average 2.5) I agree to put it on. Another idea, how about sarah earring EA5 or Fatal 5 enchant (10% long range or 14% crit damage)? It probably can outdamage maelstrom + g.scaraba Also adding sigrun wings (7.6m deluxe hat) which give 2% long ranged mid hg
  3. Hi, nice guide there @Zohan but it would be nice if you put a recommended equipment, not only the price/enchant type. Like, is it better using GXB or giant bow? Can I ask why do you use heroic suit? Is +7 physical shadow weapon(10 atk, 1%atk) give less damage than Scatter Shadow Weapon(dex+5)? Do you activate fear breeze?(it will overide crit)
  4. Spamming

    Well writing B> alcohol once should be enough. Using 2 account on the right channel is like loophole for waiting cd like relog(you can use >2 acc in future) And what did fixed mean anyway -_-, is it allowed or not?
  5. Spamming

    Char Name: Naberson, BarbiesMinstrel Violation of Rule: (highlight which rule the player has violated) Spamming [Misdemeanor] Excessive talking in chat and/or repeating lines consecutively is punishable. People can read what you say, so there's no need to repeat it over nine thousand times. This includes but is not limited to using over 3 lines of chat at a time, or repeating your chat more often than 30 seconds AFTER it's left your screen Loopholes Any attempt to use loopholes to your advantage, despite the application of common sense, will be met with an application of the "Catch All" rule. Do not attempt to play games with us. If you are unsure if something is illegal or not, ASK before doing so. Evidence: Chat_PUBLIC_002.txt Please tell me if this legal, I will do it very often if it does then Btw you have a nice helper here, loves the troll
  6. Old Glast Heim Beginner Mode

    whatttt....those beginner HTF giving bloody coin. Isn't that will make the coin worthless and drop the price? the boss so easy to kill
  7. Old Glast Heim Beginner Mode

    I don't understand the purpose of this instance. Normal and HM OGH is enough in my opinion. Only for trans char? I don't know if anyone playing trans in 175/60 server. Is it fun? It seems trans char only have limited skill, thus limited strategy. It might be fun to play it pvp but I don't think it works on pvm Everyone is just want equipment to 1 shot every mvp
  8. Jualan koin VIP

  9. Magical blade script

    The description is not match with the script. If you not going to change the script can you change the description then? Or should I make another report to request description change? Yeah, deepsea item is not revealed now. I hope they reveal the script since its the best way to know item effect and investigating bug
  10. Magical blade script

    @Yuuki so increasing the refine will unlock? But the description is not saying that, so its description bug? If you look at the description it saying that "Increase the chance every 2 refine level" , nothing about unlocking RMS saying same description, so I think the script is the one bugged not the description. It should say +1 unlock earth spike, +3 cold bolt, +5 firebolt, +7 lightning bolt, and +9 stone cursed if the script right. All lv 3, will be lv5 if upgraded >+9 n A magical enchanted sword, coveted by the famous witch-warrior Lila Contrary. With the power of lunar light, it could be wielded by Sailor Musa. Chance to cast a random magic attack while attacking physically. Increases the chances for every 2 refine level. MATK +110
  11. Magical blade script

    damn I dont know how to put the ss in the middle of the post
  12. Magical blade script

    Item Name / Item ID Magical blade 13438 Describe the bug - how you tested Step 1 Look at the item script at limitro database Step 2 Look at the item description ===> its saying "Increase the chance every 2 refine level" Step 3 what did you do? Compare it with old midas and glorious script of getrefine It should be getrefine()/2 [every 2 refine] not getrefine()>X)[if the refine is +X] Give your source click link at the item Your Char Name / Your Char Stats Tweezor, stats not relevant
  13. This is how people start conversation?

    you know his name was like IIIIlIIlllIIIlII The name of someone who will using illegal program to scam people, why crop the ss? I confront him because he sell at more low than VH price so the scamming chance is really high. I don't bother again because he stop though. I never found this thread...maybe because not login in the forum IlIlIIIIlllIllII : rude IlIlIIIIlllIllII : saved Contus : I will buy your vip coin if you really sell it IlIlIIIIlllIllII : ill post ur name in forum IlIlIIIIlllIllII : these chat Contus : you really selling or not? Contus : I already sent trade offer Contus : you selling or not? IlIlIIIIlllIllII : gonna post pic in forum now check it out on Assembled topic IlIlIIIIlllIllII : in forum Contus : ok, are you selling or not? cause you ar e not accepting my trade IlIlIIIIlllIllII : posted IlIlIIIIlllIllII : check it out IlIlIIIIlllIllII : 501-this-is-how-people-start-conv Contus : Okay I will check this out Contus : latter IlIlIIIIlllIllII : RUDE IlIlIIIIlllIllII : closed Contus : If you really not selling I will also post y ou know IlIlIIIIlllIllII : Well,Whatever IlIlIIIIlllIllII : ill post the ss after it sold to someone IlIlIIIIlllIllII : except you Contus : okay @Lai Is that name even legal?
  14. Jualan koin VIP