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  1. Hugel Monster Race System Update

    For the glory of RK!!! This shall be my last post as myself. Farewell.
  2. New spear for Rk full str type

  3. Rune Knight's Giant Growth Damage

    No, legit quit.
  4. Rune Knight's Giant Growth Damage

    Should be about right. Well, if the hugel hg ever comes. You'll regain some of the damage back @SangPredator-san. The rune update was a blessing to rk. I decided to play physical RK before the whole rune update thing, you are the same I believe. Don't let it discourage you.
  5. Lux Amina : Giant Growth

    My prayers have been answered. @kingtristan Thank you for reporting the Giant Growth damage bug. I noticed it for quite some time, but couldnt be bothered to report it as I was halfway quitting at the time. A friend of mine said he was going to report it, but it didnt go anywhere. So.. I have a proposal, do you want to take over editing my RK guide? It's quite outdated and got some errors due to my previous bias. I no longer play or plan on coming back, period. @S e n t i m e n t a L Thank you for keeping your promise mate. Its been a delightful experience and an honour. :)
  6. That enchantment is called Bow Line or Master Archer on iro. As the name implies, it will only increase damage with bows exclusively. But the 33% ATK counterpart is free game.
  7. Disappeared Event Point Boarding Halter

    Though.. If I recall correctly, I was on an instance with a pub party. And the mvp butchered my character repeatedly and one of those times I was on my halter. After we were finally done, the halter was gone. I don't online much anymore so can't be sure.
  8. stole MVP

    Too bad Guild Bases are no longer available for the masses.
  9. Disappeared Event Point Boarding Halter

    Im not sure what caused it, but it also happened to me once.
  10. I've done some initial testing. Between +16 Lindy Hop and +16 Onimaru. Lindy Hop would eventually outclass Onimaru even on small/medium mvps when Zerking if your STR is high enough (I'm talking about 220~300+ STR especially if the Lindy Hop is FS enchanted). As for Vicious Mind 2 Handed Sword, it's quite impossible to test it as the special bonuses are randomized. You can't even replicate it using GM account. The max bonus or types of bonus isnt even disclosed to us.. So I can't even speculate at this time. But it's highly likely if you have a VERY favourable bonuses, it might even be better than both of the aforemetioned weapons. For Crush Strike and Skills in general, Lindy is best choice. So ultimately, Lindy Hop is the safest bet.