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  1. Akin

    Cross Impact Over Damage Bug Issue

    Again.. Same thing, we haven't added the bundle update. The 1750% base damage at level 5 still applies. Also again, status ATK is doubled in damage calculation. Calculated the damage. Nothing wrong here.
  2. Akin

    Sharp Shooting A bit High Damage Bug

    @Kyle_LRONow the base damage at level 5 is still 1150%, the latest 1800% base damage hasn't been added yet.. Also you should know that status ATK is doubled in damage calculation. I calculated the damage based on the stats the current formula seems correct.
  3. Akin

    Cart Cannon Damage Formula Bug

    The source above doesn't mention the base level factor into the calculation, as stated by this source and this one. It is stated; 베이스 레벨에 따른 데미지 상승 효과가 추가됩니다! or roughly translated as Damage increase effect is added according to the base level! Hence the formula from my understanding should be as follows, Damage (ATK) = [350 x Skill Level + {INT/(6 - Cart Remodeling Level)}] x {1 + (Caster’s BaseLv - 100) /100}% Anyone feel free to check, I couldn't be bothered to test as I don't play CC Gene.
  4. UPDATE 28/9/2020: Completed the Skill Section. Updated Equipment List (Weapon, Armor, Shadow Gears, Donation Equipment, Pets) until new equips/items arrive. Completed future update section until episode17.2 and moved it here. Updated FAQ/Discussion Section. (Will be further updated once other stuff comes out.) Removed a bunch of old content (Leveling Guide, etc) Added the new offcial art of the alternate costume for Rune Knights. UPCOMING: Gear Progression (I'm really lazy) Update on the Tips Section. Maybe new videos when I feel like it.
  5. It isn't brand new. Well basically it's fixed. That's that I suppose.
  6. Akin

    Falling Gears

    There is 2 ways to lock your inventory from dropping items. On the inventory menu, there's small lock icon at the bottom you can use that to lock/unlock your inventory. Another surefire way is to use @itemlock command. It has been stated by many as more reliable than the 1st method. Just use both to make sure.
  7. Akin

    reduce kunai global weight

    Or just add these kunai storing scrolls. Its like quivers and cartridges but for kunai.
  8. This is why I call for balancing of mobs stats modification from official spec. It's to prevent this exact problem. A bit of buff to spice up the mobs is fine. But not to the degree of jeopardizing certain builds.. Until they cant even function without one particular card/gears. While other classes barely affected just laugh it off. Then theres some type of players that think that as long as their build can kill it, what other builds face is not his/her problem. Giving excuse that the builds aren't meant to be played there or just suck in general and other players are just whiny. On topic: I just voted cause I feel him.
  9. Edit: Added Auto-Warp back to instance after Disconnected to the list.
  10. You know, I'm not trying to make an argument over something as minor as this. I get that you don't like nerfing it. But try not to sound so salty like those old people who keep comparing their hardship with the modern conveniences that people today has. You sound petty. This is a suggestion. I wrote it knowing that it most probably won't be approved. 90% of the time it gets ignored or rejected. The instance is customized, I get it. But there's need to be feedback and some criticism. I have done exactly that. Its a part of game development. There's need to be balancing for other classes too especially because it's customized. The 'you noob, if you can't do it then get lost' mentality is really profound I must say.
  11. It wont make it 'easier' to say. Im not asking to lower damage, remove the MVP skills or anything like that. Im just hoping to lower the flee and make the thorns it more lenient so that other non shield classes' builds can have a fighting chance. Maybe I should have worded it better in the OP. Most people already soloing it, heck even I solo it using mid tier DB RK easily. But its not about me here. I already got the item I want from there luckily. Its just my feedback. Im not farming mats from the instance for sale, so i got nothing to gain or lose from this.
  12. After experiencing the instance, I have a few suggestion to help balance out the instance considering it is customized compared to the original version. Add Fall of Glast Heim to warper NPC -Goes without saying. Add Fall of Glast Heim to @phone instance cooldown list. -Would be very appreciated. Thorn mobs behaviour -Currently it favours classes that has the ability to equip shield to use with GTB to fully nullify the skills that it uses. Since classes like GX, rangers, performers (to name a few) are unable to use shield w/o sacrificing their weapon it is a bit unfair for these classes. Instead of spamming (mostly single target) magic on quick succession. Maybe let it use only AoE skills at a lower rate, since this way a sorceror may cast land protector or non-shield classes may use Detale card to counter it. The lower rate also helps them not to flinch too much as even with Eddga card its very hard to move when being spammed with magic non-stop. Lower The Boss stats. -I've tested some critical builds classes on the Hard Mode MVP and even with 250 CRIT there is still a lot miss hits which is very abnormal. I know its to make the MVP more challenging, but currently only builds with magic skills, FLEE Ignore skills and builds with high amount of CRIT (like Katar GX which doubles their CRIT) to even have a fighting chance. LUK reduces CRIT chances and Flee makes physical builds that aren't CRIT based impossible to kill it. So please consider balancing the stats to be more fair to other builds. Note: This is painfully true for IB RK since they need twice as much CRIT rate as other CRIT Builds. 500-600 CRIT is impossible to achieve in practice. Final boss fight tweaks -The official instance has walls of flames coming from all 4 direction during the MVP fight, but it is currently missing here. This is maybe due to certain limitations of LimitRO Emu. But if possible maybe implements the fire mechanics in another like suddenly appear or disappearing on random cells. Makes the MVP battle more interesting than simply the normal kite and hit routine or face tank while spamming skills on it to oblivion. Add Auto-Warp when disconnected feature to FOGH -also self-explanatory. This is my opinion entirely but I hope it will be considered without prejudice. I like the customization as it makes the instance more challenging, but I hope some balancing is done to make it more fair for all builds. If there is any other suggestion or objection please state below. Thank You.
  13. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/2017
  14. Akin

    Question about Chain Lighting Warlock

    There's some problem with certain skills on this server having too long animation (i.e. Chain Lightning or Dragon Breath) or missing animation delay entirely (i.e. Cart Cannon). Few attempts to report them had been made and evidence in the form of official behavior from videos like you have shown was included. But nothing ever comes of it. It's the hardest thing to get fix here. But you are welcome to try and make a report.
  15. Yeah the ATK% is just plain dumb. Thanks for suggesting the booster. Imma add it later.