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  1. Bumping. Am I the only one concerned that a game mechanic.. is missing around here?
  2. But how many % of the movement speed does the skill increase with each level? The current behaviour of the skill gives 60%~100% movement speed from level 1 to 5. With 10% penalty being reduced each level. Gryphon/Peco/Ferus adds around 100% movement speed if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Especially if you have autocast skills. Since ALL SKILLS have delay, when it procs so very often it's hard to guess when you can use other skills w/o the timer.
  4. This is actually pretty important. Especially that we have a custom cast delay in place. P/S: If this not on the client side. Please move it to the appropriate section.
  5. Bug Description: Cast Delay or Global Cooldown on skills are no longer visible on the hotkey after the client change. Sources: Cast delay should always be visible after casting a skill that has cast delay (on Limit RO, that would be EVERY SINGLE SKILL). Seen here on a kro video dated 6th April 2017. At minute 2:46 of the video, the player uses Magnum Break causes all skill to have timers/cooldown (Skill Cast delay). Magnum break has 2 second cast delay as stated here.
  6. iro SS: i) Unbuffed - with Eden Crystal Buff +15 Atk (ATK: 83+15) ii) Fighting Spirit Buff - 7 additional Equipment ATK (ATK: 83+22) Conclusion: 1) The ATK bonus from Fighting Spirit SHOULD be visible on status window as seen from the ATK increase on the SS. 2) The bonus ATK is Equip ATK as seen from SS. (The 7 ATK increase is on the right side of XX+XX)
  7. I've had this for awhile now. I thought it was just me. Since no one else seems to have the same problem when I asked.
  8. Ahh, thats right. Got confused.
  9. It can. Reflect shield is still manageable than full strip though. Just need to use Silversmith Bracelet.
  10. The ATK bonus IS present. I've tested the damage after the last fix. The bug here is merely the bonus isn't displayed on the status window once the buff is activated. Hence the bug should be, the bonus ATK from Fighting Spirit buff isn't showing on status window. It is a visual bug.
  11. The problem with this is, the customizations done are usually NOT well thought of. Just add a bunch of random skills, increase the damage and call it a day w/o taking into account the gap between builds and classes. The one that had to suffer 90% of the time are melee classes especially those that can't equip shield. Often when new players ask, if can they solo high tier MVPs with certain melee classes I say they can't or it would be very difficult. Then they brought up official and other private server videos that shows it could be done there and I don't know what to answer to that. So often I just tell them just to go play rangers instead.
  12. @Yuuki Please man. MOAR LOVE FOR MELEE CLASSES!!!
  13. You have to be at least level 120 to use it. http://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=11524 Sorry about earlier was kinda preoccupied with something else.
  14. The quiver maker for Hunting Arrow and Elven Arrow is found just a bit further on to right of the tooldealer NPC at Mora.