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  1. Someone also mentioned this, they can't autocast it if they learn the skill. But carry on with the current fix @Emistry. If it still doesn't work. Well.. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  2. I am a DB RK player too. But getting higher damage from a bug isn't the way. I'm sure if other classes gets unfair advantages that they weren't suppose to have we'd feel that it's unfair too. If damage is your concern. Push limit to update these. 1)Updated Dragon Training and Base Level modifiers 2)RK Temporal Circlet (OGH Challenge Mode) (I want this so badly ORC equivalent for DB/DBW) 3)17.2 Card Combo for DB (I really like this one too ) 4) 15% range modifier Accs (Edda GH) - this is like ancient update that we dont have. 5) Automatic Accs from 17.2 (upgraded 17.1 illusion Accs with additional 5% hp) and other useful enchant like 10% range, cast time, hp/sp drain) 6) Or this. I don't mind if we don't ever get it. But it would be reaaaalllyyy nice to have this. Just saying. *Wink wink* The concept of OP is overrated by now looking at the damage creep of other builds. So I urge you, instead of clinging to bugged feature, look forward to future updates. I can't stress this enough. This isn't npc, cash items, or custom feature. It's a bug on the game mechanic. Currently some players keep complaining how some crit builds are broken and kill 10 players in 1 skill and whatnot. This actually affects them too as it gives more damage than it should.
  3. Akin

    Un-nerf Fafnir Scale

    Dragon Breath build is NOT the current RK meta, you can easily quadruple or more the damage output using Ignition Break with much cheaper equipment. Even Wind Cutter can be as powerful than Dragon Breath with just a +9 Black Ribbon and some ACD reduction after the latest update. If Fafnir is reverted to the original effect it will help newer players to get to playing this build. Honestly, later on episode 17.2 Automatic Armor with 2 DB enchant + TGK will have similar output with this armor. Only lacking the ACD reduction. I personally don't mind wasting the additional refine on my own Fafnir as long as it becomes more accessible to other RK players. P.S.: ACD reduction isn't a gamebreaker for DB RK as the animation is annoyingly long even at max ASPD. So it was pointless to cap the ACD on the armor in the 1st place.
  4. It should, as this involves the core game mechanic and messed up the damage calculation. Not customization of items, NPC, features since those are up to your discretion. As you can see it even increase the damage of the skills that weren't supposed to increase. It also gives more damage than it should to ATK based builds. Plus it wasn't like this 2 years ago when I was still playing. So it was at most since last year according to some, quite recent.
  5. 1) Tested DB & WDB with and without PER (2963) with ATK% option (+5% from item script, +3% from option for +8% total) and it raises total damage by 8%. Normal DB damage (Green Highlight): 34327 DB damage +8% ATK (Red Highlight): 37118 Increase in damage 37118/34327*100 : 108.13% damage
  6. Sigh, somehow I expected this. You wrote a comment then delete, then closed the report w/o any explanation. But I'll answer it just the same. First of all, ATK% should be bAddClass,Class_All (Boss and Non-Boss) for ATK% not bAddRace in official. Race is a diff modifier. As for bAtkRate to bWatkRate wasn't it you who re-wrote it years ago? Secondly, as why limit ro uses a non-official ATK% script is anyone's guess. How are we players supposed to know why the item DB is edited that way? I'm not making assumption as it does affect it unlike in official and the script is the one you wrote. And basically ALL ATK% affected it, so there's many examples. But here's two example 4305, 2963, since you require it so much. Lastly, I'm not telling you how to do your job, and I'm not inclined for debate since words are cheap. It's just something is wrong in-game and I'm trying to get the person who has the ability and authority to fix it. But since it comes to this, I'll just make a different report to hopefully to change the script to the official one. Thanks for your time. God Bless.
  7. It's just I did the test twice and asked around other RK players with the item and their anecdotal testimony was similar so I can't help but to be sceptic. Let's hope for the best. Thanks for your quick response.
  8. It's not just the wrong rate, it doesn't work at all. I tested with +10 IB Shadow Weapon for 10 minutes straight and not a single proc. Here's two and a half minute of that test. I wanted to upload all 10 minute but it would be too large. (Uploaded a full 10 min rrf cause someone in-game asked me to, plus it was broken for some reason) Please, please, please double check the script. It won't take you 15 min to fix and test it. I don't want to make another report after 2 weeks and then wait yet another 2 weeks to get it fixed. Thank you. IB.rrf
  9. Akin

    No vote points rewarded when voting at top100

    I tried this on 2 different device with 2 different IPs after over 24 hours. It is bugged. Please check before closing report.
  10. Current/Wrong Description: It uses Ignition Break Shadow Weapon Description instead as seen below. https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=24449
  11. It's an item yes. But it's essentially a skill that is activated by using an item. Hence it's Vitality Activation that's bugged not the Isia Runestone.
  12. Current behaviour: All non-cash ATK % effect (bWatkRate) of equipment, cards, option, enchant etc currently increases Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath Water damage.
  13. Current behaviour: The autocast does not work, period. Test: Hitting Asgard Dummy with the said item equipped for literal 10 minutes straight at 193 aspd, not a single proc. That's roughly 4280+ hits, even at the supposedly 0.1% chance it should have proc 3-4 times at a minimum. Proof 1: English description: Has a low chance to auto-cast Ignition Break lv.3 when dealing melee physical damage. (If user has higher level, that level will be cast instead) If refine rate is 7 or higher, increases a chance to auto-cast by additional 1%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, increases a chance to auto-cast by additional 2%. Korean description: 일반 물리 공격 시, 낮은 확률로 오토 스펠 이그니션 브레이크 3Lv 발동(더 높은 레벨을 배웠을 경우 배운 레벨대로 발동). 7제련 시 이그니션 브레이크 오토 스펠 발동 확률 1% 추가 증가. 9제련 시 이그니션 브레이크 오토 스펠 발동 확률 2% 추가 증가. Source: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/24443/ignition-shadow-weapon Proof 2: Kro vid of +9 ignition weapon being used (description in the website linked below) I counted 18 Ignition Break proc during the 53 seconds he was hitting the dummy. That's roughly 378 hits for 18 Ignition Break proc or on average 21 hits per proc or 4.7% chance of proc. Source: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/ro/1939/22821
  14. Thank you for understanding. I'll make a report once I gather enough info. Don't worry. More DB RK update are coming, don't feel disheartened.
  15. Regarding this, wATK% shouldn't affect DB/WDB at all, only Current HP, Max SP and Long Range Modifier. The only exception would be cash shop ATK % like starstones since theres 2 type of ATK% script here on limit RO - this was 2 years ago btw, maybe they revamp the whole script on item_DB and forgot that it affects DB/WDB). I haven't seen an update on kro that allows it to increase DB damage. Do you have any sources that wATK increases DB/WDB damage on official? If not it has to be a bug if all wATK% influence it and I may have to make a bug report to rectify this. Source: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3723-kro-jobs-improvement-project/&do=findComment&comment=7763