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  1. RK skills will not apply points.

    Your RK Job Level is 44 yet your available skill points is 52. So you need to spend some more job points on 2nd job skills before you can raise RK Skills.
  2. Missing background music.

    Download the BGM folder here.
  3. Source: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/194022-kro-cards-from-the-beyond-updated-new-cards-05072017/?p=2423542 http://irowiki.org/oldforums/index.php?topic=99364.0;wap2
  4. Test: None. Source: @Yuuki You missed one.
  5. Then re-add it please
  6. Beholder Master Card ASPD

    Can you test with a GX Bow that is not carded with the card instead of bare handed? Bare hand and weapons have different base ASPD.
  7. NPC BUG~

    Refer 2nd SS.
  8. NPC BUG~

    Haha, this happened to me too. Austry is a crook.
  9. Cursed Mail

    Its from Deepsea Expedition Quest. Please post you inquiries on this section in the future.
  10. https://pastebin.com/mRS1AHsJ You can refer to the skill tree above. I purposely left some skill points on Sniper and Ranger so that you may have a pick on the rest of the skills. Usually the prob is just choosing between maxing Ranger Main or getting Full Throttle.
  11. Bug Description: The status Hallucination currently missing the following effect in-game. It should flip your screen upside down. It is missing the status icon/timer - Test: Tested with Hallucination Drug (Gneticist) and tanking False Angel ( Hallucination), both of which will cause the effect. The false damage display works.
  12. Grenade launcher not showing

    Okay. I'll test it if I have the time.
  13. Birthday Wishes For Lai

    @Armutas Hi, could you edit your entry? The link to your video is currently missing.