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  1. Akin

    Illusion Hunter Bow Incorrect Combo

    Probably? It's merely my speculation. I didn't bother to test it since I don't main Ranger. Take note the base Weapon ATK and Weapon Level too please when testing them..
  2. Akin

    Illusion Hunter Bow Incorrect Combo

    The reason why IHB outclasses Sharp Star here is due to the existence of GWB and Yoichi Shawl as they add quite a substantial amount of SS damage bonus modifiers. Since stacking 1 kind of modifiers too highly is actually detrimental to your damage, Sharp Star that does exactly that pales to IHB in terms of damage due to IHB adding mostly Long Range modifiers.
  3. UPDATE 2/3/2021: Added the following Items to the equipment list -Abysmal Knight Card -Deep Sea Kraken Card -Red Dragon Plate [1] -Physical Enhancer Ring [1] -Rune Knight Stone (Epic) + Lord Knight Stone (3rd) combo Added the following Items to the consumables list -Impositio Scroll - White Syrup Updated the Discussion section on a few topics including info on Poison Bottle doping. Finally added the Gear Progression Guide Added Goral Crown into the upcoming updates list (though we might never be able to get it here sadly) UPCOMING: Sonic Wave Build Discussion (maybe?) The Damned Videos (will only showcasing certain builds demonstration) After much consideration, I have decided that this will be my final update on this guide as I have decided to quit this server for good. I hope anyone who read the guide up till now has benefited one way or another from it. Thank You.
  4. I request you to re-evaluate this, even if at a much later time. Because episode 17.2 isn't the last update for 3rd Job content. As there are plenty more changes and addition that comes after that greatly changes how some 3rd job plays on kRO. These even carry forward to some 4th jobs. Thank you.
  5. For all your contribution, I can't say anything else but thank you. You have been a great inspiration for me and especially for many GX out there that has benefited from this guide for all these years. The META may have moved on but you will forever remain a legend my friend.
  6. Current Bug: Currently the combo bonus works with ANY KIND FOOTGEAR when its suppose to be exclusively between Illusion Hunter Bow [2] and Illusion Boots [1]. Test: Tested with Illusion Hunter Bow [2] and Boots to show the effect. Bonus 1 & 3: 10% Weapon ATK Power bonus & when sum refine +18 or higher critical damage +10%. Without Boots damage: 53768 With Boots damage: 57274 Bonus 2: If refine of each is 7 or higher ASPD +2: Without Boots ASPD: 189 With Boots ASPD: 191 Without Boots: With Boots: Bonus 4: iF sum of refine is 22 or higher, when dealing damage has chance to activate [Hunter's Sight] for 10 second. ATK+ 100, increase critical damage by 15% and increases damage against insect and brute race by 50% You can clearly see the difference in the status window below. No Hunter Sight active: With Hunter Sight active:
  7. Suggestions: Add the following kRO cash headgears to supplement the weapons from EDDA Somatology/Biolab. 1) Rune Knights 2) Royal Guard 3) Warlock 4) Sorcerer 5) Mechanic 6) Genetic 7) Ranger 8 ) Minstrel & Wanderer 9) Archbishop 10) Sura 11) Shadow Chaser 12) Guillotine Cross Note: No witty remark this time sorry.
  8. Akin

    Arrow Storm Build Quick Draw 1 sec CD

    Quite a refreshing take on the once beloved yet abandoned build. May I ask if the 2.5m damage is with No Limit buff? I have to add something for the stats allocation though. Its never a good idea to go over 120 base stats nor it is wise to raise your STR & LUK to that extent (120) even if you are using mobscarf for this build. Try to limit it to 80 base stats each and pump more into int for faster cast if you are keen on using the mob set, as its quite easy to achieve instant cast with ranger unless you mess up the stats. Especially with the upcoming Temporal Circlet, getting more hits per second is more important than some minor ATK % buff. Just my 2 cents. Can't wait to see a fully spammable Arrow Storm soon. edit: Nvm, I forgot both race cap and temporal circlet both occupies the same slot 8 * facepalm *
  9. Bug Behaviour: Currently you can gain the special enchantments without the necessary refinement level for the 3rd enchantment (2nd Card Slot).
  10. Bug Behaviour: When selecting the reset option on the NPC dialog, we are unable to reset and no option to choose either reset method was shown. (refer screenshot) Diagram 1: Selecting Reset Option. Diagram 2: ???
  11. UPDATE 18/1/2021: Added the new relevant 17.2 level 200 dungeon equipments (Soutanes, Claw Sword..) Removed a bunch of equipments from equip section (especially leeching gears). Added new genetic potions to consumables. Merged FAQ/Discussion and Tips and expanded on the information for General Information, Ignition Break and Auto Attack. Added Sonic Wave Shadow Set to Gears Section. Added More equipment/card to the Equipment Section (I forgot most of what I added though) Generally, a bit of corrections here and there. UPCOMING: Gear Progression (I promise this time) New videos (Sorry been a bit busy)
  12. I used @battlestats and the effect shown is Increase all damage on all property target by 12% instead. Real effect should be similar to Divine Power.
  13. Akin


    @Lex Luthor Don't clump all of them together. Add the jro equip to this list.
  14. Akin

    Shadow Staff

    Correct it means when Hell Inferno is level 5, not able to use Hell Inferno level 5. This was a description bug.. 🤷🏻
  15. Akin

    Deep Sleep Lullaby Debuff not Working

    Remove the red highlighted part. There is no such thing as 'resistance when inflicted' by Deep Sleep status. Only resistance to lower duration (highlighted in blue). The skill already has its own % on inflicting the status. Note: Veteran iro player comment.