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  1. That enchantment is called Bow Line or Master Archer on iro. As the name implies, it will only increase damage with bows exclusively. But the 33% ATK counterpart is free game.
  2. Disappeared Event Point Boarding Halter

    Though.. If I recall correctly, I was on an instance with a pub party. And the mvp butchered my character repeatedly and one of those times I was on my halter. After we were finally done, the halter was gone. I don't online much anymore so can't be sure.
  3. stole MVP

    Too bad Guild Bases are no longer available for the masses.
  4. Disappeared Event Point Boarding Halter

    Im not sure what caused it, but it also happened to me once.
  5. I've done some initial testing. Between +16 Lindy Hop and +16 Onimaru. Lindy Hop would eventually outclass Onimaru even on small/medium mvps when Zerking if your STR is high enough (I'm talking about 220~300+ STR especially if the Lindy Hop is FS enchanted). As for Vicious Mind 2 Handed Sword, it's quite impossible to test it as the special bonuses are randomized. You can't even replicate it using GM account. The max bonus or types of bonus isnt even disclosed to us.. So I can't even speculate at this time. But it's highly likely if you have a VERY favourable bonuses, it might even be better than both of the aforemetioned weapons. For Crush Strike and Skills in general, Lindy is best choice. So ultimately, Lindy Hop is the safest bet.
  6. Hey, Yeah it's possible. OGH mobs have painful Elemental Attack usually Shadow (Raydric Archers etc) and Earth (Maggots). So you can wear Damage Reduction or HP/Def Boosting Gears/Cards to soak the damage. For example, -Excellion Suit with DEF/HP enchant/TGK -Sandman/Bathory Card -Undead Elemental Scrolls -Faceworm Snake Skin/Kades Just to name a few. Having a dual AB would help greatly.
  7. 1 witched starsand is around 15k zeny if sold to players whilst the treasure box sells only for 186k zeny (with overcharge) to NPCs. This feature would be unavailing for this server.
  8. I regret to inform that I'll also be stepping down from my role as Helper starting tomorrow. My real life priorities has grown substantially and I lost someone very dear to me not too long ago. My guidance and consultation on server matter has also been inadequate to meet this server's high standard as it often contradict with my superior's much grander vision. That said, I haven't been active much recently so I terribly sorry for that. I would also like to apologise for any shortcomings and if I had offended anyone during my time as a helper. (Except for that 1 idiot) I'll miss bombing people thats for sure. Well, thats all dearies. You can still pm me in-game or forum if you have any inquiries that not related to Price Check.
  9. RK skills will not apply points.

    Your RK Job Level is 44 yet your available skill points is 52. So you need to spend some more job points on 2nd job skills before you can raise RK Skills.
  10. Missing background music.

    Download the BGM folder here.
  11. Source: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/194022-kro-cards-from-the-beyond-updated-new-cards-05072017/?p=2423542 http://irowiki.org/oldforums/index.php?topic=99364.0;wap2
  12. Test: None. Source: @Yuuki You missed one.
  13. Then re-add it please