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  1. Bug Behaviour: Currently you can gain the special enchantments without the necessary refinement level for the 3rd enchantment (2nd Card Slot).
  2. Bug Behaviour: When selecting the reset option on the NPC dialog, we are unable to reset and no option to choose either reset method was shown. (refer screenshot) Diagram 1: Selecting Reset Option. Diagram 2: ???
  3. UPDATE 18/1/2021: Added the new relevant 17.2 level 200 dungeon equipments (Soutanes, Claw Sword..) Removed a bunch of equipments from equip section (especially leeching gears). Added new genetic potions to consumables. Merged FAQ/Discussion and Tips and expanded on the information for General Information, Ignition Break and Auto Attack. Added Sonic Wave Shadow Set to Gears Section. Added More equipment/card to the Equipment Section (I forgot most of what I added though) Generally, a bit of corrections here and there. UPCOMING: Gear Progression (I promise this time) New videos (Sorry been a bit busy)
  4. I used @battlestats and the effect shown is Increase all damage on all property target by 12% instead. Real effect should be similar to Divine Power.
  5. Akin


    @Lex Luthor Don't clump all of them together. Add the jro equip to this list.
  6. Akin

    Shadow Staff

    Correct it means when Hell Inferno is level 5, not able to use Hell Inferno level 5. This was a description bug.. 🤷🏻
  7. Akin

    Deep Sleep Lullaby Debuff not Working

    Remove the red highlighted part. There is no such thing as 'resistance when inflicted' by Deep Sleep status. Only resistance to lower duration (highlighted in blue). The skill already has its own % on inflicting the status. Note: Veteran iro player comment.
  8. Akin

    Update Old Blue Box Content List

    Forgot to add full title. I've check and everything seems to be there. Thank you.
  9. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. I open near 100k pcs of OBB and certain items on that list does not appear at all.
  10. Suggestion: 1) Add the rest of the missing feature of EDDA Somatology instance such as: All mobs should have a chance drop the materials to enchant the weapons. The MVP should have a chance to drop the Vicious Mind Aura. Add the 'Story Mode' of the instance. Fix the Biolab Material Box. It's currently listed as misc item when it suppose to give random weapon or materials. 2) Increase the default materials received from both modes of the instance by at least 2 or 3 times. Arguments: I like to keep this simple so before I am bombarded with asinine or self serving counter-arguments on the increase reward part, I will give most of the answers in advance. The instance is easy someone already got the perfect enchant in 1 week+. -IDK if anyone notice this but.. Not everyone's life revolves around eat, sleep, defecate and playing RO. We don't have time to spam 50-100 instances a day no matter how brief it is as we have RL obligations and responsibilities. Then just buy them. -There is just a charm in getting an equip by yourself and not just plough through everything by throwing money/zeny at someone. -Also there is a monopoly of perfect enchanted EDDA weapons by players who are able to spend most of their waking hours farming be it for enjoyment or to make living. However, this causes the price to skyrocket to a ridiculous proportion hence I suggest to increase the reward to prevent the absurd price for anyone who are interested to just buying one. You just want to make this easy for yourself. -I won't lie this will make it easier for me. But I am already half way there. And I just need 1 perfect weapon so this doesn't really matter much for me. But for those who comes after me will benefit in the long run. You are just making excuses. And MORE excuses shall I give! -Limit is suppose to be a 'High Rate' server. Meaning it's suppose to be relatively easier to progress through the game w/o excessive grinding, thus coincide with my suggestion. You can argue all you want. -Do you know how many niche builds weapons are there in this update? A LOT. Give them a chance to get their good weapons, not just IB RK, SS Ranger and ROG RG. -Isn't Limit aiming to be more PvP in the future? Why farm so much at PvM?
  11. Only Critical skills, like Sharp Shooting, IB, Cross Impact to name a few. That's why adding this update is necessary to prevent further class imbalance from this suggestion.
  12. FYI, this update comes after all the class updates (pre-4th job) are added. Meaning all current and future skills that able to CRIT will have any Critical Damage modifiers effect reduce by HALF. Hence the relatively high increase of Acute enchantment to balance out the nerf. If it is added w/o adding that change the gap between Crit classes and non-crit classes will be even higher. On topic +1, especially Master Archer. The bow class weapon requirement was pretty dumb honestly.
  13. Akin

    Change the reward from achievment npc

    There's a CE that I wanted from the achievement rankings. But after consulting some achievement hunters, they barely able to reach rank 7-8. Not even close to the ranking required for it. I don't mind spending zeny to buy for it but it is quite impossible to obtain. So +1