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  1. Imma do that after this. Still editing. Update:18/7/18 Fixed a few broken links to the old Limit R0 wiki and redirected them elsewhere Added some missing diagrams/picture that were missing Re-add 'Tips' section that were overwritten Edited some skills/item review and description to match the current meta Renamed 'JRO Items' to 'Misc' Items on the 'Future Updates & Equipments' section Rearranged the recommended/equipment suggestion priority based on usefulness (vaguely anyway) Removed some redundant items from equipment section Added a few new equipments to the list. Oriental Sword [2] Racing Cap(Rune Knight) [1] Abusive Robe [1] True Seyren Windsor Card Arhi Card Geffen Bully Card Fay Kanavian Card Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card Added and improved the description of in the Future Updates & Equipments - Misc Item Section
  2. It's like how some people prefer sports cars over superbike. While got some that simply uses public transport wherever they go. Hey, @S e n t i m e n t a L Yowai. Imma edit whatever I can 1st for now (Already started if you take a good look at the guide).
  3. Hello there fellow Crit/Aspd RK players, It's me Akin. It's been awhile since I've updated this guide, with me quitting and everything. But I decided to keep this guide up to date periodically (No, I still won't be coming back) until I can find someone who could take over the guide from me. So I would like the help of everyone here to keep me informed of any changes in the mechanics, outdated info, or relevant in-game updates so I may edit the guide with them. You may also record a vid to show how awesome your RK is, I'll include them in the guide if it's a decent enough vid. You can do it by tagging me here with said info/vid, or just PM me (on forum). I'd be sure to give credit to any contributions that are accepted Thank You, Akin.
  4. Akin

    Limitless Island [175+]

    Hey man, good to see Limit is up and well.
  5. Akin

    Limitless Island [175+]

  6. Update 8 February 2018: Added Baphomet Card card to weapon card section Added Blue Luminous Stone to accessory section Change DPCE section, adjusting to this update: Added JRO to future update section
  7. Akin

    Hugel Monster Race System Update

    For the glory of RK!!! This shall be my last post as myself. Farewell.
  8. Akin

    New spear for Rk full str type

  9. Akin

    Rune Knight's Giant Growth Damage

    No, legit quit.
  10. Akin

    Rune Knight's Giant Growth Damage

    Should be about right. Well, if the hugel hg ever comes. You'll regain some of the damage back @SangPredator-san. The rune update was a blessing to rk. I decided to play physical RK before the whole rune update thing, you are the same I believe. Don't let it discourage you.