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  1. For every 2 STR you'll get 1% more base wATK of your equipped weapon. So the calculation is simple, the higher your character's STR the better Lindy Hop will be. Let's say you have 250 STR with 120 base STR and other stats boost considered, you'll have a +125% increase of your base wATK. So it goes something like this.. Onimaru: Base damage: 75 wATK + 400 eATK Extra STR bonus: 75*1.25 = ~94 wATK Total: 169 wATK + 400 eATK (around 569 ATK in general) Lindy Hop (FS5+FS6): Base damage: 340 wATK + 39 eATK Extra STR bonus: 340*1.25 = 425 wATK Total :755 wATK + 39 eATK (around 794 ATK in general) So its already 794-594=225 ATK difference. Combined with ATK % boost from equip and such, it'll be more noticeable. Lindy already has 1% ATK increase for every 2 refine. I didn't include the refine bonus and the variance since both are level 4 weapons so the variables are pretty constant. Since getting 250 or more STR for RK is quite possible especially if you have Bear's Power enchant. You'll get 155 STR with 120 base stats+GG+job bonus alone. The gap between Lindy Hop and Onimaru will only continue to widen the higher it goes even with the MO bonus from Onimaru when you are doing berserk. Do consider that wATK is susceptible to size penalty on Medium and Small mobs (most MVPs - excluding Biolab's - are Large anyway). Overall Lindy Hop is still the better weapon without the stats restriction or the refine requirement for certain bonuses IMO.
  2. Akin

    Pet List & Pet Evolution

    You have to craft them, refer to this
  3. Hi, Interesting setup you got there. I'm assuming you are aiming for autocast magic sub build? The evil spirit glove is quite ingenious I must say. Should be fun to watch the PW proc. Try out Heroic Plate if you are into it. As for the runaway magic enchant, there is a trick to increase your damage with it if you can cause it to trigger. Since the INT portion of EB damage is added when you are casting the skill, so recasting the buff when you got additional 200 INT adds a bit of damage for the EB duration. (Thats how it should work anyway) Lucky Day or Bear is still preferable imho. Edit: I forgot PW like any other Sorc skill scales better with INT than Matk, so it can be pretty good boost for PW. Using spider web can be useful initially if you want to open your assault with fire enchanted CS/IB. It's too bad we can't autocast the skill. It is more useful in pvp situation than when mvping though. You could raise your base dex to 9 actually for maximum gambler seal crit damage bonus. If you are still having a hard time hitting something with IB, sacrifice some crit damage and raise you dex beyond that. Skip the dark illusion card though, since its quite pointless and decreases your HP by a lot. Owh, thank you for notifying me. I missed that. Got lots of proofreading to do and fix some stuff. Still lack the time. My grammar is abysmal though, I'm hoping people can overlook it. =b
  4. Hi, Thank you for your support. Theres so much to improve, yet I have very limited time to edit it. The card hasn't been added to Limit RO yet at this time. Coincidently, I think the rest of the illusion dungeons will be added next maintenance. I'll add it later for sure.
  5. Update:26~27/7/18 Renamed 'Rune Knight Shadow Set' part to 'Class Specific Shadow Set' and added a few shadow gears Added Dragon Breath and Dragon Water Breath to Skills section. Added a few equipments/cards to the list; Toy Syringe Evil Dragon Armor [1] Rune Knight Seyren Card Boitata Card Jitterbug Card, Playing Pere Card and Singing Pere Card set Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card Swordsman Shadow Earring Swordsman Shadow Pendant Knight Shadow Armor Knight Shadow Shoes Removed the following from the list; Little Feather Hat [1] Battle Surcoat [1] Scaraba Card Rainbow Scarf
  6. Akin

    What are energy fragments for?

    Ahh the drama from back then. iRO already has them eh? Neat.
  7. Update:23/7/18 Rename 'Guides/Getting Started Section' to 'Guides' Moved 'Tips' under 'Guides Added tips on getting the alternative costumes on 'Tips' Added Episode 16.2 Terra Gloria equipments in the Future Updates & Equipments - Misc Item Section
  8. Akin

    Eclage Orb Buff

    90 minutes IIRC, the stats increase can't overwrite +7~+10 stats boosts from foods.
  9. As @Theodosia mentioned, TG is more well rounded and doesn't interrupt your cast. If the Magnum Break procs the 20% extra fire damage increase is good for hitlocking most mvps cept for fire, holy and high level shadow and water elements and it work wonders on undead and earth mvps. WK has a higher BASE damage buff (cept for small mobs) if the magnum break from TG doesnt proc. So both are equally viable, its really up to personal preference really.
  10. Imma do that after this. Still editing. Update:18/7/18 Fixed a few broken links to the old Limit R0 wiki and redirected them elsewhere Added some missing diagrams/picture that were missing Re-add 'Tips' section that were overwritten Edited some skills/item review and description to match the current meta Renamed 'JRO Items' to 'Misc' Items on the 'Future Updates & Equipments' section Rearranged the recommended/equipment suggestion priority based on usefulness (vaguely anyway) Removed some redundant items from equipment section Added a few new equipments to the list. Oriental Sword [2] Racing Cap(Rune Knight) [1] Abusive Robe [1] True Seyren Windsor Card Arhi Card Geffen Bully Card Fay Kanavian Card Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card Added and improved the description of in the Future Updates & Equipments - Misc Item Section
  11. It's like how some people prefer sports cars over superbike. While got some that simply uses public transport wherever they go. Hey, @S e n t i m e n t a L Yowai. Imma edit whatever I can 1st for now (Already started if you take a good look at the guide).