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  1. teluoborg

    Usefulness of Excellion Suits

    If you want to increase your damage with DB then HP enchants are what you want. If you can get 3*HP enchant on armor and 3*HP enchant on Excellion Wing you can benefit from the -20% cast delay reduction which is very good for DB spamming.
  2. teluoborg


    Improved Vending System Maximum of 2 vendors online using @autotrade looks like they went for the simplest solution. Let's see what this limitation does to the market.
  3. teluoborg

    BG Announcements

  4. teluoborg

    Bossnia is <3

    Now that's the definition of fun. +1
  5. Here is another video of the same sorcerer using defensive mode 4 times in 16 seconds with no problem
  6. teluoborg

    Magic Academy Daily Quest won't accept my items

    Ok it looks like I just had sold the lavas without noticing, the quest works just fine XD Sorry you can close this.
  7. As you can see in the gif, 1 time out of 3 the skill doesn't work while it should work every time.
  8. teluoborg

    Cap's Noob Guide to Bow Shadow Chaser

    Oh, my bad then. Golem it is then.
  9. teluoborg

    Cap's Noob Guide to Bow Shadow Chaser

    Or a zipper bear for cheaper than a VR ?
  10. teluoborg


    @darcksim67 faut drop les runes a scaraba hole ou a ayotaya dungeon @Acilia tiens voila le lien du discord :
  11. I've been doing some testings with Rebellion recently and I just can't get my head around the damage of Slug Shot. I've found 2 formulas, none of which applies. The "new" formula from this thread, which says 6000% damage on monsters The old formula on irowiki that says 19200% damage. In this video we can see the skill do more than 1m damage, but it's on jRO and I know we follow kRO, so results may vary. And when I try the skill in game I roughly get 17500-18000% damage. So anyone has the actual formula ? Is this skill supposed to do less or more damage than what it actually does ? Or is everything normal ?
  12. When you bring him said items he doesn't accept them, the chat window has a "close" button instead of a "next" one.
  13. teluoborg


    New players can still sell rare items via @trade and forums if they don't have the money to pay the tax, I don't see any problem. Your idea is worse because instead of handicapping new players you handicap people who play on a toaster that can't afford to DA because their computer is crap. Even more pay to win than the cash shop.
  14. teluoborg


    More place really won't fix the problem, it'll only make it more tedious for people to look at shops, now in 2 maps instead of one. The real problem is that people have no limit in the quantity or quality of shops they set up. I'm ok with having some shops in the HQ but if it means that those spots will be monopolized by the guys that put 500m apple shops 1 minute after maintenance just to have their spot reserved to display their overpriced stuff (you know the ones) then nothing will change. If you really want to improve the quality of the vending harbor then force people to pay their taxes the moment they open their shop, that way they will be forced to think about their prices. Increasing the number of spots has already been done before, there's no reason to think doing it again will fix the problem.