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  1. BG Announcements

  2. Here is another video of the same sorcerer using defensive mode 4 times in 16 seconds with no problem
  3. Magic Academy Daily Quest won't accept my items

    Ok it looks like I just had sold the lavas without noticing, the quest works just fine XD Sorry you can close this.
  4. As you can see in the gif, 1 time out of 3 the skill doesn't work while it should work every time.
  5. Cap's Noob Guide to Bow Shadow Chaser

    Oh, my bad then. Golem it is then.
  6. Cap's Noob Guide to Bow Shadow Chaser

    Or a zipper bear for cheaper than a VR ?
  7. UP

    @darcksim67 faut drop les runes a scaraba hole ou a ayotaya dungeon @Acilia tiens voila le lien du discord :
  8. When you bring him said items he doesn't accept them, the chat window has a "close" button instead of a "next" one.
  9. UP

    Yop, moi ca va faire quelques mois que je joue. Go pm norehcat ig
  10. jRO RK 2nd Sprite!

    I don't see much difference aside from the loss of the fluffy shoulders. Let's wait for final sprites.
  11. Jitterbug & Brasilis Cards

    Very nice! Now where are the Moscovia cards? XD Joking aside those cards look very useful, which is a relief after seeing how lame Verus cards are. Edit : while looking at the irowiki link I also found they added nightmare turtle dungeon! And Ominous turtle cards. Ominous Solider CardMaxHP + 10%, Def + 50.MaxHP + 1% per 3 refine rate.If base level is 160 or higher, add an additonal Def + 50, Vit + 3.Compounded on : ArmorPrefix : FirmOminous Pemeter CardInt + 1, MaxSP + 80.MaxSP + 10 per 2 refine rate.If refine rate is 7 or higher, increase SP recovery rate by 30%.When equipped with Ominous Solider Card,MaxHP + 1% per 3 refine rate of armor.MaxSP + 5 per 2 refine rate of headgear.Compounded on : HeadgearPrefix : SensibleOminous Heater CardCri + 3, increase critical damage by 5%.When equipped with Ominous Assaulter Card,add an additonal Cri + 2, increase critical damage by 2%.Compounded on : AccesoryPrefix : Dual CriticalOminous Assaulter CardIncrease critical damage by 10%.When compounded on whip, musical instrument, book, two-handed sword or two-handed spear, Cri + 5.Atk + 3, increase critical damage by 1% per refine rate.Compounded on : WeaponPrefix : LethalOminous Freezer CardMaxHP + 10%, Str + 2.If base level is 160 or higher, increase damage of Hundred Spear and Over Brand by 10%.If refine rate is 9 or higher, add an additonal damage of Hundred Spear and Over Brand by 10%.Compounded on : ShoesSuffix : of PierceOminous Turtle General CardDef + 30, Mdef + 5.Reduce damage taken from all size monsters by 25%.When equipped with Turtle General Card, add an additonal reduction from all size monsters by 5%,Accuracy + 25, Increase damage against all size monsters by 20%.Compounded on : ShieldSuffix : of Turtle Shell look at that TG/OTG combo lol.
  12. Well too bad, it was the only way for magic users to be able to compete in damage with physical classes. Now it will either be get mvp cards or play ranger/genetic like everyone else. Farewell, crit spell fist sorcerer. See you on the other side.
  13. Arrows can't be equipped by SC and GX

    Yeah but instrument/whip skills use arrows too so what about them? What's the point?
  14. Arrows can't be equipped by SC and GX

    @Yuuki You brought a new bug by fixing this : now if performers (maestro) switch weapons from a bow to an instrument it unequips the arrows, forcing you to reequip the arrows with every weapon switch. I'll make a report later but just to let you know.