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  1. add Powered Chip[1] kRO deepsea

    +1, Is it stackable?
  2. Gladiator vs Monster

    @AndyGn mailbox can get full I believe.. Try deleting some~ @Sumikkogurashi Representing corner living!!!
  3. Can't reassign skill points

    You must use up the corresponding points per job in order to set next ones, then use those up accordingly until you've got 59 points left for the third job.
  4. Xmas Facebook Live Event Winners

    Merry Christmas and congratulations winners~!!
  5. Phantom thrust

    Pronterafield1..bios cave..morse.. Morroctown.. That's all I can recall. Any other missing info @Inkfish?
  6. Phantom thrust

    In-game description says it can be used on party members without the damage, however it doesn't. Tested In few different maps, works on monsters fine, but cannot pull party members. No screenshot available as it doesn't show me casting the skill at all when targeting party member.
  7. Rk phantom thrust

    Nope, not during woe master..
  8. Rk phantom thrust

    Bump~ @Yuuki
  9. Rk phantom thrust

    Broken? Works on monsters fine but not on party members.. Anyone know?~ thanks in advance
  10. Monster HP?

    I checked @mi for bio3 Cecil, their HP increased to 250k instead of the old 210~?k .. Is this normal? @[email protected]
  11. Monster HP?

    Did it increase as a part of some change logs..?
  12. Royal Guard Armor

    Should be able to unless it's broken? Is the armor red color font when you Right click?
  13. What happened to Slim White Pots?

    People use on genetic to throw around.. Others use various items like giggling box, etc.. There is npc that trade items into slims in hq somewhere...? XD
  14. Invisible deco stone

    +1 but maybe separated from other ones since some people want it for the visual effects? Kinda like amulet/garment, get by choice~