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  1. Parakins

    RNG Random Number Generator

    The new stones are definitely too rng.. If it were to be separated based on 1st class (swordsman box, mage box, etc) that would be awesome. In terms of some of the newer gears, rng to craft is one thing but locking it behind PvP zones thus allowing PvP farmers to determine the price seems silly. My 2 cents.
  2. Parakins

    Is Dragon Breath affected by Muscle Fool?

    If mf procs and your damage did half, then yes.. Not many db rk on server and most don't use mf so noone noticed.
  3. Parakins

    Item Release Suggestion

    Item Name: libra ring Item ID: 32261 Official server: jro Source Links: Which year was this item released in officials? Only in jro atm, 2019 Describe short how to obtain it in official server: ?? Describe how good this item is, for which job benefit: rk.. 😝 How should LimitRO release this? Imo the items aren't too op, so maybe deepsea Item Name: libra krasnaya Item ID: 1150 SAME AS ABOVE Not sure if we take jro items, and also I didn't suggest entire set.. Unless someone else sees interest in them.
  4. Parakins

    DB + powered chip

    I only used one piece, added like 15k~ damage.. Almost like the old pendant of Maelstrom bug. Oh wells thanks 🤗
  5. Parakins

    CE Headgears

    I think I saw cat in mouth in achievement lv9
  6. Parakins

    Zen cast time + fixed cast modifier cant instant cast

    For #1.. I think it's fixed cast time - [fix amount reduction] then - percentage.. So 1 - 0.5(temp boots) = 0.5, then 0.5 - 70% = 0.15 #2.. Fix cast time with set value can stack, so 0.5(temp) + 0.5(magic) = 1. Whereas fix cast %items like sacra/fenrir, only the higher % will take effect..
  7. Parakins

    DB + powered chip

    Is powered chip supposed to increase DB damage? If not, someone feel free to report. My testings were done Mar 2 before maint
  8. Parakins

    Deepmines items

    +1 fafnir scale xD db need love and it may or may not even be much better than tgk~
  9. Parakins

    Palace guard cap

    Base +5 Every refine level at 6 and above +1 (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 = 11%) total 16% @ +16
  10. Parakins

    Gladiator Tournament

    @AndyGn mailbox can get full I believe.. Try deleting some~ @Sumikkogurashi Representing corner living!!!
  11. Parakins

    Can't reassign skill points

    You must use up the corresponding points per job in order to set next ones, then use those up accordingly until you've got 59 points left for the third job.
  12. Parakins

    Xmas Facebook Live Event Winners

    Merry Christmas and congratulations winners~!!
  13. Parakins

    Phantom thrust

    Pronterafield1..bios cave..morse.. Morroctown.. That's all I can recall. Any other missing info @Inkfish?
  14. Parakins

    Phantom thrust

    In-game description says it can be used on party members without the damage, however it doesn't. Tested In few different maps, works on monsters fine, but cannot pull party members. No screenshot available as it doesn't show me casting the skill at all when targeting party member.