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  1. Please close, issue resolved.
  2. Quick update... 1) I found the quests on my Ranger and it's in the 'Pending' section, showing 0/0 monsters to kill. I think that's preventing me from completing the quest and unable to start a new one... 2) I've completed all pre-requisites on another character, and have successfully finished ToDG along with claiming the rewards.
  3. I read somewhere it's a 3% chance. Can't seem to find the source though.
  4. I went with about 5 other members to ToDG when this bug/glitch occurred to my character. I've recently made another character that I will do the pre-requisites and attempt ToDG again; hope it's not a server wide issue.
  5. I've gotten the quests and rewards on Sun... but Wed is when this 'bug/glitch' happened to my char.
  6. I didn't check tab but I am certain the CD was correct because it's the same people I partied with 3 days ago. Then our next run he had the same issue on a different character.
  7. I don't believe it is the NPC that has the bug, but more so a cooldown bug that I had experienced. I checked @inscd oghh and it had said 14 minutes left. An hour or so later i was denied access to OGH_H and had a new CD which was 1day 22hr~ or so. This also happened to Mr.Gab when he attempted to do OGH_H in a separate occasion where he mentioned having 15~ mins on CD, then became 1day 22hr~ as well. No S/S can be provided as it was a sudden ?bug?/glitch. Date was Sunday evening 10pm~ EST
  8. Topic NPC Report NPC Name Staff Abidel / Commander Agip NPC Location Flame Basin Screenshot of the NPC dialog (of the bug) Abidel - So you volunteered to rid this realm of Morroc? This area is extremely volatile, please take note of the changes in the environment! [Close] Agip - The Devil's Temple has been spotted. Its in the middle of those Rocks [Next] ; The guardian. It seems she's looking for... [Close] Describe the bug Step 1 Talk to Abidel - Should provide me with quest Step 2 Talk to Agip - Should provide me with quest Step 3 Started ToDG Step 4 No rewards were given; the NPCs still have the same dialogue. Step by step please. Screenshot of your related Quest Log (Alt + U) - No S/S available but it just has a ??? as title, and ??? as description. Why do you think this is bug? Do you follow any guide? Did ToDG many times already but for some reason it didn't work today (11:30am EST) Char Name / Job - Parakins / Ranger Equip / Stats - N/A