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  1. NekozChan

    Hugel Monster Race System Update

    This must give a thousand Like !!!!!!
  2. NekozChan

    [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    It's Memorialable?
  3. NekozChan

    [Anniversary Event] Dear Limit RO

    how to delete my post D:
  4. NekozChan

    Storage Expansion

    yay, just like another 600 slot of storage ><
  5. NekozChan

    Storage Expansion

    Topic Name : Storage slot Expansion Character Names: NekozChan Describe your suggestion What is this? : Many player is having storage issue, we only have 600 to keep your item, weapon, armor, ammo, card & misc. Normal practice is we generate account & merchant job class as a storage but it's really irritating when it come to find your item in other character especially card. Why do we have to add it? :Save our time & hassle. Improve our gaming experience. Who will benefit this? : All players, especially card & headgear collector like me. Will this change the system drastic? : No Room for improvement? : Add favourite category in storage, there are some item that's always needed to be refill to our character & I need to scroll & find it. I suggest we should provide an option to upgrade storage space, 1. Via VIP 2. Via Item gathering or quest ( example : like how we upgrade our L-phone in-game) By doing so, it will be fair to all player.
  6. NekozChan

    Fake GM

    Today i receive an report from my friend that he wished to stay anonymous, so he asked me to help report on this player which trying to pretend GM by chatroom and he was aiming US and canada players for scamming purpose.
  7. NekozChan

    Hello For New Malaysia Player.

    hey akin, supp bri XDD arigadou~~ kamsia hamida~
  8. We're now opening for recruitment for any fresh blood player in LRO, as long you need a family, friends, chit-chat, and any kind of activities. feel free to join us at City Al-de baran~ We're active as 24/7 everyday
  9. NekozChan

    [Application] Guild Outreach [email protected]

    Yaya cryan is with us.
  10. NekozChan

    [Application] Guild Outreach [email protected]

    Sure, Everyone is welcome =)
  11. NekozChan

    [Application] Guild Outreach [email protected]

    Guildname: TheMemorialMomentGuild Leader: NekozChanInviters: The people who has title [Aegis],[General] ,[Guardian],[Exarch],[Ruler] and [The Tempest] will have right to invite.Guild Town: Al de baran (go 6)Main Language: EnglishMain Timezone: GMT +8 Short description(basic info) about guild: A friendly guild for newbies, we always provide help and solve any question arise.Which player segment does the guild appeal/cater to? Active and Friendly manners playerRequirements to be a member: ActiveType: PVM/Instances/Abra/BG (We do it in our Guild Base)State why your guild deserves its own outreach NPC We always help newbies which need our hands and share our knowledge and help each other to grow in advance. And i wish my guild can carry more newbies to enjoy together, growing and have more sweet memories with us.
  12. NekozChan

    Hello For New Malaysia Player.

    I'm NekozChan that has been playing LRO about a year, a warm welcome for you to join us at al de baran city I'm very active player almost online 18/7 , Feel free to find me in game