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  1. Hi Loves... Damn I'll miss saying that LOL XD

    Always looked forward to your works and excited to see more to come. You and the helper team have been an inspiration, positive influence, a figure to look up to, and many more. Wish for the best where you'll be and keep being fabulous!!!!!
  2. With the recent fiasco I have withdrawn my entry from the loading screen contest,

    and rewards will be returned. Well since its rights are mine again, might as well post the full -res non watermarked one :^]


    It is not so much for the monies that I entered. I drew because I want to, because I love the new content, and want to show my appreciation for the work that has been put into releasing said content for us to enjoy. 

    I have messaged the responsible party asking for an explanation about -that- decision and this is mine that I came to from the answer I get.  What has happened is a serious offence that I have seen happen too many times to my friends and  role models and one I do not take lightly, has been since many many years ago. 

    Having said that, still I respect  that decision and only wish that you respect mine, too.  Sorry if its childish and wrong of me to back out of what I signed up for, but I have to and will defend my stance on that problem  since I can't stress enough how important it is. Really really thankful for all the support * ^^ * and thank you for putting up with my selfishness and hope you can truly see how much more precious are the efforts that everyone has put forward there <3


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    2. Sumikkogurashi


      your words are too kind XD sankyu

      and its not something you have to apologise for sir Akin pls.. you guys did not fail 😙

    3. ramboe
    4. Lai


      Yea, it's all my fault.


    IGN: Shappo Description: Bijou <3 Process: (Large image so I put under spoiler tag) Loading screen file:
  4. Otogakure

    @Arkfrost Hmm I never got the channel thing to work either XD but you can drop by Einbroch @go 19 and see if anyone is online that can give u an invite! or PM someone from the guild if u see one
  5. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is it an item drop from MVPs?
  6. A NEW GUILD for Newbies and Veteran

    @Fahrenheit by all means you can drop by Einbroch @go 19 and see if anyone is there or ask the members around Asgard if someone that can give you an invite is online 😁
  7. Mdef Bonus on Magician's Night Cap

    Without cap equipped On the ss below no hard Mdef bonus when item is equipped, others seem to be in effect (but didn't test SF damage) Equipment MDEF (something like bonus bMdef,10; ) script missing based on Limit item database
  8. Hello LimitRO World!

    Hello and welcome back XD do join @Master Orochimaru's guild for PvE/Instances
  9. Easter Egg Decoration

    IGN: Shappo Process Clean eggs Rough sketch birb parts Media: Watercolour, waterproof marker & drawing pen on watercolour paper & post it notes lel Image Filir is rabu <3
  10. Login Screen Contest

    Char Name: Shappo BMP File: Final BMP Scene.bmp About: Tiny dragon, phat dragon, egg dragon? Adventures in Nidhogg's Dungeon. WIP:
  11. Couple's Memory

    Kev Hellyeah & Shappo Combo Name: Eustace and Muriel Love Advice: Love is patient, like watching plants grow... Know that even in the middle of nowhere you will always have each other to come back to. FB Share
  12. Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

    Title and IGN: Lava and Snow by Shappo Description: Always wanted to draw the homunculus that melted (no pun intended) my heart upon reading the description in game. Dieter’s image appealed as gentle, fragile, but a strong companion and this ball of lava looks like the excellent portable heater keeping you warm amidst the chilly winter air. Here is my interpretation of our beloved meat shield Dieter
  13. Halloween Cauldron


    I'm signing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: Shappo In. Point: Day 2: 8 Day 3: 750 Day 4: 320 Day 5: 500 Day 6: 110 Day 8: 135 Day 9: 500 Day 10: 250 Day 11: 1000 Day 12: 2080 Total: 5653 Reward Given