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  1. Windmill

    You will get stucked and unable to attack or re-sit if you're using a skill like Gate of Hell (maybe because this skill does not have a proper finish animation or because its cast cannot be canceled) and you get hit by windmill during its cast.
  2. Assassins shouldn't be able to equips arrows, according to Irowiki on Venom Knife page, but they are currently able to do so on LimitRo :
  3. poisoning weapon and skills

    From what I know, you can't infect people through ranged attacks, only short range physical attacks work. Grimtooth lv 3~5 is ranged so it could explain why it doesn't work. But i'm not sure, maybe this is only for Deadly Infection.
  4. Demihuman reduction stacking twice

    Thara should be 30% but it's bugged, it's 50%. Your test shows that CK and Thara are not stacking. 259 with Thara means the damage you take without Thara is 259*2 = 518. If Thara and CK were stacking, you should take 518*0,4 = 207 with Thara + CK. If you want me to be clearer : Thara + CK now : final_damage = initial_damage * (100-50/100) * (100-10/100) = initial_damage * 0,5 * 0,9 = initial_damage * 0,45 Thara + CK if they were stacking : final_damage = initial_damage * (100-(50+10)/100) = initial_damage * 0,4 Thara + CK how it should be in my opinion : final_damage = initial_damage * (100-(30+10)/100) = initial_damage * 0,6 Sorry if I was too rude in my previous post.
  5. Demihuman reduction stacking twice

    I don't understand, your test shows that Thara and CK redux are not stacking but you are saying the opposite. Please don't post things like that, devs will think everything is fine when it's not ...
  6. Demihuman reduction stacking twice

    Thara now reduces damage from players by 50% but this bonus doesn't stack with other DH redux like Combat Knife. Protect Feathers (id 19024) gives 5% redux against players (with 108+ vit) but this bonus isn't stacking correctly with other DH redux. However, Protect Feathers and Thara bonus are stacking together for a 55% total redux against player. Please fix that.
  7. Tiger Cannon ATK bug

    I don't think devs want to do maths to see if a report is correct or not...
  8. Tiger Cannon ATK bug

    That's because he put the Gold Scaraba Card in a Pendant of Maelstrom ...
  9. Tiger Cannon dmg splash

    Still no answer from devs, are they dead ?
  10. Palace Guard Hat (#18878) and Immune Boots(#22019)

    You are forgetting the "/3" part of the formula : 1+3*((getrefine()>10?10:getrefine())/3) <-- Here I tried to make it easier to see, hope you will see it. That means if refine is 10 or more, you will get (1+3*(10/3)) = 1+3*3 = 10 Flee.
  11. Tiger Cannon dmg splash

    There is a new problem with Tiger Cannon now : atk buff like Gold scaraba card doesn't add damage on TC : Since the last update, TC damage isn't variable anymore so it's really easy to test : TC with Gold Scaraba Card : always 43 823 TC without Gold Scaraba Card : always 44 008 I deal even less damage with Gold Scaraba on because of the -1%HP effect. What happened to TC formula ???
  12. Palace Guard Hat (#18878) and Immune Boots(#22019)

    Both 1 bonus bFlee,1+3*((getrefine()>10?10:getrefine())/3); and if(getrefine()>=10) { bonus bFlee,20; bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Neutral,20; } parts of Hero's Manteau description are working as intended, your maths are wrong. If refine is 10, you gain 1 +3*(10/3) = 10 flee from the first part and 20 flee from the second part so 30 total flee. For the Immune boots, if refine is 10 or more, you gain 3 + (10-5) = 8 total neutral resistance, not 13. There is no refine cap for Palace Guard Cap. In fact, we can't see the script of those items on Limitro website anymore ... Why ???
  13. Cat Ear Beret refine above +12 not capped

    Is it actually fixed ? Script hasn't changed here :