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  2. Name : Nanako (real first name, dont wanna say my real last name for privacy ) Ingame Character : Every class LimitRO experience : almost 6 years since account creation XD Ragnarok Online experience : 8 years Language spoken : English (and can read some basic spanish) Timezone : UTC -05:00 (2-4 hours during weekdays, all day during weekends) What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? I want to be a GM helper because i really really really like the community we have in LimitRO The best way i can describe myself is that im very energetic (insane) Im very friendly (insane) and other people make friends with me very easily (or else). Im very social when it comes to new players, i used to run 3 guilds full of players that started out by inviting newbies and that was just for socializing (before i had to quit for college ) BUT IM BACK NOW! and im still really really into socializing with the playerbase ive made friends with latinos, hungarians, filipinos, turkeys... i mean turkish people, etc. As far as knowledge about ragnarok is concerned i have extensive knowledge about cards effects and combos, size modification, elemental tables, where to get weapons for what and who, ive tried every stat build on every class with multiple item sets (low, mid, and high tier items). i am fairly confident i can help out newbies with knowledge on what they can do starting out or starting fresh, and how they can be stable and eventually get top tier, and what goes in what hole... errr i mean... how to farm I know a decent amount of information about our exclusive content, but i swear im learing more D: people from kitkat and EP are teaching me and nana is learning quick and you guys can teach me more stuff too yuuki can teach nana stuff and lai can shout at nana if she does bad things D: Ill make sure the server goes smoothly and everyone and everything is taken care of