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  1. Guarho

    Geffen Magic Accessory Order Form

    You need to have it on the Inventory not equiped.
  2. Guarho

    Manteau of Survival combo dont working correctly

    On the Unslotted version it especifies it's only up to 30%, but once you Slot it that part it's missing. Maybe change the description only? Or it should remove the +10 Cap?
  3. Guarho

    Meteor Strike changes?

    This is correct? I think the "Patent weapons" are another version of the weapon not the same item. If Meteor Strike will be updated, update all the Solar weapons to Patent ones.
  4. Guarho

    Shoes of Survival

    Bump Adding the problem with the combo Survivor's Shoes + Survivor's Rod. Should "Increase the damage of Neutral property magical attacks" but right now are giving "Increase magic damage dealt on Neutral Elemental monsters"
  5. Guarho

    Purified Knight Shield

    doodz11, you are forgoting something: "You lose aspd when you have a shield", compare the aspd with shield on, then you see that +2 ASPD bonus.
  6. The Ignore Boss/Non-Boss monster DEF/MDEF it's part of battlestats. I comprobed with Survivor set or Piercing Staff, the Hat simply doesn't give the effect.
  7. Checking in battlesats gives no bonus.
  8. Guarho

    Shoes of Survival

    Right now gives "Increase magic damage dealt on Earth/Wind elemental monsters by 10%" I don't have to check if Survival Circlet Set it's having the same issue.
  9. Guarho

    Analysis: What job i should use?

    Trying to update again, Ranger SS, GX CI and some details added.
  10. Guarho

    Warg Mastery

    The Warg have the same rate of proc than Falcon (3 Luk = 1% each autoattack)
  11. Guarho

    Can't farm Oridecon?

    Whenever something like this happend check your Fav Tab in Inventory
  12. Guarho

    Achievment Reward

    Bump to this +1 to update Achievement System Maybe not a +11, but something that it's actually useful
  13. Usually it's by joining any Infinity Space run's or get leeched on Nightmare Comodo/Illusion of Launda or Magma F3. If you are going to do it by your own, you can simply stick to Scaraba F2 till 150~ In Vending Harbour (@go 16) on the npc "Pretty Hats"
  14. Guarho

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    All that RK love :'3 It was needed
  15. Guarho

    Analysis: What job i should use?

    Up to date, just some extra points about the Genesis Ray, Counter Slash, Arm Cannon changes and adding the Eve natalia and the feather exchange.