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  1. Guarho

    Analysis: What job i should use?

    Up to date, just some extra points about the Genesis Ray, Counter Slash, Arm Cannon changes and adding the Eve natalia and the feather exchange.
  2. Guarho

    Hi I'm totally new!

    Maybe you can check this: It's a personal explanation of all the jobs, i'm outdated on a lot of things. But here is it. Can help a lot to understand the variety of builds on a PvE enviroment. The farming place it's allways Thanatos F10/F11. You can grind out your way to obtain your equipment faster (Usually it's easier buying to another players than obtain it by yourself)
  3. Right now, only 1 it's equipable, because the Location it's: "Right- Accesory"
  4. I was farming on thana F10 and see that guy afk autocasting a lot of things, i logged out and over a hour later this guy still there on the same spot.
  5. Guarho

    [GUIDE] Cheapest solo Skywave

    Updated some details to match the actual instance parameters.
  6. Guarho

    [GUIDE] Cheapest solo Skywave

    Try to use @phone command or Phone item and use Refresh Screen option, the map it so damn draining.
  7. Quoting the answer from Cap (On the original Topic where the Critical update was mentioned) All the another skills are working with Crits as intended, but still it's missing Triple Attack/Raging Trifecta Blow I think it's a good moment to fix this with the implementation of Battle Surcoat, to make it actually a relevant item.
  8. Guarho

    [GUIDE] Cheapest solo Skywave

    Can you be more specific? It should be: Just push down the key of Rolling Cutter and everything will be okay.
  9. Guarho

    Blue Luminous Stone problems

    That part it's working as intended, the condition it's if you have over 100 of Luk the @temp value it's 10. So it becomes 15 Critical + 12 Crit Damage. @temp,(readparam(bLuk)>=100)?10:0; bonus bCritical,[email protected]; bonus bCritAtkRate,[email protected]; And the description it's the wrong, should say Agi +2 as the script. The single script pending are the Sharp Enchant related. I think?
  10. But but mom ~ Crimson Dagger actually have higher ATK than FQL. +15Crimson: 407~487 vs +16FQL: 292~460. The exponential atk by refine + the 52 per level are so damn good. Besides the Earthquake procs, Crimson dagger delivers higher critical damage. And yeah the +15 Vicious Mind simply out of comparation: 435~589 + any extra enchantment (Free Drake card at least)