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  1. is it tradeable?
  2. 56. forum name: Alongtheway char name: KingC
  3. hmm why no inspiration sir? i see that your gear is maxed to attain the highest damage possible. With inspiration you will get double the damage and will be like superman!!
  4. whaaa.dibwhaaa.dibTITLE : POPORING IN HIGH DEMAND OF LOOTs. IGN : KingC Description : This POPO want some loots. I want loots . Everybody want loots !!!. THIS IS my soul when i saw an EPIC LOOT (kinda), CHeers!!
  5. well the bug is HOLY is actually shadow property while Poison = holy property Like if you crimson weapon state that it is holy property well its shadow actually and i was surprised we have poison property crimson weapon but it is actually a holy property. XD
  6. until

    I'm signing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: AntiC In. Point: Day 1: 10 Day 3: 30 Day 9: 200 Day 11: 800 Total: 1040