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  1. Widdershins

    Verity not warping to Bunker

    Ah, ok, I see what you mean... In the future... don't say "you missed a step" if it's "we changed the prerequisites". Makes me miss your point, sorry for raging a bit.
  2. Widdershins

    Verity not warping to Bunker

    .... Like I said, my main character, Widdershins, had access and now he doesn't. I'll go do any quests I can and check back on Verity.... but please, I missed a step? Losing access is different than not ever getting it. Going to see if I can gain access again by doing any other quests I can in Verus. @Freya By the way, I'm at step 4 on your memory guide, having already played the 5 records to Arquin and spoke with Ian who told me to get to the Bunker... hence my quest screenshot on Servant Zero...
  3. Widdershins

    [Bug] Limit Group

    You should be safe to get to level 100 and get your 3rd job. Lime should give you a new paradise gearset at 3rd job/ level 100. (I don't think she's ever given me gear at 99/50 before i go to 3rd job... text should probably say once you are 3rd job) If there is a bug to be had here, please report it by going to the "Report Center" tab, then "NPC/Item Bugs", and create a post there for this. There's a guideline post there for a bug template which will help the engineers solve any bugs.
  4. Widdershins

    Verity not warping to Bunker

    NPC Name: Verity NPC Location: verus01 125 183 Screenshot: Verity having only a greetings dialogue with close option. Describe the bug Progress through Memory Record quest until needing to go to the Bunker (Laboratory-OPTATIO) Go to Veros01 Approach Verity at 125 183 Open Dialogue with Verity and observe options. Why do you think this is bug? Do you follow any guide? I had access to the bunker with Verity on Widdershins before the 15_2 update, now I don't. Also, reached Step 12 of NovaRagnarok guide for the quest on my Arch Bishop and he didn't get access either: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Phantasmagorica#Memory_Record Char Name / Job: Widdershins, a sorcerer and Servant Zero, an arch bishop Equip / Stats: N/A all guild members and people in main chat affected.
  5. Item: Drooping Neko Crew [1] Item#: 18528 Steps: 1) Note your stats; namely, your Int and Mdef. 2) Equip Drooping Neko Crew hat. 3) Observe your stats for changes. 4) Attempt to refine Drooping Neko Crew at the Admiral. 5) Observe Admiral's dialogue. Script doesn't match description: The script on Limitro's database for item#18528 http://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=18528 doesn't match it's description, nor the script on ratemyserver. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=18528 Results: You do not gain any Int nor Mdef as described in the hat description. You can not refine Drooping Neko Crew hat at the Admiral. Expected Behavior: Please ensure that the hat is refinable and affects a player according to the item description. The script should match the item description. My Character name: Servant TwentySix My Character stats: Ranger Str: 1 +2 Agi: 120 +10 Vit: 2 +6 Int: 31 +14 Dex: 120 +18 Luk: 120 +2
  6. Widdershins

    ToDG> Muspellskoll> Flowing Lava> non-functional no-dialogue

    Thanks, I'll recommend that/try it on tomorrow's run--refreshing the entity.
  7. The item: "Ten Thousand Years Frost" id 22566 http://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=22566 The NPC/Interactable Object: "Flowing Lava" on the left and right side of the map during Muspellskoll boss fight in Temple of Demon God instance. (screenshot attached) Location: Temple of Demon God: Muspellskoll boss encounter Steps: 1) Enter the instance: ToDG Temple of Demon God. 2) Progress through the instance to Brinaranea's encounter. 3) Obtain item 22566 from enemies in room. 4) Progress through the instance to Muspellskoll's encounter. 5) When lava flows and unfreezes, approach the "Flowing Lava" mid map as seen in screenshot. (Left flow or right flow) 6) Attempt to interact with the "Flowing Lava" to freeze the lava falls. 7) Observe interaction behavior of "Flowing Lava". The issue: The Flowing Lava is not interactable. Even with a "Ten Thousand Years Frost", it is not generating a dialogue window. This prevents the Lava Flow from being frozen which is crucial in this boss fight. Muspellskoll can not be prevented from healing with lava. Expected Behavior: Players should be able to freeze the lava falls during the Muspellskoll boss fight. The "Flowing Lava" should be able to interact and generate the appropriate dialogue when a player has a "Ten Thousand Years Frost" to freeze the lava. Muspellskoll can be prevented from healing by freezing lava.
  8. Widdershins

    Additional Silk Restrictions

    For utility characters, you either need to be gathering tons of info online, or sciencing the hell out of your class. : ) Math, formulas, experience, server discussions. I'm maining a Sorcerer myself, but every class has a lot of potential to break out of cookie cutter builds. The issue of the dominant builds isn't that other ways aren't viable, they just need to have their paths blazed (which can be tough). People need to invest time in how their skills work, and gaining info/experience with how unique gear works, and then share the info with guides :D. Classes aren't designed to be fair in every category, you need to organize with others or make alts to do certain things. (God DAMN those Sonias and their yummy stems, I want to ToDG on an AB! Where's my theif and ranger friends??) Or you can find and obtain appropriate items/preparation (Banaspaty card, Joker card? BURN SONIAS, BURN AND GET STOLED). Utility is a huge part of what I've seen in WoE. Last one I went to, the entrance was locked down primarily by Soul Chasers and Sorcerers stopping/debuffing you at the entrance. The DPS can be manageable, but if you are locked down by utility classes rendering you into an immobile target, better have a good guild plan! The biggest thing I can recommend for Silk Restriction is only gear someone who reaches 175 can obtain reasonably in 3 weeks. Basing this off of being able to reach 175 as a new player in a few days, as an organized alt with guild support in approximately 2 hours. If a new player reaches 175 in a few days, I would expect them to be hitting end-game experiences in a few weeks (WoE and competitive pvp guilds). One full week of guild support trying to get items. To me, bio nightmare is possible, but on the upper bounds of what's reasonable for gear in Silk.
  9. Widdershins

    Additional Silk Restrictions

    Not saying ignorance is an excuse. It respectfully takes a lot of time and energy to get a guild more and more prepared for WoE. Members need training from well-informed players or guides, some gear, some time available, and good communication throughout the guild. The process needs energy a lot of guilds end up not having. To hate on them for that is wrong, just like hating on vets for having spent their time, money, and energy is wrong. What I see on the forums at times are people yelling at each other for being frustrated after trying hard--why would you tell them they didn't even try? Unkind... don't you want to encourage them to try again? I know pvp culture is tough love and salty talk, but keep it in pvp. What most of the new players, and some vets, are saying is to find fair ways of reducing the barrier of entry. Mostly to keep WoE active and interesting. I think we are headed in a good direction.
  10. Widdershins

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    Yeah, thanks for the hints from KK and the server during WoE! I don't have instant casting for LP yet (my ventus gets assassinated? NOOO), so man just trying to get in the castle was a BEAST of an endeavor. Even with LP down, only a second until a KK wiped that off the floor, hahaha--intense! Final few minutes we broke in, but not sure if that was from our efforts, or KK relaxing since the end was nigh xD
  11. Widdershins

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    Yeah, I think that's the best I've heard so far. No idea about the conversations, but Yuuki mentioned a practice WoE of some sort coming down the pipes (maybe 3 months is the estimate right now?). Having a beginner WoE is definitely needed to get players familiar with the mechanics and edge them into the intermediate strategies and gear combinations. Part of the wonder I see in ragnarok is the sheer number of gear and skill combo's out there that are used! Amazing, but also daunting ; )
  12. Widdershins

    Additional Silk Restrictions

    Or actually have a lot of responsibilities outside the game... Maybe they just shouldn't play? Are less players what you want or more players participating? I respect that WoE is more of an endgame thing, but there's a big info and gear barrier to new players because of it. Limitro let's new players rise fast, which is a BIG reason they don't go to the public servers instead. Should WoE stay as a veteran only game, or should the barriers to entry be reduced? I don't know, but I'd like to try and feel like I at least affect the game a bit. Most of the barrier is information by the way. Tactics, gear builds, etc.
  13. Widdershins

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    Thanks Yuuki for nudging Otogakure to participate in WoE. We'll see where this leads, but I hope for a more active WoE as which I believe the GMs also hope for. Like I've said many times in game-chat, the king of a mountain will always want to keep their position. It's the nature of the game, and not evil either. KK has earned their position, but now the server is dormant because many have given up or became busy in real life. From what I've experienced, we are looking, as a server, to keep WoE balanced and fun for all players. Input from every side is necessary, and being respectful makes the info flow better. I am super new to PvP and want to help new players like myself get confidence to try and participate. What may seem like pocket change to veterans can seem like hours and hours of time a new player doesn't have. We should continue to see both sides and not cheat each other or think anyone wants to steal, get a free ride, or oppress. KK's responsibility in being dominant? Teach or force the server to learn better strategies. ( I disliked getting laughed at by a particular KK I don't know how to kill, but all the more reason I should take it as a challenge to learn and kill them next time >:/ ) Everyone else? Don't expect a free ride, and put in necessary effort.
  14. Widdershins

    Circus test

    test This test was to view the current ability to create forum content as a player. Currently, we can only create posts in threads, and can not create new threads.
  15. Widdershins

    Guild Forum to organize internal Guild Events.

    Ohh ok! Looking for the template now. Edit: Thanks Akin! I missed that must read.... haha :0 I serve my master! My salary is the guild's honor >: )