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  1. Asclepios

    Huuma Shuriken of Clearness

    Soo the cd of swirling petal cant be reduced for any weapon?
  2. Asclepios

    Huuma Shuriken of Clearness

    Just that weapon don t give any CD, redution. Always stay at 3 sec.
  3. Asclepios

    Rever weapon not give ignore mdef

    Third try emistry, rever weapon dont give any ignore now Is the same at the first ,without any bonus And please, PLEASE, tell lai that give to me he reward for this post, please :C To Rubina Fleed.
  4. Asclepios

    Rever weapon not give ignore mdef

    Wrong fix emistry. You added ignore def, not ignore mdef. And please, tell lai that answer me in facebook for claim the reward for fix item issue. I told him in server, but I dont have any answer yet xD
  5. A simpel modification will make more confortable play wanderer ❤️ When shield is changed, arrow is unequiped automatically This become soo annoying in middle of battle. The idea is keep equip the arrows when we changed shield The same as weapn, I change weapon and arrow keep equip. This is not a buff or nerf, not change anything in the game, only is more confortable to play the job. Please, make fix the arrow when we change shield :C
  6. Asclepios

    Rever weapon not give ignore mdef

    Dam, the words are cuted xD Well, here is: I added a pic with pks 56% mdef ignore to normal mobs. Soo, you can compare the effect with shield and without shield. With shield ignore mdef stay at 56% only, and rever weapon is at +9 and wanderer shield is at+5
  7. a pic with PKS with 56% of ignore of normal monster for compare.
  8. Asclepios

    Reverberation Bug

    Excuse me, that mean with the new client, reverberation will work correctly? (changing element and dealing many hits)
  9. Asclepios

    Changelogs - EDDA Bio Labs

    Gm, reverberation will be fixed? I mean, suposed that skill deal many hits, and not just 1. And now is single target, supposed to be aoe. Edit: Rever deal aoe damage, just dont deal multiple hits
  10. To help / encourage to compete other class like ranger,gx, rk, Really? REALLY???????????????? You think Rk, ranger need more damage? really? No, those jobs already have stupid high damage, no need to be more OP, need a nerf
  11. Asclepios

    hell inferno bugged again :C

    Server needthat must sharp shooting be bugg ❤️ Half server will be crazy if sharp shooting dont deal damage hahahahaha
  12. Asclepios

    hell inferno bugged again :C

    Hell inferno is bugged again. Just cast the skill on enemy but dont deal any damage Hope next skill bug is sharp shooting, and dont deal any damage ❤️
  13. Asclepios

    Lucky bronze coins

    I repeaat: can you see this @Lai? please. Many of us have tons of those coins.
  14. Asclepios

    Lucky bronze coins

    Please @Lai see this.