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  1. Asclepios

    Reverberation Bug

    Excuse me, that mean with the new client, reverberation will work correctly? (changing element and dealing many hits)
  2. Asclepios

    Changelogs - EDDA Bio Labs

    Gm, reverberation will be fixed? I mean, suposed that skill deal many hits, and not just 1. And now is single target, supposed to be aoe. Edit: Rever deal aoe damage, just dont deal multiple hits
  3. To help / encourage to compete other class like ranger,gx, rk, Really? REALLY???????????????? You think Rk, ranger need more damage? really? No, those jobs already have stupid high damage, no need to be more OP, need a nerf
  4. Asclepios

    hell inferno bugged again :C

    Server needthat must sharp shooting be bugg ❤️ Half server will be crazy if sharp shooting dont deal damage hahahahaha
  5. Asclepios

    hell inferno bugged again :C

    Hell inferno is bugged again. Just cast the skill on enemy but dont deal any damage Hope next skill bug is sharp shooting, and dont deal any damage ❤️
  6. Asclepios

    Lucky bronze coins

    I repeaat: can you see this @Lai? please. Many of us have tons of those coins.
  7. Asclepios

    Add EDDA BIO

    Finally a nerf T_T Thanks soo much sir for your data <3 And that note can be read: " The purpose of this changes is to reduce the gap between critical-able skills and non-critical-able skills " yes, other jobs are nothing in comparation with rangers or gxs. @Lai please, update this, and all of us can get new weapons, cards and love for wanderers <3
  8. Asclepios

    Add EDDA BIO

    EDDA is from 17.1 or 17.2? anyway, is too op for rangers and gxs now. The unique exit to this crazy and stupid damage is removing critic from skills. Imagine damage with new skills? ranger will have a skill for (imagine for what :V) yes, for more critic power :V Imagine more damage for critic with cecil enchant. No, is too op now. Yes, now. For future updates, I guess, is needed to remove critic power from skills. Critic must be only for aspd. And, is not I dont want new weapons and new instance, sure, yes, hell and holy yes xD And I want heart whip (because cant reduce cd from metallic sound, only can be reduced with that whip) ) How will call this server? ranger ro? gx ro? xD Seriously, ranger and gx need a severe review. Is not possible the other jobs can not get new items because rangers and gxs are unbalanced
  9. Asclepios

    Lucky bronze coins

    Please @Lai see this.
  10. Asclepios

    Lucky bronze coins

    Hello. Some time ago, someone posted this: But the answer was the unique solution is hack the game. So, I guess a good option for this will be add some npc for exchange the coins. Example: 150 bronze coins for 3 tiecket refine armor +9 ( or the amount that you considere correct ) The same for other rewards, like enricheds, or costume box. You can also consider add a amount for the cash coins too xD (all of us are runing for those new tickets ❤️ but are soo expensive </3) Of course the amount you will receive will be less than if you play the roulette. A fast way to waste the coins is a npc. If someone think a better way, please, make a post. Many players have tons of this coins and cant waste much time playing that slow roulette
  11. Asclepios

    Guild dun invitation ticket

    Hello people. I was farming in some guild dungeon (with tickets) and I got a bit of lag, and after that suddenly DC. You know, entire world have lag and get DC is frequent for some players, obviously due to quarantine I propose to make the tickets have a period of use. Let's say 2 or 3 hours (or whatever you like) It has also happened to me using flywing, I enter in a warp and I get out of the dungeon: C If the ticket lasts, I could go back in.
  12. Lai, please, dont forget to add the job stone for Gypsy (the second set) See it: ( I dont found the epic stone, but you can see that is for matk type) I guess is this:
  13. Asclepios

    Manteau of Survival combo dont working correctly

    Then Im waste my time doing this item for a bug? I repeat: If is the case, the item only work up to +10, and is a fault of the description only,. what you will do with the player effort? I spend a lot of time doing quest for kill Ktullanux (whit many chars). For get the manteu and try to sloting, farming elunium too (because npc ask for 100 eluniums per try). And spending some cash pints for refine it. And is not soo easy make the entire set.