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  1. Blore

    Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character Name: Blore FB Share Link:
  2. Blore

    Rejoin clan issue

    It's working, thanks!
  3. Blore

    Rejoin clan issue

    I had 2 characters into the same account joining clans: Prontera Knightage and Magic Academy. I was inactive for 2 weeks and got expelled by both clans. When I try to join back clans, each npc states that I already have reached the maximum of characters (2) allowed for 1 account. It happens the same if I try to join (any) clan with a different character (that never joined a clan). -> the case of my screenshot. Basically NPCs still count my expelled characters as still in clans.
  4. Blore

    Doubtful RNG Quest - Report from the new world

    Nope this isn't just bad luck.... Pick up a dice with 4 faces, throw it 15 times (my experience) and tell me if there's a number that never exits... There must be something wrong into that script. Pls GMs check it or make reports tradable or make an npc that could exchange a fair amount of useless copies into the missing 1.
  5. Blore

    Doubtful RNG Quest - Report from the new world

    when I did what u suggest, npc didn't give me anything because he created a volume that I already had
  6. Blore

    Doubtful RNG Quest - Report from the new world

    Same issue! 3xVol1 6xVol3 2xVol4 and 0xVol2 (+at least 4 failures)... Make them tradable pls!
  7. When Mummy is captured, it appears a "Nine Tails Egg", that summones Mummy pet. It's just wrong name and wrong id 9095 (but with right pet id). As proof I got a screen where "@itemlist" shows 2 different Nine Tails Eggs with 2 different pet IDs (the Nine Tails one and the Mummy one).
  8. Blore

    Zodiac's Return #1

    "The costume you made before"... do you mean last year? Or I can finish the quest with one char and complete it again with a second char (of the same account) and show him the headgear of the 1st one? And what does it mean "show": equipped or just in inventory? I have some hat from last year... can I just skip the quests regarding the costumes that I already have, and still obtain the 13th (using a mix of fresh new headgears + old ones)?