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Status Updates posted by Hilmir

  1. Daily quests from 16.1 are here!
  2. 16.1 is here! Dive deep into the drama and join the event!


  3. New Sorcerer's look is here, time to bring the sassy to another level!


  4. Here's our changelogs for this week!

    Don't forget to join Lai's birthday event! 50 Lucky Coin (Silver) just by joining, plus chance to get 25 Lucky Coin (Gold) and Baby Bear Hood! (link inside changelog)


  5. Join Lai's birthday event and get your cute 31544.pngBaby Bear Hood!


    1. fat man

      fat man

      GM LAI can u bring back old guildbase. ty.

  6. There will be no maintenance tonight but we have changelogs for events and some important notes, make sure you check it out! ;)

    1. user123


      We're hoping for a blast! next maintenance /gg

  7. Congratulation for A n a r c h y who won BGR for normal mode with 8 period points on Mardol and Himin, and for BeeTrayed who won BGR for silk mode with 2 period points on Vidblainn!



    We won't have BGR season 3 this month, we are preparing an update for BGR regarding frequency and reward. BGR will be back on September or October. See you guys!

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  8. Please help me list which skills are affected by the global cooldown bug here:

    Thank you! <3 :*

    Edited by Hilmir
    1. neogriff


      Rolling Cutter. i tried both my gx with 190 and 193 aspd. 

    2. Hilmir


      post on the thread.

    3. neogriff
  9. Changelogs up! Nothing much this week, just once upon a calm summer~ 🌞⛱️🌊



  10. Check out what's new this week! ;)


    1. Lai


      Nothing new la ~~

    2. Jer


      This is just sad. Game got boring farming got boring.

    3. Bebe Rexha

      Bebe Rexha

      please return 50% mobs

  11. Deadline for Maybe Yes, Maybe No event is pushed back to July 31st and everyone gets 1 extra chance to guess, means everyone can post 3 times (including final guess). Good luck!


  12. DOUBLE CRITICAL IS HERE! Check out our changelogs for this week and don't forget to join our week-long quiz event Maybe Yes, Maybe No!



  13. Join the poll >>here<< to decide what time is right for our Battleground's Happy Hours!

    1. Lex Luthor

      Lex Luthor

      @Lai can you please add more donation headgear its been 5 months the last update for Donation HG.

  14. Changelogs is up! Don't forget to claim your Summer Calendar gifts everyday till end of July!


  15. Congratulation A n a r c h y and BeeTrayed, our BGR season 1 Winners!


  16. Fill your storage with Yellow Gemstones now!



  18. What's new this week? Check our changelogs to find out!


  19. Find out how you can win this Domovi costume set >>here<< 😉


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    2. Hilmir


      The "here" is clickable link sir. 🙃

    3. Bebe Rexha

      Bebe Rexha

      "here" has no link for me

    4. Hilmir


      It's your browser then. 😉

  20. Check out this week's changelogs >here<

    New BG updates including Shadow Gears enchantment, Ro Delivery Express is here too and Ramadan's special event Ketupat Festival is still going on. Don't miss them!

  21. Freedom of a nation is in the mind of its people. Happy 119th Independence Day Philippines! ❤️


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  22. Stay online and get your hourly merit points!


  23. Hi Limitronians, please be aware of "Any player from US or Canada?" scam where they lure their victims to chatroom and send fake GM conversation offering GM position. We are not recruiting GM. If you see anyone broadcasting like this, please reveal him so those who don't know won't get scammed.

  24. Changelogs up! Don't forget to check our special Ramadan events and for those who want to exchange their Drooping Lai costume to permanent Drooping Hilmir, NPC Mary in Asgard will help you!