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  1. Wait what!?!? The submissions are so good, no filler, all put good effort <3
  2. Celebrate Easter with us! Decorate your eggs and share the picture here to claim our exclusive Happy Easter Balloon costume!


  3. It's until April 24th. LOL interesting take on the event! xD
  4. Paint on hard-boiled eggs instead of raw ones.
  5. Guide on our newest update: Clan System is here!


  6. What is Clan? As addition to guild and parties, we are introducing Clan system. A whole new form of social interaction and grouping with tons of benefits; from buffs to clan exclusive items. Currently there are 4 available clans with different buffs: Prontera Knightage - STR+1, VIT+1, MHP+30, MSP+10 Magic Academy - INT+1, DEX+1, MHP+30, MSP+10 Odin Orthodoxy - LUK+1, INT+1, MHP+30, MSP+10 Icarus Society - DEX+1, AGI+1, MHP+30, MSP+10 What's the benefit of joining a Clan? You can interact with your clan members using /cl or choose clan chat option on your chat box. You will receive clan buff, permanently as long as you are in the clan. You can purchase clan exclusive items. You can receive clan quests that will give you Limit Merit Points. How to join a Clan? You can join a Clan by talking to the leader of the clan of your choice in Limit Academy before you graduate or you can go to upper area of Limit Group Headquarter (@go 38). Notes: You cannot be invited into a guild if you are inside a clan, however, you can join clan even if you are already in a guild. If you already in a clan but you want to join a guild, you can leave clan, join the guild and join clan again later. There is 1 week cooldown upon leaving and entering clan other than your former clan. You will be automatically kicked out of your clan if you're inactive for more than 2 weeks.
  7. Here's the skill previews! Sorry a little late, was busy IRL.
  8. Yeah, Kagero, Oboro and Rebel already OP if you know how to play them and now this... LOL.
  9. Join the discussion and vote on Facebook!


  10. Yes, it will probably come together with the new client, same as the 1st job skill. Can expect this in 2-3 months. Vote here please: https://www.facebook.com/groups/limitronians/permalink/1874450456104585/
  11. Please adjust the formulas if we gonna release this before kRO, it's too imbalance for now.
  12. Yes please, but my internet is potato right now, maybe tomorrow.