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  1. CHANGELOGS 05/29/2017 📌 Deep Sea Quest: 🎩 Added new Deep Sea items 🐞 Bug Fixes: 🐱 Doram's Power of Land 🌪️ Axe Tornado's total number of hit ⚔️ RK's Giant Growth 🎒 Runestone carrying limit 🎊 Events: 🎁 Get Yo Lai On ends 🎁 Double Deal ends
  2. It's time to answer your calling, join our team and make Limit RO an even better place!

  3. Hi Limitronians! Following the success of Helper program, we decided to open the window of opportunity once again so you can have the chance to join the team and make difference. With your help, we will expand our community and let them have the better RO experience! What Do We Need? Someone with good behavior Someone who has deep knowledge about RO Fluent in english Someone who has time and dedication Someone who can work in team Someone who's willing to participate in discussions There is no age limitation but we need someone who's mature and capable The points below will be a plus Speaks more than 1 language Knows how to use forum Can contribute to our Wiki How To Apply? Post reply below or send forum message using this format below before May 31st: IGN: Name: Link to social media: (preferably Facebook) How long have you been playing RO in general? How long have you been playing Limit RO? What makes you want to be a Helper? What can you offer to Limit RO if you're a Helper? Wait for further instruction. So, get your best answers ready but don't forget to stay true to yourself!
  4. This probably came from my client if you downloaded the lite client instead of the full client. Try the full client limitro.com/download
  5. Hi Limitronians, our newest installers are here!

    It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to download the full client to avoid any bug or errors.

    Small client (need data.grf):
    - (US)
    - (EU)
    - (ASIA)

    1. Extract and put data.grf from your old client inside the folder.
    2. If you get lro.exe error or Korean texts, it means your data.grf is "different". Download full client below or wait for patch to fix it.

    Full client:
    - (US)
    - (EU)
    - (ASIA)

    1. Extract and ready to play!

    More details:


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    1. Entity 808

      Entity 808

      Is there going to be a Torrent Download eventually?

    2. Hilmir


      Hmm... I will ask @Lai to upload torrent I guess.

  6. Here's the list of players who will receive the reward. Jasminasya Chairani Permanda (Veylt) Ottilia Junia (Clariee) Glyza Jane Neri (glyzaa) JhyMa (ReyPinyoko) Francis F Francis (Essovious) Rayzter Cruz (Riivai) Calvin Adam (Collosssuss) Petrichor Hummingbird (Fluquor) Stella VM (Suordr) Wengar Fabian (Y Maybe) Billie Baluyut (Precky) Íkha Linkha (Linhhh) Kurt Jayson (BitchPudding) Juan Carlos Mungcal (seseBomber) Ng Yong Ki (lalaprawn) K-Lent Hanz (lalahantu) Rebecca Ng (WoShiBecca) Gentatsu Kusanagi (lxxSTRIKERxxl) Herdon He (GerobakSatu) Touno Gak Caemz (Makaryo) Kaiyou Serra (Entity Genetic) Aditra Pradhana (HarambeTheSaviour) Zilly Too (NekozChan) Hana Hernandez (Carealle) Jay-r Dalida (Summoner Neko) Adji Pratama Permana Putra (Jem Wood) Paul Anton Manzan Bagalacsa (CHIN CHAN SUE) Ron Sykes Del Rosario (I Wrath I) Maja Blanca (Maja Blanca) Dave Hatred Antonio (BabyMaeMae po) Magilou Mayvin (Magilou Von Mayvin) David Erickson Esteban (Imutis) Erika Eizel Delgado (JesikaDLGD) Alisia Natasha Hendrawan (Cersei Lanista) Анастасия Одерова (Kaibyo) Roman Demkin (Asperitas) Alvaro Arroyo (Cooberto) Tiago Ribeiro (Ailee) Naufal Zaidan Muttaqin (Kambing Hitam) Leninson Nascimento (DjPereiraOriginal) Gabriel Iga Galas ( Prince B ) Leninson Vicente (TheDockBR) Guilhermando Fernandes (xSkull Veirax) Sean Salas (iske) Ronald John Tongcua (happynald) Kim Clarenceson Legaspi Maneja (Miss EyoY) Exiie Feeder (Minamoto no Hikaru) Bryce Chia (Roaren) Eva Lee (Meownica) Kevin Ortega (Eliphas Levi) Larky Reyes (iNova) Robert de Jesus (Ristafell) Tragic (Alistre) Habeeb Danube (Lucana) Alfardan Yalla (FayeChan) Leonard JC Sarmiento (Gosei) Ngek Nguyen (I B I) Ric Alvarez (Gigasaur) Sebastiano Vianello (Frehinir) Wukair Halek (Seravee GUNDAM) 장경일 (XinZanko) Kyla Marie (Ellexi) Rickson Cyan Velasco (Jenetik) Den Aquino (Thesauri) Damian Acosta (Sukhoi) Alberto Lomba (Sindia) Zolea Queen (Zolea) Vun Ming (AndyR) Gabriel Baskerville (Mr Gaaaaaaab) Ya Ye Yi Yayo (Gandus Lima) Note: If you're not on the list, it means either you didn't tag, didn't share (or you share but it's not public) or didn't comment your nickname. If you've done all the requirements but you're not on the list, pm me with screenshot of your comment and link to your shared content. We will give further information later on how and when the reward will be distributed.
  7. Changed Status to Closed
  8. The new Doram skills are still in development and we are already aware about this issue. Thank you for reporting.
  9. Hi creatives people! Sorry for the loooooong wait but the 5 lucky winner list is finally here! VikingSouls Entity Genetic Zolea Luann Shappo Congratulation for the lucky winners! 🎊 Link to the video >>click<<.
  10. Changelogs is up!


    Edited by Hilmir
  11. Changelogs 05.23.2017 🕸️ Website & Forum New look for website 🎮 Client Update New small client (see below for download links) New full client (see below for download links) New patcher look You can now open 3 clients at once instead of 2 👁️ UI Update Removed EXP number display Added Guild leader change feature in Guild Window. 🐞 Bug Fixes Fixed Guild Expel history display bug Fixed Quest Log display issue Fixed all skills having fixed delay Fixed AI folder issue Fixed Spell Fist damage rate Fixed Meow Meow Grass Fixed all kagerou wings display bugs (Patch) 🎊 Event Double Deal event starts (pushed back 1 day)
  12. Changed Status to Closed
  13. Get a VPN Download installer here Install and run patcher Download new patcher here http://www.limitro.com/limitropatcher.zip Run game Hope it fix your issue.