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  1. The sealed biolabs cards would be a good edition to the database but I agree with Theo those MVP are difficult to kill even normally adding a buffed version of those will make it extremely difficult to kill.
  2. @Lai Phatom Corridor is an event in KRO added last year and the shadow equipment are from the cash shop. The original Phatom Corridor has high HP and use all the green aura MVP skills and it gives MVP card in exchange of the welcome flower. The shadow equipment is available in cash shop in KRO. MVP card as a reward for Phatom Corridor would be a bad idea hence we can those shadow equipment This is how Phatom corridor looks in KRO.
  3. Hades

    Rockridge Quest

    30k coins is too much. People have to farm the whole day every day and those coins can't be purchased either.
  4. 1) You can enter the Phantom Corridor by talking to the "Illusion Ghost", you get 1 free seal each day which last for 1 hour. 2) You can purchase additional seals by talking to the "Illusion Ghost" with zeny. Paid seals will last for 4 hours. 50m per seal 3) Unlike regular MVP, these MVPs do not drop any equipment or cards. However, they drop "welcome flowers". 4) These MVP would be the new Green Aura MVP's. 5) You need to collect these flowers and talk to the Illusion Ghost outside the instance and exchange for random rewards: The rewards would be skill based Shadow Equipment Exchange Rate: 100 Welcome Flowers for 1 equipment Possible Rewards:
  5. Hades

    Add Taurus Ring (Whole Zodiac Set)

    For the combo effect you just need the armor and manteau si you can still wear midas
  6. Hades

    Add Taurus Ring (Whole Zodiac Set)

    https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3920-jro-zodiac-set/ @Zombie with the taurus set CC get 400% increase ­čśü
  7. Hades

    Add King of Spirit Circlet

    +1 if players are excluded from the 100% mdef ignore and as Theo said the upgrade need to be higher.
  8. Hades

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    I agree with you balancing is a difficult task and which leaves a question "Why did KRO/JRO release such cards and item which nulify the damage completely and makes these class helpless?" . The reason I recommended to nerf Range reduction is cause we are saying its unfair for WarLock to just sit helpless with only stave crasher at their disposal and hence GTB is being nerfed, Rebel are going through the same problem. I will add in some points to prove why rebellion are going through more difficulty then warlocks and if GTB nerf is coming so should range reduction be nerfed. 1) Its possible to get 100% range reduction with 70%+ demi reduction (I am not even counting Sura, AB and Mechanic who can get more demi redux with 100% range reductionwhere as in a player with GTB can get 51% demi reduction(*Note I am not including cash shop reduction). That means if a rebel thought to un-equip guns and punch to death even that is not possible. 2) Many have pointed out that a $250 vip geared Warlock is helpless against $15 GTB at the same time even a $500 Rebellion is helpless against range reduction gears worth $8 Vips and these are not even MVP cards. 3) Some have pointed out would it be fair if a 100% physical immune card would be added, then why not have 5-6 items which give physical/magical immunity. If a card can be released has physical immunity then 5-6 items can be released as physical/magical immunity too. ( I realize this would be a task for Dev team, but we are talking about bringing balance why leave Rebel class in the squishy boat*. since changing to long range reductuin gears can be easily done like switching to GTB with the help of change equipment option, press of a button all it takes) *Not to forget the high amount of demi reduction possible with 100% range reduction. 4) Are we saying Rebellion class should just not PVP cause there are some non MVP cards that can be easily obtained. Sure ´╗┐there could be ways to counter 100% long range redux but at what cost? More items more vip and more hard work and more practice. If that newbie has only his free time to play (since we have lives to live) then he'll surely quit. Range Reduction have been introduced about a 1year and half ago and people managed for all these years though GTB immunity has been since the very start. Hence ´╗┐Nerf of 100% long range redux is required . Give Range a chance to have some gratifying game play (killing somoene in pvp is quite gratifying) they might be more engaged in the gameplay of limit and might just be enough for them to stick around. Maybe they'll join more bg and maybe woe in the future. Meanwhile´╗┐ pro players woundn't be quite affected by the change since most op people elemental/ demi human redux instead. Newbies still won't kill you but they'll now be more level with there fellow newbies. I realize class like warlock and rebellion are not front line defence like RK/Sura/Gene and that's why in woe they stand far and use their spells but if we are helping Mage class help Rebellion as well. Please dont leave Rebellion alone in the 100% redux squishy boat. Not to forget unlike warlock Rebel dont have access to ghost skill and the unlike MATK calculation range calculation is like physical which has a lot of things as a penalty and rebels cant even equips shield when using guns.
  9. Hades

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    Range immunity means Class like Rebellion and Long range Doram can't do anything, These class dont even come to pvp since so easy to get the 5 items since they are not MVP items. Probably limiting Long range to 80% would give these class an opportunity to shine. @Lai Please consider this.
  10. Hades

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    Lol. 1st) There is only 2 mage class Sorc and Warlock. 2nd) As @miks1234 mentioned this was 2015, the kind of gears Sorc have today was not available back then. Skills like Diamond dust, Earth Grave could not be spammed. Survivor set was not available which gives 80% nuetral magic boost and also demi human redux. Survisor set is also worn by WarLock. If the sorc without any of the OP cards and gears available tody can survive and rape the Sura that they had to body relocate. That's why I mentioned the time 5:44 of the video when the sura and Sorc is going 1 on 1. What party buff can you see that makes you feel that Sorc survived because of the party. 3) What support are you talking about. The sorc was dispelling enemy approaching him and was using safety wall and wall of fog on himself. The sorc in the video was not hiding behind other class, I re-iterate the gears and card available today were not available then. The problem today is people want to use body relocate with mage class. Rather then using their own defensive skills. 4) GTB is already nerfed as Lai confirmed he made the changes on Test already so next MT that wont be a problem so n point discussing that. You probably had some newbie who did not have redux use GTB and made you feel its unfair but people who pvp often prefer using Thara then GTB. Since thara will protect them from all sort of attack. GTB means 30% reduction any physical class will kill them instantly. Before the nerf for Sorc if a class wore GTB Spell fist will ignore GTB and do 30% more damage since the player did not have Thara.
  11. Hades

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    @Krithe here is a video of a mage class. At time 5:44 you can clearly see the sorc surviving GOH. This was back in 2015 when we did not have the survival set/ Elven Ring/ Magic Glove and spell fist was not a thing and this is Limit. Sorc have got more gears now. If you know how to play a class, even a sura is not OP. Of course that comes with practice. So, keep practicing improve your gears.
  12. Hades

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    GOH spamming is a thing in KRO as well, I realize it looks OP but if you search about the skill you will might figure out how tank GOH. Right now KRO is increasing damage for all class since future contents are going to be OP as well. Even if you check WL update all their skills have double damage also crimson rock has new status effect "Magical ´╗┐´╗┐Intoxication" In regards to PVP, they are already looking at it and hopefully there will be a good update to balance PVP.
  13. Hades

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    Even range immunity should be removed, class like rebellion are helpless when someone just stacks range immunity gears and they are not even mvp gears
  14. Hades

    Item Release Suggestion

    Item ´╗┐Name: Cancer Axe Item ID:1335 Official server: (kRO, or jRO, or iRO item?) JRO Source Links: Example divine pride, iRO db ~~ https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/1335/1 Which year was this item released in officials? errr... Describe short how to obtain it in official server: errr... Describe how good this item is, for which job benefit: This will benefit mechanic and hopefully can spill some light on it since the class is doomed .. Again. How should LimitRO release this? Deepsea / Solar
  15. Hades


    In Kro this skill can be used with any weapon and even without weapon. As Theo mentioned even the description wouldn't make sense if it was restricted to axe. It's also mentioned on the KRO forum. http://www.inven.co.kr/board/ro/1940/13311