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  1. Hades

    GM, is that legal or illegal?

    AFK farming is allowed in Limit. GM's tried the banning method, but more accounts were created since the auto spell gears are cheap. If you want you too can create an auto spell RG for zeny farming or just make a mecha and greed the loots that are not claimed
  2. Hades

    EDDA biolab Enchant BUG

    Are the effect of the second enchant working? Have you checked that with battlestats?
  3. Hades

    Diamond Dust's Crystalization bypass GTB

    GTB works fine in PVM, but does not block status effect caused by magic skills in PVP environment.
  4. Hades

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    What is this? Add Illusion Military Boots [1] in limitless island. Why do we have to add it? This will help Axe tornado mechanic built which is completely does such low damage right now compared to other built Who will benefit this? Mainly mecha but can be used by Everyone since shoes gives atk and HP /SP which can be used for all class Will this change the system drastic? I dont think Room for improvement? No comment Illusion Military Boots [1] Item id 470037 MaxHP + 3%, MaxSP + 3% ------------- Enable to use [Magnum Break] Lv3 ------------- If [FAW magic decoy] Lv5 is learnt then ASPD + 10% and for every baselv MaxHP+ 150 ------------- For every Lv of Axe Boomerang, Axe tornado damage increased by 30% and Axe boomerang damage increased by 20%. ------------- For every lv of Magma erruption ignore defence of all race by 20%. ------------- When refine +5 ATK + 50, MaxHP + 7%, MaxSP + 7% ------------- When refine +7 additional ATK + 50, MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10% ------------- When equipped with Illusion War Axe additional damage to boss monster +70% https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/470037/1
  5. Hades

    Magic Mushroom Lacking ACD

    @Lai @Inkfish even as per IRO the reduction calculation of acd is of total gear and skills included. Cast Delay (seconds) = BaseDelay × (1 − Sum_DelReduc ÷ 100)
  6. Hades

    Trying to access an old account

    If you remember the email ID used, then goto https://www.limitro.com/account/forgotusername/ If can't then contact Lai on FB https://www.facebook.com/gmlai88 to see what options he can provide you with.
  7. Hades

    Changing cost of +10 supplies

    Isn't BG talisman better for BG? And marvahal potion for WOE?
  8. Hades

    Poisoning Weapon + Magic Mushroom

    same bonus from cards and equipments are additive and they are multipicative with skills
  9. Hades

    Game configurantion - Help Please!

    Right click on your Desktop screen and select Display setting. Then select the display resolution to a lower number. Eg. its 1920x1080 then change it to 1400 x900. Try few of the options in the drop down and see what suits you the best.
  10. Hades

    Unnerfed Seraphim Coronet

    Yeah un nerf please. We are already Op and having a bit of extra attack won't make much difference. Let's go full power
  11. Hades

    Add Deco Stone Digital

    It looks too cool. +1
  12. Survivor Manteau [1] is JRO item, max refine in JRO is +10
  13. Hades

    always steal mushu to other players

    Have you tried requesting them not to KS Mushu? No support for making any changes to Mushu. 1) If we make Mushu an Instance like MVP where no one else can KS except party member. Then all those items made by Dragon Crafter will be available easily. 2) PDM, Temporal Manteau is currently the end game garment and accessory. Allowing easy access to those Dragons simply means everyone will have it and the value will reduce a lot. At least till we receive content that is better than these, let's not make any changes to Mushu. If you can't beat them either join them or try to get better so you can beat them. Gather some friends and let them help you kill the dragons faster.
  14. Hades

    Improving refine +16 above

    @Zombie if that's possible that would be way better. The current method is very expensive for people to bother to get +20 gears and it's not 1 time thing where you can spend a lot and no future gears would be better
  15. Hades

    Improving refine +16 above

    No offense is taken. If this is implemented RNG will still ensure not everyone is able to get +20 equip instantly. Also, with new gears getting added the old +20 gears end up being obsolete, which means donator or not has to spend 100's if not 1000's of VIPS to get the new gear to +20. Yes, this method will allow more people to reach +20 gear rather than the handfull we have now. But that simply means more people will try to get +20 gears.