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  1. add Powered Chip[1] kRO deepsea

    Yes Bro it does stack. +1000 for this. @Lai and @Yuukiplease add this.
  2. kRO Deepsea Items

    Damn this is so awesome. Please add this accessory since there is no item in deep sea for mecha
  3. Official DeV Future Updates 2018 kRO

    1. The name of instance has been changed to "Royal shoes heel" - added Gold Card drop from killing Charleston. NPC : Ingrata A 1. Sell the equipment - Supplement Part Str [0] : 3,999,999 Zeny - Upgrade Part - Plate [0] : 3,999,999 Zeny 2. Upgrades Pilebunker Pilebunker [0] + Dented Iron Plate 300 ea + Broken Engine 15 ea You can choose type of Pilebunker you need. Pilebunker S [1] Pilebunker P [0] Pilebunker T [1] NPC : Ingrata M 1. exchange Charleston component for equipment. Charleston component 15 ea can be exchanged to Supplement Part Agi, Supplement Part Con, Supplement Part Dex, Upgrade Part - Booster, Upgrade Part - Engine, Upgrade Part - Bun Barrel 2. exchange Charleston component for enchant catalyst Charleston component 15 ea can be exchanged to Charleston upgrade part (melee) and Charleston upgrade part (range) - Enchant-able weapons - Robot's Arm Pilebunker Pilebunker S Pilebunker T Pilebunker P Tornado Axe Gigant Blade Enchant details NPC : Ingrata D Enchants equipment - Enchant-able armor - Supplement Part Str [0] Supplement Part Str [1] Supplement Part Agi Supplement Part Con Supplement Part Dex Upgrade Part - Plate [0] Upgrade Part - Plate [1] Upgrade Part - Booster Upgrade Part - Engine Upgrade Part - Bun Barrel - Enchantment is the same as old version Charleston Crisis - NPC : Su Winterguard Exchanges unslotted armor to slotted one. 1. +9 Supplement Part Str [0] + Charleston component 300 ea > +0 Supplement Part Str [1] 2. +9 Upgrade Part - Plate [0] + Charleston component 300 ea > +0 Upgrade Part - Plate [1] Slotted version require level 130 to equip. NPC : Magnetum Exchanges Gold Card 50 ea to 1 old fuel cell. source : http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?seq=220&curpage=1 Thanks to Sigma from iRO for the translation.
  4. Pile Bunker P

    It will be fixed on Monday after maintenance
  5. Cart cannon should only have 4 elements, neutral, ghost, holy, shadow, and from the video it looks like the shadow and holy damage is double of what the neutral damage is.
  6. Pile Bunker P

    Player should be able to use pile bunker skill even if they have pile bunker S T and P This was patched in kro 08 April 2015. http://mro.gnjoy.com/notice/detail?seq=6514
  7. kRO Deepsea Items

    That is KRO's version of Overseas care package. Every couple of months they add 1 box which contain certain gears. Maybe we can add these to Deep Sea
  8. 1st Job Shadow Eq

    You can only get it through WOE Castle treasure. Which means you need to be in a woe active guild. Your guild should have captured a castle and you should either be Guild master or favorite of guild master.
  9. Arm Cannon Skill - Two Part Damage Bug

    +1 have tried this no benefit of using holy cannon and aspersio as of now
  10. Thorn Trap bug

    1.The status that thorn trap gives is immobility and skills like teleport, snap, back slide should still work just like Doram's silverine root twist. But, as of now it doesn't. 2. The fixed damage is still applicable even if the player snaps, slides, teleports etc.. Just like Doram's silverine root twist.
  11. Golden Wings Bug

    The description as per https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20752/pRO states it should give +1 for a stat that meets criteria for each refine. As per that it giving the right amount of stat though the HP and SP increase for 2 stat with 90 point should be 64% and it does not look like it increased the HP/SP by 64%.
  12. kRO Homunculus Update Patch + Weight Limit

    @Caphleo posted that video to prove that cannon ball element still overrides pyro's element
  13. kRO Homunculus Update Patch + Weight Limit

    Not even comparing the damage bro. I have seen Genetics here doing 700k+ dmg solo without abusive robe enchants and genetic job stones. The +75 atk is just a 25 less atk odin stike, which does make a difference.
  14. kRO Homunculus Update Patch + Weight Limit

    There is no nerf for Cart Cannon. Its just more OP now. As lai said we should probably slow down with this kind of update.
  15. Fixed means it will be resolved on next maintenance @ultimalro