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  1. Hades

    Shadow Weapons

    @Lai as per iro the Scatter shadow weapon does give atk + 1/matk +1 for each refine. The set also has a combo effect which is all stat + 3. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Shadow_Equipment http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/24012/
  2. Hades

    SN cant use skills from Meteor Strike weapon

    Most skill that can knock back their target. ie: Bowling Bash, Cart Revolution, etc.. Can't be used in Asgard. Try them in other maps you can use them.
  3. Hades

    16th Anniversary Update & Episode 17.1

    You get those enchants in accessory. The instance is tough.
  4. Hades

    New Cards & Enchants

    Add them to GMT. 5k GMT coins
  5. Hades

    Upgrade Part - Plate

    Currently it reduces damage from Small and Large by 10% and at +7 it reduces damage from Large monster by 10% and at +9 it reduces 5% damage from small and medium.
  6. Hades

    Bring back @storeall

    +1 Bring back @storeall
  7. Hades

    WTF Lunette Island?

    I am not sure which game have you been playing, but Ragnarok is all about walking, talking to NPC, fighting monster and saving your butt from some OP skills. In Lunette island you do all those like a novice with a huge amount of hp and and max stats. Below are some tips to help complete the quest successfully. 1) Reset your stats and get high VIT,AGI,INT and DEX. 2) You can also use berserk/awakening pots before entering the island so you can kill the mob quicker. (Sura's Raging trifecta blow works and kills mob faster.) 3) For the judgment skill with cast. Just move away from it so it doesn't hit you or don't walk into it. 4) For the instant cast Judgment Skill it wont kill you but will reduce your hp a lot. Just sit and regain some HP. (RG and RK HP recovery skill helps them recover hp faster) Lunette island acts like a zeny sink for the server as well, people who are geared and wish to farm Solar temple need to spend zeny. If you do have some ideas about changing the game play for Lunette island without affecting the difficulty level do post it. Hope the above tip helps.
  8. Hades

    WTF Lunette Island?

    Well if you had skills you wouldn't have lost 10 million zeny. Have done that quest many times and never have I failed and it is not just me but many other players are able to complete it with all the obstacles you mentioned. If its so boring for you don't do it. Just buy the items from other players.
  9. Hades

    (Supplement Part DEX) It does not work

    Sadly the cool down reduction doesn't stack Here's a kro video for you. https://youtu.be/WFvORtwGLx0 Jump to 2:50
  10. Hades

    Daily Quest

    If you start an instance at 12 server time even though it has a 1 day cooldown, You can redo the instance after 4 server time
  11. Hades

    Kunai Splash

    In Kro Kunai Splash is a range attack and hence range modifiers work with it.
  12. Remove items froom Deep Mine too, also Julliette de Rachel, Lindy Hop and Sunflower boy. these weapons are too OP with the enchants.
  13. Hades

    New & rusty!

    Hi Kasper welcome to the gang