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  1. Fixed means it will be resolved on next maintenance @ultimalro
  2. Happy Diwali Limitro.


  3. In the video at 0:11 there is no animation delay for flame launcher.
  4. 1st: I achieved instant cast by using stat food. 2nd: used Flame Launcher 3rd: There was animation delay
  5. Thank you GM @Inkfish sorry I could not comprehend what you were trying to say.
  6. @Inkfish there is no animation when AD is instant cast. Hence, wanted to know if that can be used for instant cast arm cannon as well
  7. Topic Name (A Ticket to re-enter Instance if disconnected/logged out) Character Names: Major Dayum Describe your suggestion What is this? Add a instance re-enter ticket to event shop/limit point shop, which can be used incase a player gets disconnected / logged out and has crossed the 5 minute dead line Why do we have to add it? Not everyone has good ISP Who will benefit this? Everyone who has a crapy ISP Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Not sure
  8. jRO Sura 2nd Sprite!

    If kro had to make the 2nd costume the female sorcerer would have stocking

    Yahoo !!! 150ms global skill delay.  Time to break the keyboard.  😘

  10. Not sure if it is possible to increase the drop rate based on the number of members in the party. Eg: 3 members drop rate increase by x%. Many players can solo many instance increasing the drop rate would mean less valuable the item gets. But in a party it would be fair as items would be shared.
  11. Wokay so i can't help.
  12. Is there a way I can help you find whatever packet you are referring about @Inkfish
  13. Another attack?

    1. Alko


      Inside attack from retarded users.

  14. It was 174 aspd @Caphleo. Though aspd should not matter, if you check on the kro video at 02:30 his aspd there was 184 still no animation.