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  1. In the video at 0:11 there is no animation delay for flame launcher.
  2. 1st: I achieved instant cast by using stat food. 2nd: used Flame Launcher 3rd: There was animation delay
  3. Thank you GM @Inkfish sorry I could not comprehend what you were trying to say.
  4. @Inkfish there is no animation when AD is instant cast. Hence, wanted to know if that can be used for instant cast arm cannon as well

    Yahoo !!! 150ms global skill delay.  Time to break the keyboard.  😘

  6. Wokay so i can't help.
  7. Is there a way I can help you find whatever packet you are referring about @Inkfish
  8. Another attack?

    1. Alko


      Inside attack from retarded users.

  9. It was 174 aspd @Caphleo. Though aspd should not matter, if you check on the kro video at 02:30 his aspd there was 184 still no animation.
  10. Arm cannon should not have any animation once its instant cast,
  11. One Week Special Gift VIP Coin Bug

    Happy April fools day my friend
  12. Muscle Fool enchant description

    As per IRO Muscle Fool Enchant : When being physically attacked, adds a low chance to proc +1000 DEF (Hard) for 5 seconds, -50% ATK and MATK during activation. Muscle fool should not give vit. Not sure about KRO.
  13. Axe Boomerang Cooldown

    Yep tested it myself. Without dex complement and STR complement Level 5 Axe boomerang has a 5 seconds CD and with the set its reduced to 3 seconds. As per http://irowiki.org/wiki/Axe_Boomerang Level 5 should only have 3 second CD, which should be reduced to 1 second with the Complement set.
  14. [Mechanic] Magma Eruption / Lava Flow

    This was reported back in 2015 and it was closed as unable to use Magma eruption and Full throttle while in Mado was a bug in IRO. In KRO you can use Magma eruption while in Mado.