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  1. Arm Cannon Skill - Two Part Damage Bug

    +1 have tried this no benefit of using holy cannon and aspersio as of now
  2. Thorn Trap bug

    1.The status that thorn trap gives is immobility and skills like teleport, snap, back slide should still work just like Doram's silverine root twist. But, as of now it doesn't. 2. The fixed damage is still applicable even if the player snaps, slides, teleports etc.. Just like Doram's silverine root twist.
  3. Golden Wings Bug

    The description as per https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20752/pRO states it should give +1 for a stat that meets criteria for each refine. As per that it giving the right amount of stat though the HP and SP increase for 2 stat with 90 point should be 64% and it does not look like it increased the HP/SP by 64%.
  4. kRO Homunculus Update Patch + Weight Limit

    @Caphleo posted that video to prove that cannon ball element still overrides pyro's element
  5. kRO Homunculus Update Patch + Weight Limit

    Not even comparing the damage bro. I have seen Genetics here doing 700k+ dmg solo without abusive robe enchants and genetic job stones. The +75 atk is just a 25 less atk odin stike, which does make a difference.
  6. kRO Homunculus Update Patch + Weight Limit

    There is no nerf for Cart Cannon. Its just more OP now. As lai said we should probably slow down with this kind of update.
  7. Fixed means it will be resolved on next maintenance @ultimalro
  8. Happy Diwali Limitro.


  9. In the video at 0:11 there is no animation delay for flame launcher.
  10. 1st: I achieved instant cast by using stat food. 2nd: used Flame Launcher 3rd: There was animation delay
  11. Thank you GM @Inkfish sorry I could not comprehend what you were trying to say.
  12. @Inkfish there is no animation when AD is instant cast. Hence, wanted to know if that can be used for instant cast arm cannon as well
  13. Topic Name (A Ticket to re-enter Instance if disconnected/logged out) Character Names: Major Dayum Describe your suggestion What is this? Add a instance re-enter ticket to event shop/limit point shop, which can be used incase a player gets disconnected / logged out and has crossed the 5 minute dead line Why do we have to add it? Not everyone has good ISP Who will benefit this? Everyone who has a crapy ISP Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Not sure
  14. jRO RK 2nd Sprite!

    If kro had to make the 2nd costume the female sorcerer would have stocking