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  1. Well, to be honest I have little time these days, I can only make suggestions; Since both of the headgears have bonus activations; Test for 1 min with max aspd (no need to take damage into account here) and calculate the duration in which the damage bonus activates. For doing this you need a counter and a stopwatch. Set the counter to countdown from 60 sec. and start the countdown as you start attacking. When the damage bonus activates, start the stopwatch and when deactivates stop it until the 60 sec. is done. Do it like 5 times consecutively. Note the results (for ex. 16 sec of activation in 60 sec) and calculate the average. Your damage calculation is fair. So only thing you are left to do is take into consideration the activated bonus. If we assume 193 aspd as 7 hits per second(?) For both; Activated Damage: A x 7hits x Activation duration Deactivated Damage: B x 7hits x (60 - Activation duration) Total Damage: Activated + Deactivated Damage For racing cap activated damage adds 20% crit damage bonus For WTH it adds 400 equipment atk Hope this is right, Of course you’ll need a +11 racing cap for calculating the activated time
  2. Lyssky

    GX Racing cap

    normally it doesn’t but since WTH doesn’t have a slot, you are unable to use it with gambler seal if you want to use a headgear card such as LK. so with racing cap, you have the adavantage of a slot adding to its good properties
  3. Lyssky

    Deepsea City Treasures v3

    No heart card in mouth yet?
  4. Lyssky

    Critical Double Attack Bug v2

    Oh since when? I haven’t logged in for quite a while
  5. Lyssky

    Ifrit card

    Sorry but it seems someone wrote it wrong in RMS. Read the script below the description. It says:bAutoSpellWhenHit,"NPC_EARTHQUAKE",10,1; If I’m not wrong, the 1 at the end means 0,1%. Check out the script of for example Turtle General Card. The logic seems same.
  6. But you can’t use double attack or triple attack with skills. And yea, because of extra cards dd crit is advantageous since equipment atk such as white tiger hat can also benefit from these cards. And any increase in equipment attack in the future will be multiplied by the cards’ effects. Also you have to count the -%25 on large mvps with katar. Daggers has more disadvantage but much more slots so drake card isn’t really a waste compared to katar. You need to have a katar with very high atk to eradicate these differences. Even then the cards are still good multipliers for future atk increase.
  7. Lyssky

    Blue Luminous Stone problems

    Thanks. Is the maintenance over yet?
  8. Lyssky

    Blue Luminous Stone problems

    Currently the blue stone/sharp1 and 2 combo has no effect at all. It doesnt trigger even once.
  9. Lyssky

    Blue Luminous Stone problems

    @Yuuki @Lai Can’t you give this a hand? I mean you added the item 20 days ago but still we can not benefit from it properly? Thanks
  10. Lyssky

    Costume Headgear List

    Can you make previews available when checking through the Costume Girl Alice?