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  1. xThaalia

    Hello, Im back! and Lost :3

    Sim sim sim! :3 tem discord? só me adicionar lá ou no whats WhatsApp: (12) 98858-3383Discord: Thaalia#4688
  2. xThaalia

    Hello, Im back! and Lost :3

    Hello everybody! Im Thaalia, I played LimitRO some years ago and now im back! Congratulations @Lai LimitRo was always great! Releases, Changelogs, Balancing, Attention and more brought me back 😍 Would someone help me? hehe IDK which class I would play!? I hate Auto-Attack Builds and I love Shields! ♥ I want use some equips I already have like... Thana Card, TG Card, 4x Destruction Gem Level 3 4x Almighty Gem Level 3 What class is good with these equipments? Rune Knight - Ignition Break? Rune Knight - Hundred Spears? Royal Guard - Exceed Break? (Hybrid?) Royal Guard - Vanishing Point/Spear? Ranger - Arrow Storm? (no shield 🙄) Maestro/Wanderer - PvM Solo Build shines?? Mechanic - Madogear? Mechanic - Axe Build? Geneticist - Cart Cannon? (Thananos don't work with Cart Cannon right?) Geneticist - Acid Bomb? (Thananos don't work with Acid Bomb right?) Shadow Chaser - Bow? (no shield 🙄) Shadow Chaser - PvM Solo Build shines?? (Reproduce?) Sura - PvM Solo Build shines?? (Asura+?) True BioLabs Cards are available? PS: STARS still play?
  3. xThaalia

    VVV Guild de volta a ativa!! ~~R>Brasileiros

    Isso ainda está de pé? Eu e um amigo voltamos a jogar, já temos uns equipamentos mid/high end, sempre jogamos meio que solo, ele me ajudava no em algumas coisas e por ai vai... kk Bom, já que temos uma Guild BR porque não? kk Me chama manda PM para organizamos essa bagunça ai. WhatsApp: (12) 98858-3383 Discord: Thaalia#4688