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  1. about that autumn headband, why is it there are some players have alot of ahb to sell in vh even if the comodo fest quest is still not active?
  2. hmm.. rich players getting more rich on this event.
  3. this.guy.must.get.good.punishment.for.being.a.toxic.dickhead.player.
  4. yeah, saw someone reporting this player too. serioulsy, this guy wants to be muted or ban. he really wants to know if GMs will really punish him for being a dickhead.
  5. im buying a bow in trade channel then this guy pm me and offer me OP. then when i say he's OP he started to call me c*nt. he even swearing using the same language of mine. i think i dont need to explain the pinoy swearing he said i bet u ady encountered this kind of report about peenoise lol.
  6. item effect is not working. i tried on both melee and long-range physical attacks on dummy in Asgard for several minutes while i consult about it with Master Orochimura but its effect is really not working. also, in irowiki there's another effect of it. it also gives endure lv1 when its effect proc. http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/4581/
  7. According to your Term of Service, under "Respect" section : "Any sign of rude behavior or bad manners and being provoking towards other players is not tolerated. " Found this also in LimitRO Rules in here at the forums : Interaction with Others Kill Stealing [Misdemeanor] If he/she keeps following wherever you go and attempting to steal your kill. Make a report at the report section. Yes, you can use @noks so other players cant hit the monster/s you are currently hitting accidentally. But i think this kind of "intentional" hitting/killing of other players lured mobs several times is very rude. They don't have respect on other players. This is where those other "toxic" players are born. They keep on doing rude stuffs like this because it is being tolerated by the management, thus the ones victimized by these toxic players also do the same to others and so on. Please, for the management, think this through, @noks is not a given solution for those rude KS players that keeps repeating their action. They should really be punished so no one will copy what they do. Please dont be lazy and irresponsible.
  8. Yeah, he might exchange my DPs or transfer it to his other account sadly. Already talked to GM lai, and its impossible now to look onto my account logs coz its already past 2 years. Damn that friend of mine, lol. I just told him to use my account for a while. Didnt say that he can have it. Oh well, you can really see only few players you can trust your account with in games. GM please close this report. Its okay now.
  9. GM @Lai, please don't assume that its a result of hacking and giving me the "GM is not responsible" thing quickly.. I know i don't have money to pay and urge you, but i hope you investigate it first. What if its not really my friend's fault that my DP items vanished? What if there's really an update issue before that made my DP items disappear during the time me and my friend not opening my account anymore? That's what i want to know gm. Thanks.
  10. Hi! I know its a bit late to post a report about this but i think its best to know what really happened to my account. I'm actually an old player, played back then(about 2013). I got some DP items before (Arch Angel Wing, Crown of Deceit(general), Cold Breath) and some valuable stuffs. Then i stop playing due to some personal issues and let my friend use my account for a while. Then after i got free time last year, i decided to visit my account to check how is it. Then i was shock to see that most of my valuable items are gone, more importantly my DP items. I asked my friend what happened to my account, but he said he also dont know coz he said he also stop playing. I couldnt help it to think that he was just not telling the truth and he might did some bad things in my account(like trading my item to his other account). So, can you guys help me know what really happened to my DP items? I hope you can check my account logs from 2014~2015. I know its a bit long process but i will really appreciate the help. I know you have this policy that "You are not responsible for lost item due to hacking/scamming and such" so if my items were indeed hacked by my friend, ofc i wont force you to recover it. But if my lost items were due of some update conflict issue on server, i hope you reconsider, coz as i see to it, its not the player's fault. The only fault is that i didnt open my account too long so i didnt checked my items and reported quickly as possible. Here's the only screenshot i got save before coz im not really a screenshot guy. It is my sura Lord Zepel. As you can see there's a date at the bottom of the screenshot. You can also see it has AAW at its back. Really i have the items i am saying. If you can access my account's item list on the date at the left bottom that screenshot, you can verify im saying the truth.