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  1. +1, and MAYBE make the badges tradable again 'coz right now i think most of those that do BG are just players that really in need of getting a shadow/glorious gears. after they get what they want they just stop playing BG again.
  2. tried it 2 times and will not try it again coz it will be a waste of overupgraded equip to test it then gonna break again if failed lol. but if what u said is the case, item description of bradium/carnium ores should be updated and put some kind of a warning on using the new refining system that it will break the gear even if its pass +10. lets see what will be gm @Yuuki will say.
  3. It should not break when using bradium or carnium ores.
  4. Levistre

    kRO Deepsea Items

    Source: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28564/valkyrie-drop-1
  5. @Lai @Yuuki heed our request or give us your feedback. lol.
  6. lets up this one. just give the user an option like "remove gem without destroying the CE - cost 1VIP" and "remove gem by destroying the CE - cost 50m zeny"
  7. Levistre

    Warlock Equipment

    +1, give love to magic.
  8. Levistre

    LimitRO 9th Anniversary

    My Facebook Share Link! Character Name: ugotRekt Screenshot:
  9. it should open the next portal to next room.
  10. Levistre

    Destruction Gemstone doesn't add 3% dmg

    i have no screenshot(lazy getting one lol) but i also confirm this bug. i removed all my items and my dmg to egg is 376. then i wear my Mid CE w/ 2 lvl3 destruct the dmg still the same.
  11. Levistre

    Price Abusing / Ruining Market / Deceiving Newbies

    still not stopping
  12. Levistre

    Price Abusing / Ruining Market / Deceiving Newbies

    i think he is also that one buying flattery robe for 400m lol. talk about someone that logs in just to troll the market price, what can u think about that. haha
  13. Levistre

    Spamming on main chat begging to be reported

    i ady seeing him since the first day he was just a newbie. he always spouts non-sense in the channel.he is so noisy in channel. he also gets in a fight of old players like he's very close to them. now he did that noisy thing in channel again. please read this article if you want to know what a toxic person is.. https://www.scienceofpeople.com/how-to-spot-a-toxic-person/
  14. Levistre

    Spamming on main chat begging to be reported

    what, the one that i said that his parents should've used condoms?haha ofc i will say that and i have a reason why i said that bcoz i got annoyed with his flooding and its not like im not the only one getting annoyed with what he was doing. others just chose to just ignore his sh*t. And i think we have different understanding about flooding. i called what he is doing as "flooding" bcoz he constantly posting in main, by doing so, newly shouted @trades or other shouts that are tend to be more useful than what he's shouting gets disappeared quickly in our chatbox. honestly, if he wants to be comedian he should do that in fb and annoy his friends, not in the channel in the server. i wont take back what i said to him that he's toxic coz he REALLY is. i'm a very silent player in the server. i don't react if things isn't affecting me or other players in the server. as long as i see u as a good person i will be good to you too, but this one, im already tired of seeing people like this ruining the peacefulness of the server.
  15. Levistre

    Spamming on main chat begging to be reported

    yeah right, think what suits your ego dude. that's how u think anyway.