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  1. Snowman Calendar

    what the f are these rewards these passing days. it gets more shittier, disguise summoning, golden apple????
  2. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    lets just make it simple, any items from any official servers that has effect that depends on its refinement(especially those that has a great impact when over upgraded like applause, and these other suggested items here) should either be adjusted before implementing, or implement it right away if its already balance, or just not implement it at all. Over upgrading here is way too easy when you look at it from the rich player's perspective.
  3. Wish You A Merry Christmas

    just a question gm @Lai, is it a valid entry whatever way we share the stamp gift card? for example my entry, i just copied the image link like this: but as i see on other entries, they downloaded the image, then uploaded it.
  4. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    -1 on that boots. sometimes, combining stuffs from different servers is not good. it's like u r trying to cross-breed a dog and ends up making a pug(no offense with owners but it looks like a mutation).
  5. Wish You A Merry Christmas

    IGN: Irina Shidou FB Share Link: https://web.facebook.com/al.carreon.0829/posts/2053980301514091
  6. Remove 5M Fee from Lottery boxes

    if the new items to be added will be worth it, i don't mind the changes done on lucky tickets. i just thought about those newbies that always do hq quest to get lucky tickets, that 5m zeny might be not friendly to them.
  7. Snowman Calendar

    costume event box would be nice
  8. Locking of Specific Items

    +1 to this
  9. How to fix this?

    i had this problem before, i did was to update my graphics driver then poof it is fixed now.
  10. Prevent usage of @go inside instances

    or just use @die to go to save location sir
  11. Make Klux Quest Repeatable

    -1,there's no need to make Rachel Ice Necklace Quest repeatable. first, its not a hard quest unlike the thana quest and second, after u finish its quest u can use ice scale instead to summon ktul. its ur choice to make new char to get a free ktul summoning catalyst. oh right there's abra too.
  12. im currently doing abra, and most of the time these messages block the skill name displayed and its kinda annoying especially when u r too focused on the skill name that will display every use of abra skill so u don't miss the ????. if there's no way, maybe it can be done if i file a suggestion about it?

    AFK BG farmer reports should include screenshots of 2 or more rounds of player being AFK inside BG. we really cant be sure that a player is AFK farming in just one round coz maybe he's really AFK(away from keyboard) doing things that needs to be attended quickly. he wont be joining the next round if he's really AFK right?if he still joins and still afk, thats when u should submit your screenshot of him. right? gm @Lai
  14. Prevent usage of @go inside instances

    lol, why disagree? whats negative on it? u dont like the suggestion or u just dont like me?haha
  15. Topic Name: Prevent using @go when inside instance Character Name: Irina Shidou How long have you been playing LimitRO? Since 2012? How long have you been a Forum member? Joined since 2012 Is your Suggestion a duplicated one? No Have your suggestion been denied before? Yes Describe your suggestion What is this? Prevent players from using @go inside an instance just like in Jitterbug. Why do we have to add it? To prevent players from going out an instance accidentally because they used their wrong hotkey. As all know, some instance you can get out and return back, but some are not like CL, OGH, etc. We should prevent the use of @go to all instances so players don't get out of them accidentally especially for those that have @go command in their hotkeys. Who will benefit this? All Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? None Other