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  1. Levistre

    Werner instance cannot be completed?

    i have the same problem. after maintenance this is how it does now. we cannot finish the instance now thus can't summon Cutie/YSF01. sir @Lai and @Yuuki. bump this.
  2. Levistre

    Deepmines items

    fafnir scale seems plausible. WK armor, hmm it might be a good alternative if don't want to use applause but they shouldn't stack with each other, that's kinda OP lol. as for others yeah they should be given a refine cap at least +10 coz its easy to refine here, some can make a +16 in a jiffy.
  3. came from someone that reported a bug but didnt give proof also yet still approved because you are correct. ok ok sry if i get in your nerves. we're just here to find out whats the problem on the bug right?and just want to say our opinion maybe it will clear things up or might be a solution for it. just avoid replying like that like you know everything when u don't even know the difference between official and private servers.
  4. y'know im just saying my assumption about the issue yet you interject with a bossy attitude and laughing at me. you seem to want to always find a fight with keyboard.
  5. someone's triggered. lol. when i say official, it should came from KRO OR IRO. or to easily understand, things that are originally implemented to the original RO platform. when u say other server, you might be saying about other private servers also like limitRO. its not an "official" if it came from private servers lol. boy, u need to take your medicine you seem to be high blood right now.
  6. dude. read my comment carefully. "you know the shadow gears "enchants" here in limitRO is custom. " enchant. i guess i should emphasize what i said so there would be no misunderstanding from some people that just scan read comments. oh okay. well yeah its just my assumption coz like i said "enchanting shadow gears" is not official if im not mistaken. it is a custom feature here. so i thought perhaps the script of ring or AB only points out to the archbishoplv1 enchant that is enchanted on an accessory. if only the script code of items in item database here in limit website still visible i can understand well how it works.
  7. but i know Ring of AB is officially intended to work on Mora ring's archbishop1lv only. you know the shadow gears enchants here in limitRO is custom. if it works with mora ring but not in shadow eq with ab1lv enchant then it works fine unless developers will also customize ring of AB and make it work with shadow gear enchant also.
  8. the Archbishop1Lv from shadow equipment is different from the one said in the item description. it is supposed to be the one only from mora enchant of AB ring.
  9. Levistre

    Squirrel Hood coming soon? please xD

    good hg but kinda op on +9, its easy to refine here. +30% crit, 100% ignore def, +100% more crit on chance. if it gets an approval to lai, it might be added to deep mine quest.
  10. Levistre


    hello, can u summon YSF01 in werner laboratory? how do you do it? did i miss something i cant seem to summon it always ends after the npc dialogs.
  11. Levistre

    Make minimum 2 keys reward in lunette

    No no no im just joking about it lol. im not saying make it easy haha. Im just saying those divine judgements are so annoying n sometimes seems buggy. U can get hit many times by a single DJ if u walk on it target many times while it is still not landing. And when u get out of a house and a DJ directly lands on u it reduces ur hp ady without some kind of grace period like u cant be seen by mobd for few secs upon entering s portal.
  12. Levistre

    Make minimum 2 keys reward in lunette

    yes @Lai, but my patience has limits lol. are those divine judgement homing or something? always, ALWAYS on my spot. and there is also a time that when the circle just appeared my hp already got reduced then when i walk back to it again my hp will get reduced again.
  13. Levistre

    Make minimum 2 keys reward in lunette

    hello sry i just got pissed off coz i failed 5 straight times doing it because of those unexpected divine judgement right on my char spot like it was intentional lmao then when i finally finished it, it only gave me 1 key. like wth.
  14. can the Lunette Island instance reward adjust to give at least 2 keys as reward when finished it. doing it is zeny and time consuming and need not only patience but luck on not getting hit by Divine Judgement which most of the time hard to avoid because there are times it lands very quick.
  15. I'm not saying it is a bug, but maybe it can be adjusted so the skin color around the eye is removed so it will look good on other skin color sprites. it looks like my char has face mud treatment lol.