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  1. Hello, i notice some bug again, the proc chance seems like it doesnt increase if its refine is high(pls check the first screenshot of this report for the item description). i tried a +4 of it first and its transform is so long before it procs. then i made it +7, but the proc chance seems it didnt change. :/
  2. sry my bad, new to item bug reporting lol. *thumbs up
  3. @Yuuki is it fix already?or gonna wait for next maintenance?
  4. can u pls explain to me the difference of skill delay and skill cooldown? example of skills that has skill delay and cooldown too so i can test it again tho i think cooldown and delay is the same. i even tried buff skills but they still has normal cooldown/delay after the transformation. but i believe this item really lacks the script for its bonus effect.
  5. It should remove the skill-delay when transformed to Cecil Damon. And it should also auto cast 'True Sight' skill. When transformed to Cecil Damon, the skill delay - 100% does not work. also the auto cast 'True Sight' skill. have tested it in dummy eggs. Have tested on using skill 'Arrow Storm' while in Cecil Damon form two times but it still has the normal skill delay duration. Have tested it also on other skills like Warg Bite on ranger and Dragon Breath of RK. The item script in the item database in the website does not also say something about the bonus effect when transformed.
  6. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is it Rough Elunium?
  7. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is the selling price of it in NPC less than 200z?
  8. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is it Boarding Halter?
  9. MVP harassment

    @GreatestGuyYoullMeet its not you i'm referring to as famous, its that PanaSaPowet. LMAO. what a misunderstanding. haha i already forgot what we're fighting back then coz its just once. this PanaSaPowet is the nuisance one.
  10. MVP harassment

    but but, i think gm @Lai just punished that Ventus Friends for 1 day 'coz he did like what this guy did. That one report made by @GreatestGuyYoullMeet. And this PanaSaPowet guy is quite famous, he's just changing IGN but always do the same. still no punishement for being a persistent d*ck like this guy? >.<
  11. MVP harassment

    MVP is free for all. That guy really has issues @Hilmir,gm Lai. That's Jr Gong Zilla too if u check its account im sure of it. He also always shouts in main channel non-english. really wants attention But inu, his rule violation should be player harassment/excessive swearing/offensive language.
  12. My +16 Crimson Spear Element has change

    does this usually happens? i also have the same issue but didn't report coz im not using that weapon anymore. before i have +10crimson mace poison, then i think it was after maintenance,not sure what day, i noticed when i look at the description of my crimson mace, its element turned to holy. lol.
  13. about that autumn headband, why is it there are some players have alot of ahb to sell in vh even if the comodo fest quest is still not active?
  14. Gladiator Tournament

    hmm.. rich players getting more rich on this event.
  15. insulting via pm