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  1. When im doing this test, im using +5 Archer Shadow Set.. 1st :: When casting Double Stafe, Instead of 30 ATK and 30 HIT, it gives 80 ATK and 80 HIT. 2nd :: It doesn't give bonus ATK and HIT per refine 3rd :: Its Weapon ATK Power bonus isn't working.
  2. Levistre

    Gambler Seal/ Heart card in mouth combo

    tested it. including its crit increase every 10 dex and its aspd. screenshot here shows the splash damage also works. i think long range crit builds will definitely get the most bonus from this set. heart card cancels out the crit penalty from gambler seal for every 10 DEX increment and it gives another crit bonus from LUK. and ASPD will definitely help you reducing your AGI to get more stat points available to allocate to your other stats. Splash damage also works on both short and long range attacks.
  3. Levistre

    Shadow Hiding Duration Bug

    Its duration is negative and will reveal the user quickly after you cast it.
  4. Levistre

    GMT Ring VCT Enchant Bug

    hope it gets fixed already. its been almost a month now
  5. Zealous right now doesn't drop Black Butterfly Mask
  6. just tested it in test server @Lai. first wind bonus from wind charm is OK but the wind blade still has the 100% dmg per charm. is the wrong bonus to wind blade will be removed on MT also?
  7. Levistre

    Holy/Undead Elemental Scroll

  8. Levistre

    Holy/undead elemental scroll

    petition to return the drop rate of holy/undead scrolls from previous rate or at least improve its %. hehe. its not an imba scrolls like TGK/GR scrolls. and their effects get removed when the user dies. imagine u always die in pvp/bg/woe, u gonna consume 50+ scrolls in an hour.
  9. Levistre

    Characters Deleted

    oh sh*t. happened to me also in the past but he didn't delete my chars. he just recycled all my donation eq and used it somewhere. lesson learned.
  10. Topic Name Make Applause Sandals Quest doable once per char instead per account Character Names: Karyu of Shadow, K a r y u Describe your suggestion What is this? Please make its quest doable once per character instead per account now. Why do we have to add it? With the current enriched ore boost, it will be more easier to make +9 ancient sandals now. And because of that, players will always need to exchange their +9 ancient sandals and gonna need them to make new accounts every time they make a +9 ancient sandals. it's time consuming. if you just made a new account, you gonna need to level up that char so it can do the limit HQ registration, then after u done the quest, u just gonna stop using that account after that. Who will benefit this? All players Will this change the system drastic? No. Room for improvement? Other
  11. Levistre

    Characters Deleted

    Lai is on vacation right now and kinda got into a scary situation so he might not be available right now. please be patient he'll contact you as soon as he gets in.
  12. Levistre

    Demonic Fire \ Fire Expansion lvl 5 \ Land Protector

    you're getting aggressive again bro. calm down ~ i'm here agreeing that LP has some kind of problem too. but there's nothing we can do if we can't give the dev team evidence that came from official servers that's why i'm asking if that image is from official server. i know how LP works that's why i'm also confuse why gene still can use demonic fire+FE5 inside LP. but that's how bug reporting works here in limit. if it's not from official server, they won't accept it.
  13. Levistre

    Demonic Fire \ Fire Expansion lvl 5 \ Land Protector

    Uhm, that's what im trying to point out also. i just mentioned those discussions from other RO forums to show that those genes mentioned there know that demonic fire doesn't work on LP that's why they use crazy weed first to remove the LP. is this from official?if it is, its enough evidence that something's wrong on LP here in limit.
  14. Levistre

    Demonic Fire \ Fire Expansion lvl 5 \ Land Protector

    I also read some discussions on some RO forums(some same from Cap's sources, you can see it below) that Genes usually use Crazy Weed on LP so they can use Demonic Fire but it dates back few years ago so who knows if LP or Demonic Fire got its mechanics updated that's why you still can use FE on a Demonic Fire inside an LP. But i have to agree that LP should remove Demonic Fire or prevent it from being casted on top of LP. I mean, Demonic Fire is an AoE magic skill. It should be blocked/removed by LP. And by blocking it, FE should not work on it. I hope someone can make an up-to-date test video on LP vs Demonic Fire & Fire Expansion in kRO/iRO and post it here.