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  1. You find, you win #9

    #2 (lou_fild01) ; 330 , 190 IGN: Nefarious Arrow

    it means entries that is not drawn have low points on judging than hand drawn ones. so if u plan to just go on editing official arts, might as well make it very good and stylish to get in at least to the top 5. I just hope they still give some points on our effort on our entries 'coz we still put an effort making it esp. like me i don't have experience on designing.

    i must i must say, this is a contender shappo senpai

    IGN: Irina Shidou Description: Hi, want to submit another work of mine! It now focus on the Heine family. I just like the red themed clothes of Kronecker and Frederich. BTW this one i did while i was at work so you might notice my taskbar is windows 7 and on my first entry is a windows 8 taksbar. i really did both of it lol. Creative process: Step #1: As usual i picked black as my initial background. Step #2: I searched for a red cool wallpaper on the net and just put it at the top of the black initial background. Step #3: Then i put the Limitro logo at the top center. Step #4: I put another text about the episode at the bottom center. Step #5: Searched the 4 known members of Heine royal family and arranged them at the center of the canvass with a red glow effect on them. Step #6: I then put a nice text just below the heine family images. I put some text effect on it. Step #7: lastly, i put 2 family emblem at both sides of the center text. 4. Loading Screen: P.S. I put some space between the yellow text at the center and the bottom white text so the loading bar will have its own space when this loading screen loads.

    IGN: Irina Shidou Description: I feature one of the new instances that came with Episode 16.1, the Sky Fortress. Creative process: I'm not really a designer(i'm just using a CS3 version of photoshop) so my design might be simple but hope i'll get an "effort" rating from the judges, lol. STEPS: 1st - I put a black background first so i can see better if the text and images i'm gonna put looks good on dark background. After it, i put the Limit RO logo at the top center and put some outer glow on it to enhance its glow effect. 2nd - I went in game and took a screenshot of the instance's entrance. I used hide skill and pressed F11 to fully hide all windows of the game so it wont show when i take the screenshot. 3rd - now opened the screenshot i took in photoshop and just cut most of the top part of the SS and paste it on my main canvass and made it as the background. I adjusted it so the huge entrance of the instance is at the center of the canvass. 4th - I downloaded the card image of immortal cursed knight and edited it(i made its shield look whole coz in the card, it only shows half of it). 5th - I downloaded the card image of stefan j.e. wolf and edited it a bit. 6th - I then put the 2 images of the bosses you can fight in Sky Fortress at the main canvass. I made them a bit transparent. 7th - I put a text at the bottom center of the canvass as final touch. 4. Loading Screen File:
  6. Hello, i notice some bug again, the proc chance seems like it doesnt increase if its refine is high(pls check the first screenshot of this report for the item description). i tried a +4 of it first and its transform is so long before it procs. then i made it +7, but the proc chance seems it didnt change. :/
  7. sry my bad, new to item bug reporting lol. *thumbs up
  8. @Yuuki is it fix already?or gonna wait for next maintenance?
  9. can u pls explain to me the difference of skill delay and skill cooldown? example of skills that has skill delay and cooldown too so i can test it again tho i think cooldown and delay is the same. i even tried buff skills but they still has normal cooldown/delay after the transformation. but i believe this item really lacks the script for its bonus effect.
  10. It should remove the skill-delay when transformed to Cecil Damon. And it should also auto cast 'True Sight' skill. When transformed to Cecil Damon, the skill delay - 100% does not work. also the auto cast 'True Sight' skill. have tested it in dummy eggs. Have tested on using skill 'Arrow Storm' while in Cecil Damon form two times but it still has the normal skill delay duration. Have tested it also on other skills like Warg Bite on ranger and Dragon Breath of RK. The item script in the item database in the website does not also say something about the bonus effect when transformed.
  11. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is it Rough Elunium?
  12. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is the selling price of it in NPC less than 200z?
  13. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is it Boarding Halter?
  14. MVP harassment

    @GreatestGuyYoullMeet its not you i'm referring to as famous, its that PanaSaPowet. LMAO. what a misunderstanding. haha i already forgot what we're fighting back then coz its just once. this PanaSaPowet is the nuisance one.
  15. MVP harassment

    but but, i think gm @Lai just punished that Ventus Friends for 1 day 'coz he did like what this guy did. That one report made by @GreatestGuyYoullMeet. And this PanaSaPowet guy is quite famous, he's just changing IGN but always do the same. still no punishement for being a persistent d*ck like this guy? >.<