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  1. Legendary Kagerou

    RMT scam i think

    To Lalabrs, if its real, which i hope is not the case, condolence, but if you really are trying to fake your own death just to scam, "SAKTO UNDAS NA, SANA MABATI KA",
  2. Legendary Kagerou

    Big Improvement for Server and Players

    +1 to this. and while we're at it, i hope the badge cost for expanded 2nd class shadow gears can be reduced as well. its a bit pricey compared to 3rd job. it doesn't even have 50% ignore def/mdef when worn as set.
  3. Legendary Kagerou

    Add Brooch of Hero

    if that's the case, then why for too long that its not popular anymore? coz the stat it gives is not good anymore compared to other good ones. and i know its stat increase is only +1 every 2 refine, so it only gives +8 when refine is +16 on a stat if it is 90. applause only give +3 all stats every 2 refine of applause IF it is compounded with amon ra card. at +16, it only gives a total of +25 all stats(+1 from the card). you'll have to get amon ra card to get the all stats bonus of the footgear. and i think u dont need to worry about +20 right now coz not everyone can get one lol. don't mind those other players that really have +20. most players are already fine on +16 as their max refine for their gears. so in my conclusion, heroic light mail isn't op itself even on high refine right now because there are more good armors lately i'd rather have enchanted abusive/flattery/agenda, cursedmail, +9dragonmail, ysf01 plate, etc. than using a heroic light mail. so implementing this brooch of hero will just make the armor a good choice again.
  4. Legendary Kagerou

    Add Prism Ranger Scarf

    Well, unlike other suggested eq that gives more advantage to SS Ranger(old detach ring *cough) , this isnt OP. fairly balance so +1 to this.
  5. Legendary Kagerou

    Pet Hatching Issues

    bad news... the pet egg name is red, it means it ran away. ran away pet eggs are ofc can't be hatched anymore.
  6. Legendary Kagerou

    KRO : EP 16.1/16.2/17.1 New Equipment and Enchant

    great set but it looks like its a very recent update. my guess is it might be added here late 2019 or early 2020 but most likely the latter.
  7. Legendary Kagerou

    IGN: Vhulcan with account cake4890 scammer

    @Mavne its already been resolved. he tried to delete that novice in the screenshot but lai still find it haha. thanks @Lai
  8. Legendary Kagerou

    IGN: Vhulcan with account cake4890 scammer

    SO i was selling my +16 Tiger King Doll Hat then this guy Vhulcan pm me and says he interested on it and ask if i can do USD but he said item first. Its my bad coz im in a hurry so i agreed given that he allowed me to login one of his account and he asked me to put the +16 in there. after i put the item, within few minutes the account got logout and when i try login it, the password changed. then when i pm his Vhulcan, he said he got connection problem then poof he's gone. when i try to contact him in Discord he isn't responding anymore and few minutes he changed his discord name and all our convo is gone. good thing i still got the screenshot of the cake4890 account storage. and our convo ingame. so his scheme is like this: 1. ask for item first, will say he's in discord 2. if agree, will give a different account to u to login and put the item there 3. after u put the item, he will change its password 4. and then he's gone. he deleted our convo in discord and changed name.
  9. Tried in Refine Ticket and refinery of Admiral(both old and new refinery), it says it can't be refined.
  10. Legendary Kagerou

    Ring of Jupiter add to Gladiator

    i think this one's more OP lol. 120 LUK = +180 ATK and +180 MATK. 120 VIT = +24% HP and +24% SP then there's bonus when 125 LUK or VIT. also has free blessing o.O. bring together with city center map, u have agi up and blessing whenever u go lol. it's also slotted. really good slotted accessory. but, if plan to release, definitely in a hard way quest. not voted yet, just giving my opinion about this.
  11. Legendary Kagerou

    King Tiger Doll Hat

    the last link you gave is the one. and you could say it's the slotted version of WTH but with minor ATK and chance to transform reduction.
  12. Legendary Kagerou

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    @Lai its like what @Ryddren and @Jumi said, sky and forest wave consumes more time than lava, that's why lava is popular. i didn't account the bug exploit done to lava that's why i called it as popular coz even if the bug is gone, they will still do the lava wave for sure. if the drop rate i suggested is a bit much, then lets just keep its rate as it is like now, but the duration needs to be reduced. that's what makes others give up on those 2 other waves.
  13. Legendary Kagerou

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    I agree. That's why Lava Wave became popular after its release. It only has few waves but the reward is good. I suggest the ff: Sky Wave: reduce # of waves to at least 50 and increase egg scrolls drop rate from treasure chests. The drop rate should let the players obtain an average of 30-40 egg scrolls(angel/ancient/madbunny mix). Let's maintain the drop rate of badges coz we already have Forest Wave to farm the badges a lot more. Note: Keep Mad bunny Scroll's drop rate lower than other egg. Forest Wave: reduce # of waves to at least 50 and increase Limit Merit Badge drop rate from champion wave mobs. The drop rate should let the players obtain an average of 500-600 badges. ofc, these are just my suggestion.
  14. Legendary Kagerou

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    No. Its Lai that busted him and blocked all his forum accounts haha
  15. Legendary Kagerou

    Is Deluxe Hat NPC Still Available?

    what hats are you looking specifically? some hats are in HQ hat machine. Some on Hat Maker in Asgard