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  1. Karyu

    Racing Cap(Ninja)'s special enchant bug??

    i see.. actually i have it on main server. a lv3 enchant. but my weapon is +9 hundread leaf huuma, my weapon ATK stats is around 600-700+. but when it procs i just felt its damage it low. but if thats the case nothing we can do about it haha. i thought it should be higher coz before when im still playing KE build, a drake card on my weapon gives high improvement on my dmg.
  2. Karyu

    Racing Cap(Ninja)'s special enchant bug??

    as you can see on this gif, right after the special enchant procs, the damage didn't improve that much. it only increased by a single digit. (365 - 511 only became 371 - 519) okay, tested it with knife w/drake card. same damage as when the special enchant of racing cap procs. guess the special enchant of RC ninja is useless lol. please close this @Lai thanks
  3. Karyu

    Racing Cap(Ninja)'s special enchant bug??

    My dmg range when im testing it before it procs is 361-505. When it procs, It only became 367 - 513. I point out the wrong start of dmg when it procs in ss lol.
  4. The special enchant's ignore size penalty effect doesn't work on both lv2 and lv3. Test done: - Worn a Racing Cap(Ninja) with lv2 special enchant (also tested on lv3) and a regular knife as weapon. - Used a medium sized dummy. - Continuous attacking on dummy using the racing cap and the knife only waiting for the enchant's effect proc. - When it procs, it doesn't show significant amount of improvement to the char's damage. (it should increase by 25% considering that dagger weapons only deals 75% dmg to medium size targets)
  5. Karyu

    Item Release Suggestion

    up for this for our fellow rangers
  6. i see. well it really does look like its gonna be lot of work and management if it goes back to weekly. okay i think i understand now why it's 2-weeks now. i guess what we really need is more testers heh.
  7. yep, but we need to wait 2 weeks to implement those fixed bugs. what i'm saying is if the bugs are already "green" and Monday comes, it should be implemented ady. if bugs are fixed i think it should be implemented weekly. When it comes to implementation of new features, updates, or items, 2 week maintenance is good so there's a long period of time for these to be tested before implementing it.
  8. hmm, im not sure about that. i kinda feel that weekly maintenance should be back. but if the dev can't keep up the pace well i guess we really have no choice. and i think the bug reports is really piling up because of 2 weeks of waiting for another maintenance. if it was only every week, finished fix will be implemented quickly, shortening the bug list more quickly. prevent for other things to be left out because it got forgotten. 🙄 well, like i always say, "learn to adapt". i just suggesting for the sake of the server. 😕
  9. Karyu

    Voter Pure Egg Scroll has Shield of Death

    ow lol yeah its in test server. haha. i can't test in in main coz it'll take me a month just to get 100pcs of the egg haha
  10. I tested the egg scrolls and open several pcs then it gave me a Shield of Death, which isn't on the item list on the egg scroll's description.
  11. we all are 😆 i'm not suggesting to fix all bugs ASAP every week. i suggest that you can keep the pace of fixing those bugs as it is, just do a weekly soft maintenance to implement the fixes you have done on that week and only those fixes only w/o including those planned implementation of items and other features. then just add those planned new item/features every other maintenance(w/c is every other week). i understand about having high priority to your family gm especially GM Wendy is soon to be born. But as the server goes, i think weekly maintenance to implement bug fixes will help on reducing your to-fix list and perhaps prevent on missing things to be fixed or to be implemented. Take the" increasing of honor token update" as an example, iirc it was supposed to be implemented a month ago but it has been forgotten because there are lots of bug report popping out and new features that has been added. And besides, it's open to all that limit is not only a game but also one of your source of income. it may not be a top priority as a business but it's still a business for you. as a business, you should also give some time to it to keep it stable and running coz you also get some income from it. ^^ if a weekly maintenance is too tiring, you can also hire someone? or close one to do the maintenance every week like GM Inkfish or Yuuki?if thats possible ofc.
  12. Karyu

    Insulting via public chat

    sorry to barge in on your confrontations but maybe u guys should talk it all out and come to an agreement coz at the end of the day Lai would just probably warn you both and remind you guys to just always use @noks when farming. i feel one of you guys just misunderstood an unintentional hit of the other one's lured mobs and overly reacted and KS just to say "we're even" but end up misunderstood also then the rest is history.
  13. What is this? Change maintenance schedule. Every week maintenance for bug fixes. Then updates and new features should be added every other week. Why do we have to add it? I suggest returning the maintenance schedule to every week so bug fixes will be implemented sooner. Making players wait for 2 weeks just to fix a bug they encountered right after a maintenance makes others bored. And i suggest that we keep the implementation of new updates and features every other maintenance. Who will benefit this? Everybody Will this change the system drastic? No. Room for improvement? Maybe.
  14. Infinity Space, OGH (normal and hard), Faceworm Nest, Horror Toy Factory, Devil's Tower, Nidhoggur's Nest, Malaya Instances(Bakonawa,Buwaya,Bangungot), Sarah & Fenrir, Fire Cave Instances (IOB,MorseCave,TODG), Endless Tower
  15. Karyu

    Meteor Assault + EDP

    EDP now affects meteor assault(even cross impact) because of the new skill update in kro this last 2018 and implemented here not so long ago. though the skill got some reduction on its dmg boost.