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  1. Karyu

    Add Valkyrie Drop

    has this been implemented already? the poll is already 17-0. unanimous decision. lol. +1
  2. Karyu

    Add Brooch of Hero

    if that's the case, then why for too long that its not popular anymore? coz the stat it gives is not good anymore compared to other good ones. and i know its stat increase is only +1 every 2 refine, so it only gives +8 when refine is +16 on a stat if it is 90. applause only give +3 all stats every 2 refine of applause IF it is compounded with amon ra card. at +16, it only gives a total of +25 all stats(+1 from the card). you'll have to get amon ra card to get the all stats bonus of the footgear. and i think u dont need to worry about +20 right now coz not everyone can get one lol. don't mind those other players that really have +20. most players are already fine on +16 as their max refine for their gears. so in my conclusion, heroic light mail isn't op itself even on high refine right now because there are more good armors lately i'd rather have enchanted abusive/flattery/agenda, cursedmail, +9dragonmail, ysf01 plate, etc. than using a heroic light mail. so implementing this brooch of hero will just make the armor a good choice again.
  3. Karyu

    Make Bapho Card work with Spell Fist

    ^ it was in the game but dev fixed it coz they proly found out its not the official effect of it. ^ the dev only nerfed items if its OP in the server(i.e. GTB in PVP, restriction on using more than 1 mvp card in HG like kiel, fenrir) . warper/healer/buffer are normal customs in every private server and they are NPC. you're talking about official skill behavior customization, unless if you somehow found an evidence from official content in the past that the skill really does splash attack when using bapho, the dev might consider. ^it will come down to whether several players will strongly support your suggestion or not, but Lai is very strict on customizing official content. they only customized things in game if really needed.
  4. Karyu

    Make Bapho Card work with Spell Fist

    as far as i know, limitRO tries to keep its content follow the official ones, and if Spell Fish doesn't really get a splash attack from items like bapho card in official, it will be hard to convince the dev to make it customized just to allow splash attack on it.
  5. Karyu

    Add Prism Ranger Scarf

    Well, unlike other suggested eq that gives more advantage to SS Ranger(old detach ring *cough) , this isnt OP. fairly balance so +1 to this.
  6. Karyu

    Pet Hatching Issues

    bad news... the pet egg name is red, it means it ran away. ran away pet eggs are ofc can't be hatched anymore.
  7. great set but it looks like its a very recent update. my guess is it might be added here late 2019 or early 2020 but most likely the latter.
  8. Karyu

    Old Detachments Ring

    crit+70 and +70% crit damage for ranger if using old camouflage (w/c they usually use for SS build). make them more OP, yes why not just like @spdnep said XD
  9. Karyu

    IGN: Vhulcan with account cake4890 scammer

    @Mavne its already been resolved. he tried to delete that novice in the screenshot but lai still find it haha. thanks @Lai
  10. SO i was selling my +16 Tiger King Doll Hat then this guy Vhulcan pm me and says he interested on it and ask if i can do USD but he said item first. Its my bad coz im in a hurry so i agreed given that he allowed me to login one of his account and he asked me to put the +16 in there. after i put the item, within few minutes the account got logout and when i try login it, the password changed. then when i pm his Vhulcan, he said he got connection problem then poof he's gone. when i try to contact him in Discord he isn't responding anymore and few minutes he changed his discord name and all our convo is gone. good thing i still got the screenshot of the cake4890 account storage. and our convo ingame. so his scheme is like this: 1. ask for item first, will say he's in discord 2. if agree, will give a different account to u to login and put the item there 3. after u put the item, he will change its password 4. and then he's gone. he deleted our convo in discord and changed name.
  11. both garment only gives 5% demi/doram resist, unlike kirin and AAW that can be enchanted with cranial(max 15% for AAW, 20% for kirin). they are also only effective in resist when u use specific garment cards that will only make them resist higher on specific race/elements only, which i think isn't imbalance. these just gives you other option to be used for garment in pvp/woe. if we're talking about resist, they don't give much resist and others will proly go for AAW or kirin instead if want more resist in pvp/woe. the only effect i see good on them are their refine bonus at +7 and +9 (specifically Perfect dodge for fairy and ACD redux for spiritual). i voted YES btw.
  12. ^ report him in the report section if he's really afk farming. don't be lazy and get a proof and pm him and whatever response he say (the "autochat" thing u are saying) screenshot it. Lai definitely bans afk farmers and you can see it in Banlist. you guys are so pessimistic. "if i can't do it, i'll report it" mind thinking. not much difference being a femi-nazi. P.S. don't lump all newbies in limit like you guys crying about the bulk buyers.
  13. Karyu

    Add Valkyrie Drop

    I suggested this but decline asap lol. But maybe now there's a chance so ill vote yes.
  14. I voted no but i dont do those kind of farming lol. Im against it coz its becoming newbie day care here in limit. Too much safety for newbies. Whats the thrill on that?
  15. dude, its a very simple and natural occurrence in any game for newbies to unknowingly sell their loots in npc or players w/o asking price. and the buyers just give them other option than selling their loots in npc. c'mon i think you are being too pessimistic about other players thinking all of them have ulterior motive to newbies. what if those buyers are also newbies that found it as means to earn more also?? you want also those newbie buyers suffer from this? think this through...