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  1. Karyu

    Inside TODG - last npc (for exit)

    up sir, its still like that lel. been more than a month since i tried it again so i couldn't update it before sry. here's what it goes: 1. players get the quests from agip and the other npc first. 1ST DAY 2. get inside the cave and generate the instance. 3. complete the instance and get expedition reward box from nidhog at the end. 4. get the reward from the other npc for killing brinaranea and muspellskoll. 5. unfortunately, Agip deletes the quest u got from him before entering the instance and doesn't want to talk to you. 6. need to wait for a day for Agip to talk to u and give u the reward. then the instance will start its 24 hrs. cooldown. 2ND DAY 7. the next day, you can do the instance again. 3RD DAY So, we still need to wait till tomorrow to CD the instance so the next day we can do it again.
  2. Karyu

    RNG Random Number Generator

    There will be a separate Deepmines NPC which will allow you to 100% craft the item for 3x amount of materials. To remove the RNG on RNG and super RNG on this case. ^ so for example, to make a celine brooch at 100% success craft, i gonna need 30pcs slotted vesper core 01? hmm I will increase the chances of dropping the valueable item from egg scrolls ^^ To lower the RNG amongs the eggs. ^ this is a positive action towards the RNG on eggs. FAW, AAW, GW, Kirin will be sold by Iris for 7k/7k/10k/10k LMB each. TO removed the RNG on RNG ^ i rather have the current way of getting wings from armory box at the cost of 2 lucky tickets per try than this. it will need players to do mind numbing forest wave and bounty mission over and over and over again for at least a week just to make a single 7k worth merit badge of a wing. >.< Slot enchant = checked ^ positive action also.
  3. Karyu

    Warg bite makes enemies teleport away

    It is still useful on monsters inside instances. But yeah its useless to immobilize mvps on regular maps coz they will quickly teleport after u attack it
  4. Karyu

    Warg bite makes enemies teleport away

    Its an official feature in RO. When u attack monsters while they're immobilized, they will treat ur attack as "rude attack" making them to teleport. Several regular monsters and most MVPs have this kind of protection except from instance dungeons
  5. Karyu

    RNG Random Number Generator

    Yep that pvp thing is a lazy way to earn right now. I saw some players that are threatening others that they won't let them farm inside pvp while they're in and kill them on sight. Imo those rewards w/o restrictions to kill-resu-repeat farming didnt make the pvp popular again, it just made players get inside to farm something. I guess Lai is pretty stressed out bcoz of this issue that's why he said that to Noein.
  6. Topic Name Reduce the cost of not breaking CE when removing CE Describe your suggestion What is this? I suggest reducing it. 5 VIP is too much just to safely remove gemstones from CE. Why do we have to add it? 5 VIP is too much. I understand that these kinds of payment features are always present on any RO servers to gain stable donation from players to maintain the server. But think about it. even if there's a safety gem remove now w/o breaking CE, it still won't guarantee that many will pay 5vip just to remove the gems in their favorite CE. Now, if it only cost like 1 VIP, it won't be a heavy cost for players, thus will encourage them to always use the safety service. It will also be friendly to newbies that just started using gemstones. This will make them remove their gems on their favorite CE more often, even if its only 1 VIP if they always remove gems several days a week, it will make sure the consumption of VIPs. Who will benefit this? Both players and the server. Will this change the system drastic? This will probably result to increase of # of stylish CE in server and it might decrease their market value. Room for improvement? If the above mentioned will be a problem on this suggestion, maybe just make a 2 option of safety gem remove, 1st is the 5vip with 100% sure no CE break, then a lower vip cost but has chance to break the CE(70% success chance, it needs to have high chance for it to be tempting for others to use this option). Other
  7. Karyu

    Increase Reward from Illusion Quest

    +1, ady have +2 haha
  8. Karyu

    RNG Random Number Generator

    wow. everyone has good point. i don't even need to say my piece about it hehe. i just have problem with current job stones. putting a 20pcs+ of different job stones in a box worth 5-10cp will really burn up ALOT of cp of players. IF RNGesus is not on your side that day, u'll end up opening 20+ boxes and still can't get the job stone u want. T_T). then u need to get 4 pcs for the job stones u want to get a complete set. these stones are not even worth it to sell in NPC bcoz they only cost 10-12m z. @[email protected] i suggest making all job stones available in cash shop individually and price it same as lv3 gemstones (which is 50cp) instead.
  9. Karyu

    Increase Reward from Illusion Quest

    +1, the daily quest rewards on each illusion dungeons are too low. imagine killing 30 per kind of mob inside, then the npc will only give 1 stone. you can only get max of 3 illusion stones from the NPCs inside right now.
  10. ah, it was a late 2018 skill patch. the effect of the skill is not wrong here i guess, its just not up-to-date heh. i think there's lots of skill patch on that link he gave.
  11. Karyu

    LMP farming guide

    or maybe put some sp regen boost card like arc angeling, or reduce sp consumption like pharaoh haha. yep many gwings, but price still same.
  12. hmm.. maybe that's only wrong description?? coz most skill info. from other sources it says that it really resist all elements now. it was initially resisting those 4 basic elements, but later on it was updated to affect all resist.
  13. check skill infos here: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/313 http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/skillview.asp?skillid=313 https://ragnarok.gamepedia.com/Invulnerable_Siegfried in irowiki, it also states there that the skill has been updated to resist all elements, check here: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Acoustic_Rhythm
  14. Karyu


    do you have something against the skill?lol anyways, you need more proof to justify your argument that the skill's damage formula is wrong. irowiki isn't enough coz most of the time the skill formula there are outdated. And the DevTeam isn't obligated to show the skill's damage calculation to you especially if your proof isn't enough. you are the one reporting, so you should be the one to provide more proof(and should be latest, not from old info.) to support your report.