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  1. So I talked to Niren to create instance and the instance is created, but the dialog does not finish properly after that (can't move). Have to use refresh command so I can move again. Then after entering and exiting the instance, I tried to enter the portal again, but then the dialog doesn't finish properly again. rachelbug.rrf
  2. Metaphys

    Error Help!

    Maybe iRO client is different somewhat with the current kRO.
  3. I usually blazed through the lower levels and rebirthing, so never noticed this. After reading this, I made a new character. She got zero stat points. As @Asuramaru had said, new chars should get 48. Edit: Resetting stats from admiral added the missing points. Costs only 80k zeny...
  4. Metaphys

    Parade Hat/Holy Marcher Hat

    Bump @Yuuki for attention~
  5. Metaphys

    Parade Hat/Holy Marcher Hat

    Well, now the hat becomes Suicide Heal Hat.... It casts Lex Aeterna to myself when I Heal.
  6. Metaphys

    [Solved] Reset skills with Homunculus

    Relevel your homunculus skilltree and you'll be able to call your homunculus again...
  7. Metaphys


    From the looks of it, you haven't used all of your acolyte's skill points. You can only progress with the next job when all skill points from the lower jobs are used.
  8. Metaphys

    Parade Hat/Holy Marcher Hat

    Parade Hat/Holy Marcher Hat (Item ID 5225 I think) gives 2 DEF instead of 4. Also, I think it's effects needs to be updated.
  9. Metaphys

    Loli Ruri Pet Effect

    I see. Now that I have checked, my loyal Petite also gives iRO's pet bonus.... while I don't really care about the bonuses (as long as they're cute ), it's still a bug.
  10. Metaphys

    Loli Ruri Pet Effect

    Loli Ruri's Pet Description says: but I don't see my max HP increasing upon reaching Cordial. Also, the heal autocast doesn't work as far as I have tested.
  11. Metaphys

    Walking Drosera

    Not sure if this is counted as NPC or source bug, so posted here. After the latest patch, I notice that Drosera monsters are not staying still.
  12. Neko Mimi Kafra ( the in-game description says "MDEF +5 Inflicts a random abnormal status to an enemy when attacked by physical attacks." But the random abnormal status effects did not appear...
  13. Metaphys

    Baby Dragon Hat

    It appears that this hat does not give the effects listed on the description. Before equipping the hat: After equipping: DEX is not increased, also the Double Attack does not happen. Tested on mobs and the Tester eggs. My character name: Metaphize