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  1. Delete Char

    How about " players Birthdate display on their account info on Website Control panel " ?
  2. Ingame description is correct, but actual script ( is wrong - only 5% for set and combo with unknown item 27066 (should be 27166)
  3. Delete Char

    That's what i did before create report
  4. Delete Char

    @Laidoesn't match anyway. How players could see what date was choosen at registration? (usually i use real date, but maybe something happens..)
  5. Delete Char

    Can't delete char in my acc. Not e-mail nither birth date don't accepted.
  6. Costume Headgear

    Now it is not a costume.
  7. Banquet for Heroes

    Could be closed. Found a way to fix by miself.
  8. Banquet for Heroes

    @Lai Up
  9. Banquet for Heroes

    @Yuuki if all my chars can pass to invaded Prontera and only one can't its bug! of course i can't walk to portal coz Magician Nillem don't create dimension device. This bug report not about sky fortress that was just an example don't read about sky fortress at all!
  10. Banquet for Heroes

    cooldown for sky fortress as proof (that i was there) i can't see dimension device only for RK in my report
  11. Banquet for Heroes

    I pass that quest in september (cooldown for sky fortress as proof at ss), but there was an update and now it should be NPC Kronecker Heine. For this character NPC not appeared, so i can't enter to any instance.
  12. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    mean that before 26th july in facts was line "doesn't obtainable from OBB"
  13. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Shame on you GMs (and helpers)! Please check this links before organize something like this "event"
  14. Mors Cave

  15. Mors Cave

    After dialogue with Senior Tracker and creation of insctance, NPC Red Flower do nothing, absolutly nothing happens when you try to click it. Tried three times with different characters and parties, first time 5 days ago.