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  1. Dont work slot sunglasses[1] for EOE

    Hi. How to obtain sunglasses[1]? Is it dropped or quest? Thanks. Up the post to
  2. Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character Name: SM Taytay FB Share Link:
  3. Reward for Zodiac Quest

    +1. 1year worth of farming deserves it.
  4. Deluxe Pet

  5. Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Hi i dont use fb that much. @lai what do u mean by each succesful share? Each of the person i tagged needs to tag 10 friends aswell? Tia.
  6. Locking of Specific Items

    +1 if free.
  7. Save them!

  8. Whoa, Im surprised on how you reacted Mr Inkfish. I just want to have that looked up, since I notice something that was not happening before. Thats also the reason why i quoted the other guy, because his explanation bests suit my experience. I got minimal post on this forum and all of it are written with respect. If theres only an announcement on what happened, I wouldnt bother posting on this thread. Bad thing is now im a bug abuser too? I am willing to give my details forum or ingame to any GMs if they need to check if I abused any bugs. Btw big thanks @Akin for clearing this up.