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  1. maehem

    Changelogs - New MvP

    So we are getting the volar[2] soon? 😁
  2. maehem

    Changelogs - Illusion of Under Water

    Are the cards and Illusion equips out as well?
  3. It is not stated in the description that you need to have the full set to auto proc. Its still bugged.
  4. maehem

    Dont work slot sunglasses[1] for EOE

    Hi. How to obtain sunglasses[1]? Is it dropped or quest? Thanks. Up the post to
  5. maehem

    Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character Name: SM Taytay FB Share Link:
  6. maehem

    Reward for Zodiac Quest

    +1. 1year worth of farming deserves it.
  7. maehem

    Deluxe Pet

  8. maehem

    Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Hi i dont use fb that much. @lai what do u mean by each succesful share? Each of the person i tagged needs to tag 10 friends aswell? Tia.