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  1. Locking of Specific Items

    +1 if free.
  2. Save them!

  3. Whoa, Im surprised on how you reacted Mr Inkfish. I just want to have that looked up, since I notice something that was not happening before. Thats also the reason why i quoted the other guy, because his explanation bests suit my experience. I got minimal post on this forum and all of it are written with respect. If theres only an announcement on what happened, I wouldnt bother posting on this thread. Bad thing is now im a bug abuser too? I am willing to give my details forum or ingame to any GMs if they need to check if I abused any bugs. Btw big thanks @Akin for clearing this up.
  4. This is true. Im playing DB rk for almost my entire limitro career, I can say that DB is really affected after the maintenance. Please look into it since we got no records of our DB ACD before the MT to compare it with. Thanks.
  5. Infinite Osiris and Sky Deleter Works perfectly on normal state. But on Berserk / Frenzy mode it doesn't. All important details are already stated. Please See Attached SS.
  6. storeall

  7. Missing Cast Delay Timer/Indicator.

    You're not the only one. Gm's please take a look on this.
  8. Calling me C U N T via private message

    thats the guy who sells his pharaoh card for 8vips, -real stupid. Jr Gong Zilla, find another server please.
  9. KS LORD

    My encounter with this player happened in thana 10. As usual she started ksing me, so i did the same. I gained the upper hand because im using charge attack + DB vs her arrow storm. So she called her 2 OP DB Rk friend from a guild that has smiley dice logo, dont know the name, they rampage the map for few minutes. When I say OP i mean almost no cast/cast delay and moves like they are using speed potion. Knowing that i cant do anything i just stopped farming. When i got back, tachikawa mimi told me not to use charge attack or she will call her RK friends AGAIN to accompany me. I was like wtf? So i cant use CA while she can use warg rider to farm faster? is she some kind of a GM here to tell players what to use or not? This is not about @noks, Its all about a player who is abusive of her power and her immunity to punishments. I dont have a SS to prove, but i dont have any reasons to make up a story either. Also, the amount of complaints will just tell you straight to the face that this abusive tachikawa mimi is like the ksing mongoloid DB RK named lionheart and needs to be punished big time. But then again, the immunity is real, so lets just find another map to farm and hope the abuser will not come to that map or just play with her KS game, be warned of her so called friends though. Sorry about my drama here, i hope GMs or any capable people here will take a look at this.
  10. KS LORD

    I was also a victim of that player. She deserves a several days ban.
  11. Mention abusive word

    Char Name: Mention Violation of Rule: Abusive word, Rude Attitude. Evidence: I tried running IS party to help new players to level, then there was this "Mention" guy who was not able to join since the party was ady full. I politely apologized to all players who was not able to join, and then he pmed me this. . . "screenshot" then logged out. I hope the GMs will take care of such attitude.