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  1. Chaldene

    Special One Week Daily Gift

    Is it 1 time per unique ID like Lover's Witness event @Lai?
  2. Chaldene

    OGH Hard Mode for newbies (video)

    Great video, i didn't know that we can use Safety Wall for Maggots. Thank you!
  3. @SylCin Manuk Daily Quest (18-hours cooldown): Midgard Ore gives 2 Manuk Coins, requires Ring of Ancient Wise King. Bradium Collection gives 3 Manuk Coins, requires Ring of Ancient Wise King and 20 Pure Bradium from Dolomedes (Dicastes Field 1, 2) and Bradium Golem (Manuk Field 2, Dicastes Field 2).
  4. Chaldene

    The Kollection - Kolya's Collection of Headgears

    Good luck on hunting that Bucket Hat for Captain's Hat.. I hunt mine like *cough* 1 week
  5. Chaldene

    Newly Wed Character's Can't Adopt

    You can't adopt a Novice here. I wasted 2,5m marrying my own char because i didn't know they removed this feature.. But you can make baby character from Novice job level 10 by talking to Admiral>Change Job>Baby Novice.
  6. Chaldene

    How to use Essence of Evil

    It works like a card. You can't put it on unslotted gear.
  7. Chaldene

    Baby Ranger Unlimit

    Actually, this problem occurred since 6 months ago, but im lezi to report it XD I can use Unlimit with my baby Ranger before, but suddenly the skill points reverts back like what happened to Tabasco.
  8. Chaldene

    LFG> Noob AB here

    You can ask anything about AB to this immortal AB @Buru Only 1 thing can kill him = lag
  9. Chaldene


    Hello, just go 19 or go to Asgard near Mr. Wise if you need friends and guild..
  10. Chaldene

    Hello Limit RO!

    Hey, welcome to LimitRO! If you need PvM guild just go 19 (Einbroch).
  11. Chaldene

    Snowman Calendar 2016

    The mistake is so pretty too. Thank you Lai.
  12. Chaldene

    My Screen Turns Like This After Updating KRO Patcher

    Thank you very much!
  13. Golden Poring: 31435: Golden Santa Poring Whisper Tall Hat: 20130: [C]Whisper Tall Hat @Yuuki
  14. Chaldene

    A NEW GUILD for Newbies and Veteran

    OMG HAHAHAHA @Master Orochimaru