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  1. Skrux

    Kihop isn't working

    What do you mean by watk ? Are those normal hits ? I tried again with a full party in IS instance, yet I still was doing no damage. Sometimes I was doing around 2k, which is normal because I have around 120 str now, with critical attacks and I used mild wind.
  2. Skrux

    Kihop isn't working

    Hello everyone ! It's been a while since I posted something here. But I came back in this server because I was interested in doing soul linkers, since we can be lvl 175/60 with them. Sadly, I discovered a bug, I was in a full party in IS :/ So I'm here to report it. The IroWiki states that once a taekwon kid changes into a Soul Linker, only some skills can be used : (scroll down until you see ''Notes'') Kihop is in the list, so it should be working too, but it isn't. Hope you guys will fix this soon !
  3. Skrux

    Super Novice Bug : Steel Body (script)

    Yeah, I know it's an old one. It's basically present in all private servers. I did managed to ''save'' a few from that bug lol (not going to say their name though) The reason is that there is a resurection effect that shouldn't be here c:
  4. Topic Source Report : Hi. My character's name is Shaymne. This bug is really easy to make. You just need to have a Super Novice (Ultimate or not) to be Max LvL. Basically, the Super Novice class should have a limit of 99,999,999 exp when reaching max LvL, but it isn't the case in this server. See here on my screenshot : It might sounds useless, but no, it is very important for them to have that limit. They can use the bonus called ''Fury'' and also casts ''Steel Body'' with it. IroWiki shows that : Thank you for reading this topic. ~Skrux
  5. Topic Source Report : Hi. My character's name is Shaymne. The problem happens when a Super Novice/Ultimate Novice casts the skill Steel Body. To cast it, they need to reach 0 HP while having at least 99.0-9% exp, or the maximum amount which is 99,999,999 when reaching maximum LvL. (Which here is not the case, but I'll talk about it in another topic) The skill itself works fine. There is no problem about it, it has the normal cooldown, makes you almost invincible. But, the problem is that, when a Super Novice casts it, he/she loses their bonus stats (I'm talking about the one that gives +10 all stats if we haven't died a single time before reaching lvl 70 Job.) Basically, this server thinks they are dead when they truly aren't. They are fully healed, not ressurected. Here's some screenshots showing what I'm talking about : As seen here, I tested it. Now, here are my sources : 'QUOTE on IroWiki: ''Never give up! According to hearsay, when a Super Novice's HP reaches 0 when he she is 99.0%-99.9%, their Guardian Angel may appear to refill his HP and cast Mental Strength on the Super Novice. This will not occur again until you relog or get another level.'' It doesn't even says that we loses our bonuses. It clearly says that the Super Novice is healed. Also, it should activates when a Super Novice is in BG/WoE. Here's a proof video : Anyway, my topic's is going to end here. Thank you for taking time to look at this topic. ~Skrux
  6. Skrux

    Taekwon master only goes to level 99?

    This is not a bug. Taekwons only go to 99 Lvl because it's a first job. Stars Gladiators (a.k.a (?) taekwon master) and Soul linkers can only go to 99 Lvl too.* But don't worry ! Even if this class only goes to 99 Lv, you can still beat people in PvP if you are interested in it ! I've seen some really good videos showing a soul linker for example, killing 3rd jobs.
  7. Topic Skill Report The secret bonus skill that the Super Novice has is called ''Fury''. Here some screenshots on how to use this secret skill : Basically, as shown in the two screenshots, Fury is like a critical explosion that monks have. The thing is, this secret skill is supposed to give +50 crit chance, instead of 20. My Super Novice should have 82 crit chance instead of 52. According to the IroWiki : ( Fury A strange phenomenon when the Super Novice's experience reaches increments of 10% such as, at 10.0%, 20.0% - 80.0%, 90.0%. During these times, the Super Novice has been rumored to summon his Guardian Angel for help. If you change maps or relog, you have to repeat all the steps but otherwise you can just repeat the last 3 lines to get Fury status again. Type 7 lines of text (or you will be silenced) and then type the following phrase to get the Fury Status (CRIT +50) As seen on the screenshots, yes, I have tested it. My character's name is Shaymne. Thank you for taking your time into this issue. ~Skrux
  8. Skrux

    Super Novice HP bug

    Topic Source Report : My character's name is Shaymne. This bug happens when a Super Novice decides to change to an Ultimate Novice. The Super Novice is supposed to have the +2000 HP bonus (when a Super Novice reaches LvL 99 base) even after changing to an Ultimate Novice. According to the IroWiki ( * At the moment of reaching Level 99, a Super Novice gains +2000 Max HP permanently. * Plus, we can also see in this website, the maximum HP without VIT/cards/Equipment that a Super Novice is supposed to have. Finally, yes, I have tested it. Here's a screenshot of my Super Novice. Thank you for taking time to look into this issue. ~Skrux.