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  1. ID : MauMuntah Problem : 1. bullet on vending machine NPC not show the icon and Sprite of new bullet 2. show Red *notes* on history chat after scroll down the selling machine bullet 3. when try to Buy this , suddenly show error message. 4. after the popup Force Close the game. Screenshot : Yes
  2. ID: MauMuntah this error always pop up when im play, more often on asgard ... Capture : ON
  3. Rebellion IGN : MauMuntah request for new weapon rebelion : (last report file, just give info) LINK : Conspiracy New Weapon Link: 1. Revolver : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=13136 2. Shotgun : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=28218 3. Rfile : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=28215 4. Granade Launcher : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=28217 5. Gatling Gun : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=28216 New Weapon Not release on Limit RO : a. Revolver : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=13138 b. Shotgun : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=28224 c. Rfile : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=28223 d. Granade Launcher : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=28226 e. Gatling Gun : http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/itemview.asp?itemSeq=1&ID=28225 Hope can ADD this on Machine NPC. Thx alot source KRO website, GN Joy
  4. bro how to make slottempest ?

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      wuahh not easy make it T^T

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      5% from my experience.

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      okiee nice info


  5. from Limit RO : weapon LV 2
  6. Char Name: Buls Cross Violation of Rule: use GM name on Badge, make new player confuse "and ppl ask : are you real GM" Evidence: screenshot
  7. Sry, im new player... Who is Zei ? if this FIX to Neurtal Magic Property, is that Pseudo elemental ? like can affected by Enchant element scroll (fire,wind,water and earth element) ?
  8. another print screen. ... i test on 2 Elvira on Belt AND Clean ..
  9. yeah... still bug not like KRO skill. target easily escape from area meteor and that damage i think still low
  10. @Yuuki say change to source report. i have tested on wind and ghost.... no + Magic Damage, since still count as normal magic atk. @Akin @Inkfish the translate : gaedarae stem variations of the window casting a 50% reduction. Javelin Storm window damage increased by INT and skill level. It can be activated by Suh / Wind / Ground / Fire / Soul depending on your skill level. The wind / salt stem window facilitates the application of Geoia and Elbia. It is a skill that can make the maximum one of the tramps. thx for help :
  11. Topic Source Report Your Char Name : Pet Meow Describe the bug as much as possible. : ==> i Use Skill Silverine Stem Spear LV 5 (ghost) with and without ELVIRA card (bonus magic dmg ghost and wind) no different dmg output. Give your source http://www.inven.co.kr/board/powerbbs.php?come_idx=4544&l=258 8. 개다래 줄기창 빛나는 가지 부적 [1] 개다래 줄기창의 변동 캐스팅 50% 감소. 개다래 줄기창 데미지가 INT와 스킬 레벨에 따라 증가. 스킬렙 별로 수/풍/지/화/염으로 발동 가능합니다. 풍/염 줄기창은 지오이아,엘비아 활용을 용이하게 해줍니다. 1초의 쿨이 있어 연사는 불가능 하지만 도람스킬중 최대한방을 만들수 있는 스킬입니다. 엘비아 = Elvira http://www.divine-pride.net/database/monster/2252/elvira Have you tested = Yes
  12. thx @Chester... 풍 / 염 줄기 창은 지오이 아, 엘비 아 활용을 용이하게 해줍니다. The wind / salt stem window facilitates the application of Geoia and Elbia. idk why ghost = salt (yeom)
  13. New Doram Race, Summoner Job, Pasta Continent, Town of Lasagne with Fields and Dungeons [Testing Phase @ Korean Test Server] http://forum.ragnarokeurope.com/ro/index.php?/topic/77821-new-doram-race-summoner-job-pasta-continent-town-of-lasagne-with-fields-and-dungeons-testing-phase-korean-test-server/ and this http://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/5026 only this i can give ,coz idk korean language.
  14. ...... ahh catnip meteor .. oh catnip hopefully bug (stem spear) quickly corrected as soon as possible. I can not help on the source code because I has no idea of about it. thanks for the response.
  15. oh.... yeah its work on another skill wind or ghost.. the problem is skill doram not wind or ghost like description. same as catnip meteor (ghost) ... no add bonus M-Dmg