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  1. Asgard - do you feel it?

    Welcome, Citizens of Midgard. To the new Capital of LimitRO - the Asgard. Above everything and with protection by the Gods, we are safe from the evil force. In short, what do you think of Asgard? Any particular NPC you'd like to see in Asgard? Do you think, you will live in Asgard? SAFE FROM EVIL FORCES , This guy MiSlaveAlex Keep summoning Monsters from Dead Branch , And he Said Blame Lai , Hahaha , I know his not gonna get punished,
  2. cannot log in

    The server is having Maintenance , Stay Tuned
  3. Renewal Blues

    Well, The Point is some people dont like The Pvp/woe Renewal because as you just said 1hitskill it's sooo true, 1 char can wipe a whole guild for like 2 to 3 skill only , Well the thing is i love renewal because of the new things to explore , Instances , new maps and new quests, , .