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  1. Changelogs - 4/24/2017 New Pets 🦊 Nine Tails Taming item dropped by Enchanted Peach Tree 🐻 Teddy Bear Taming item dropped by Zipper Bear πŸ‘ΊGremlin Taming item dropped by Rotar Zairo Mummy Taming item dropped by Evil Druid 🌲 Willow Taming item dropped by Ancient Tree 🐺 Roween Taming item dropped by Gallion Donation πŸ’° Western Union Update New donation details Receiver First Name: WANGQIONG Receiver Last Name: MAO Receiver City: WenZhou, ZheJiang New WU VIP ratio 50 USD = 45 VIP Coins 100 USD = 90 +5 VIP Coins (95) 200 USD = 180 +20 VIP Coins (200) 300 USD = 270 +35 VIP Coins (305) 500 USD = 450 +65 VIP Coins (515) Feature Achievement / Title beta version!
  2. Please use up all your Fish from the Fishing Tournaments. We will wipe them from our database in 2 weeksΒ to reset it, together with a new Fishing method (100% Anti AFK fishing).

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      is server down? Failed to connect to server

  3. Changelogs - 04-10-2017 Event 🐰 Easter Egg Collector NPC has arrived to Asgard. Feature πŸ‘οΈ Added A+ and A++ bounties in Class A Bounty in HQ. πŸ‘οΈ Readjusted difficulty of clan quests. πŸ‘οΈ Readjusted items in Odin & Magic clan shops. Item Update 🎩 Old Midas, Old Rune Circle etc will be trade able. (No longer need to ask me to be middle man) 🐠 All fishes are now tradeable. Gladiator Tournament πŸ›‘οΈ Added dual check. πŸ›‘οΈ Re-entry delay when killed is now account wide. WoE 2017 setup 🏰 New castles πŸ“… Schedule βš”οΈ New Silk Mode Bug Fix 🐞 Channel chat colors updated. 🐞 Summoner's Race, Size and Job Bonus 🐞 Striking doesn't add crit chance 🐞 Spell Fist Damage Bug and with Normal Atk Modifier Portion Bug 🐞 Fixed Prontera Knightage daily quest bug. Warning: Please use up all your Fish from the Fishing Tournaments. We will wipe them from our database in 2 weeks to reset it, together with a new Fishing method (100% Anti AFK fishing).
  4. Changelogs - 03.27.2017 Feature πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Clan released. You can join a Clan from the LimitRO Headquarters - @go hq Total 4 Clans: Prontera Knightage, Odin Orthodoxy, Magic Academy, Icarus Society. Clan Buff Different clan has different buffs. Clan Shop Different clan has different shop content. Clan Quest Different clan has different quest. Clan Chat To display Clan Chat Type /cl text to chat in clan chat βš”οΈ Gladiator Tournament Commands Changed Help channel chat color. Patch Added in the New Login Screen - by @Sumikkogurashi Added Easter eggs and easter egg NPC patch. Event πŸ₯š Easter Egg Hunt - more details soon 🐰 Zodiac Return #4 - has begun. 🎣 World Fishing Tournament 4 Item Fixes πŸ€• You can now sell the April' Fools Day reward to NPC.
  5. @Hilmir do you need help on testing that summoner job on the test server?
  6. Changelogs - 03.27.2017 Battleground πŸ—ΊοΈ New map for Conquest ~~ Feature πŸ‘š Released new Shadow Chaser outfit and colors for it ~~ πŸ’€ Gladiator Tournament Now gives WPS Token to each kill. Players now drops Common Skull (green skull) when dead. NPC πŸ”Ž Added card check to Mora enchanter. Bug Fixes 🐞 Fixed broken Doram female color 🐞 Fixed Monado Sword + Genetic boarding halter mount crash. 🐞 Fixed issue with MatoMato not accepting mask return. 🐞 Battleground pots now work for the new battleground maps. 🐞 Fixed issue with Mato Mato not accepting Mask recycle. 🐞 Battleground pots now work for the new battleground maps. Event Special One Week Daily Gift Claim at NPC Aytog in Asgard. Grand prize at 3rd April: Orange Hat Costume (need at least 5 days claims.) More info: Patch πŸ“€ Added an item patch, for minor fixes and some new item supports.
  7. Earlier i messaged ziu and asked him about the current property of catnip meteor. He confirmed that it is Neutral Property.
  8. Have you finished the Elevator Quest(To Phantasmagorica) and Looking for Traces quest?
  9. Enchants for Device Set and Reinforced Set for Mechanics At +0 to +8 If refine is +9 or over Device Set Reinforced Set
  10. Guides forΒ Fantasmagorica, Verus Daily Quests, and Excellion Set is now posted. You can check them here . :)Β 


  11. Excellion Set What do these equipment do?
  12. Congratulations to RageSnipe for winning today's PoP Quiz Answer is Charles Robert Darwin and HMS Beagle
  13. Congratulations to SpicyPorkNoodle for winning today's PoP Quiz Answer is Black Charcoal
  14. Day 2 of Pacifiqo's PoP Quiz For a question worth 1 Redeem Code: What are the materials required for making a Koneko Hat? (indicate the number of materials) Winner: @Super Asi Kindly check your inbox for the Redeem Code
  15. Congrats to Super Asi! He got the right answer