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  1. Expand Classes Like, Soul Linker, Star Gladiator, Rebellion, Kagerou and Oboro shouldn't able to wear the Pendant of Maelstrom
  2. on 00:17 shows User of Killing Strike, Rush toward a target upon using this skill ( it didn't rush, it just walking) on 00:34 shows the Animation Skill of Rapid Throw on 01:36 shows the Animation Skill of Shadow Trampling on 00:32 shows the Animation Skill of Release Ninja Spell on 00:44 shows the Animation Skill of Kunai Explosion on 01:03 shows the Animation Skill of Illusion:Shock
  3. as you see on screenshot my dmg of Kunai Explosion is around 128k-130k, endowed by Earth Property weapon, I tried to Cenere a wind property monsters and expecting to deals more damage but Kunai Explosion only works as Force Neutral
  4. wow! Lot of talented players, participates on Login Screen Contest.

  5. @Inkfish I can't make a new nor edit my thread on report section This skill behaves strangely with elements similar to Cart Cannon where it is treated as forced Neutral but applies elemental modifiers normally. The only practical application of this knowledge is that the skill will always miss on Ghost, regardless of your elemental endow. For Non-Ghost enemies, the damage increases as expected with endows and enemy elemental weaknesses. as you see my damage is around 128k-130k, I tried to use it on Cenere which is a wind element monster, having a buff of 10 earth charm to make my weapon Earth Property with Earth Kunai, I'm Expecting would deal more damage to cenere since its wind element but it only works as force neutral
  6. test test
  7. just got home, from 5days vacation, now need to pack again for my new house /sigh

  8. Master Orochimaru & Lucky Break Combo Name: Milk Coffee Love Advice: "In Relationship, Love is not enough you also need a Finance to Support it." FB SHARE
  9. I like this because its ninja class
  10. OMEGAD! I couldn't imagine lot of talented players here in Limit
  11. First complete the Limit Academy once you received the freebies, you can easily reach the level 100, using the mercenaries in your inventory at usable tab. use bowman/archer mercenary, every mercenary has a skill right click your mercenary>> status>>skill>>take the double strife and put it in your shortcut key and go to orc dungeon02 to go there talk to warper>> dungeon>> orc dungeon>> dungeon 2 until you reach level 60+, put all your stats on Vitality after that use the doppelganger contract, use @autoloot then talk to warper>> dungeon>> moscovia>> dungeon 3. you can start farming while leveling until your reach lv100. once you reach level 100 go to asgard and look for Infinity Space party. P.S. Dont forget to use the Field Manual to boost your exp