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  1. Master Orochimaru

    Action System for high price Items

    Hmmm you mean Aunction system? Oh before you suggest or sharing your Idea please follow this Settings
  2. Master Orochimaru

    Costume Headgear List

    Yeah, its DONATE. Lai should admit this before, this server is Donate2Win not a Pay2Win. I was there (I dont remember where he said it, on game or forums. But he said it.) that time.
  3. Master Orochimaru

    Costume Headgear List

    The thruth hurts Agreed Lai, you should start the topic.
  4. Master Orochimaru

    kRO Winter Update Sneak-Peek

    dang! I hope we have a SG main class here in LimitRO and we will see how strong SE in pvp when they used it.
  5. Master Orochimaru

    Crown of Deceit (#5564)

    The players who already have it. Or a players want to have it. Do not underestimate the efforts of newbies. If they want to make it, they will hunt all materials. I assumed newbies can't farm the bloody coins. But only 40m? You can farm it on mavkas or thana10-12 to have it. What if they are using expand classes? +1 on this
  6. Master Orochimaru

    Missing Animation Skills

    Well those skills are works fine, but it didnt show animation of skills. I still need to upload a video from limit to proof those skills are bug?
  7. Master Orochimaru

    [GUIDE] Kagerou / Oboro: Killing Strike and Kunai Build

    the Itemization Guide, is 100% updated. waiting for 16.1 and I will update it if there's a new items/cards or changes on ninja class.
  8. Master Orochimaru

    Missing Animation Skills

    @Inkfish bump for this
  9. I reformat my desktop but I forgot having a crappy connection to DL LimitRO

  10. Master Orochimaru

    Party Trolling

    if you check your screenshot, the RK is too close on R.Amdarais, like what ravelyna said
  11. Master Orochimaru

    Hello LimitRO World!

    so he will become shappo's rival? xD
  12. Master Orochimaru

    A NEW GUILD for Newbies and Veteran

    go 19 or look to my guildmates for invitation
  13. Master Orochimaru

    Episode 16.1

    I'm wetting as hell, can't wait for new instance
  14. Master Orochimaru

    [Guide] Percent Damage Modifier Formula

    I didnt know there was a conversation on my guide, sorry for having bad connection. I will update this guide especially on Thanatos effect formula it should be only affected by HardDef.
  15. Master Orochimaru

    Pendant of Maelstrom on Expand Class

    Expand Classes Like, Soul Linker, Star Gladiator, Rebellion, Kagerou and Oboro shouldn't able to wear the Pendant of Maelstrom