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  1. Storm

    Silk woe weapons

    ok ignore this someone said its because i use true cards and they are banned.
  2. Storm

    Silk woe weapons

    Could someone tell me which level 4 whips or instruments are usable in silk woe? i tried using aigus mic as it wasnt on the list for banned items in silk woe but it gets stripped as soon as i go in to portal. if it should be allowed coud you take a look? Thank you in advance
  3. Storm

    Treasure hunting achievement

    Hi, Are all the digg spots available? i have found 3 that i cant dig unless they are wrong spots? just says there are signs of digging. I have searched whole maps and they are only spot i could find on each map. Also is there a list where they are im trying to get the Space mask. Thank you
  4. same as RebellionGaga i tried messaging no response when i accused them of being bot logged out. Ksing everyone same routine as RebellionGaga
  5. Just walks around whole map killing eveything, didnt respond to messages when i asked them to stop. they kill then go to town then come back and KS everyone.