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  1. Storm

    Star Stones Rebalance

    I have noticed that star stones don't seem to aligned. ATK 3% seems to add more damage than long ATK 3% and Crit 3% I would think Crit 3% should add more damage to a crit atk then ATK 3% but from what i have seen and been told atk % always adds more damage compared to equal long atk % and Crit %. I have tried testing with PER PER with 3% atk and 3% atk Adds almost as much damage increase as CRIT damage 8% and Crit damage 8% 6% atk shouldn't be comparable to 16% Crit? I have compared Crit star stones to Atk star stones on my ranger and GX atk star stone add more damage to crit atks than the Crit star stones. Could someone explain it to me? I have ASKED GM Lai he asked to to post on here. He said it looks like star stones need to be balanced again.
  2. Storm

    Is it true you are banning players that have illusion armour with neev enchants when it was previously allowed? someone posted about losing mods when enchanting using the illusion npc. You said it shouldn't remove mods when enchanting illusion items. emistry then fixed the issue and even posted screen shot of him enchanting with neev and resetting to test mods bug. So it was allowed before and now its a bug exploit? If you dont ban player but remove items will player get compensated for zeny spent getting enchants and vip spent upgrading? 

    1. Suzunechan


      Yes Lai said so himself in game chat

    2. Lai


      I will remove the bugged enchants. If it's big abuser ppl who abuse and sell, i will ban.

  3. Apparently KRO getting skill update So no need to vote now - Sorcerer - The contents of Sorcerer improvement as below : 1. Spell Fist Reduces damage factor in the skill formula. Continuously drains SP over the skill duration. According to above changes. Limited attack count will be removed. Hopefully this is implemented on Limitro before i get bored and quit lol.... @Lai
  4. Ooooh I’ll try ask her thank you @Rin how to be strong spell fist sorc lol just for fun and a change from rg lol
  5. Storm

    Revamp Normal Woe

    I think the issue is more normal woe is for the big boys and girls who are strong. The good players with strong gear where as silk is for the smaller fry that can’t normal woe so stick to silk due to gears or ability. You could stop cash food but there will still be moaning. I think vip coins would be good idea. I think it would make more people do normal woe. maybe each normal woe castles get reset to no occupation at start then free for all to get castle....
  6. I have read the guide hence why I tried it and I’m not disputing it’s a strong skill I haven’t asked for it to be improved damage wise I’m asking if the duration of 30 hits be removed or changed so it’s on par with other classes. Currently it’s not in line dps wise of rg which just got made more op with shadow gear, ss ranger, gx , genetic with new shadow gear, mechanic with arm cannon or ninja. If it was amazing or op you would see more spell fist players but you don’t. My suggestion is to make more people play it in this meta. Anyway it was just a suggestion not like they would change it. But thank you for your input. Think how much you can make from players trying new class I know how you like to sell stuff and make zeny that’s not afk farmed lol
  7. Hi, Has anyone here tried Spell Fist Sorc? it is so much fun but is let down by Spellfist only lasting a certain amount of hits before it cancels and damage goes back to awful. you have to stop try recast and atk again really ruins it. My suggestion is to remove the duration based on number of hits. And either change it to a fixed buff duration for example 5 minutes or remove the duration so always active till you cast a different skill or cancel OR At least extend it so it lasts more than 30 hits or last 60 sec which is terrible length of time The damage modifier can be left as is. This wouldn't make the class OP but would bring it inline with arm cannon Mecha and Cart Cannon Genetics at least. And most important would see more spell fist sorcs as currently its not used very often. Thank you GM Lai and Team!
  8. Storm

    Deiter Stats look wrong?

    Should his HP only be 100hp ?seems wrong also stats seem far too low for S-type looking at guides his stats are lower then even the worst homuculus you could get.... Also are they going to get level 200 update?
  9. Storm

    Silk woe weapons

    ok ignore this someone said its because i use true cards and they are banned.
  10. Storm

    Silk woe weapons

    Could someone tell me which level 4 whips or instruments are usable in silk woe? i tried using aigus mic as it wasnt on the list for banned items in silk woe but it gets stripped as soon as i go in to portal. if it should be allowed coud you take a look? Thank you in advance
  11. Storm

    Treasure hunting achievement

    Hi, Are all the digg spots available? i have found 3 that i cant dig unless they are wrong spots? just says there are signs of digging. I have searched whole maps and they are only spot i could find on each map. Also is there a list where they are im trying to get the Space mask. Thank you
  12. same as RebellionGaga i tried messaging no response when i accused them of being bot logged out. Ksing everyone same routine as RebellionGaga
  13. Just walks around whole map killing eveything, didnt respond to messages when i asked them to stop. they kill then go to town then come back and KS everyone.