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  1. Ressentiment

    BlackCat Rampage

  2. Ressentiment

    Kaite don't give bonuse damage

    Dude why you showed outdated source, when we showing already sorce from kro, iro. In you source chance reflect 100% when its already 50% in Kro. In you sorce bouns 1000% +400%. When its already 4x dmg. Also should to boost all targets take more 400% from range and melee. Source from KRO: 1) (current skill work) 2) (the last update Kaite) (Ur balanced patch Inkfish, reread him well <<) P.s. Your sorce use pre-renewal formula. Limitro is renewal server. On renewal this buff should work like debuff... Okey guys let me proof (about pre-renewal formula). Lets use math. I will count for you: So that mean PRE-RENEWAL formula should to have 3 SECOND Now let's use your source: 6.5 - (7 * 0.5) 7 * 0.5 = 3.5 sec 6.5 - 3.5 = 3 SECOND When RENEWAL HAVE: a) FIX cast time: 0.6 sec b) VIRABLE cast time: 2.4 sec
  3. Ressentiment

    Kaite don't give bonuse damage

    Right now melee dmg too don't get 400% dmg boost. xD
  4. Ressentiment

    RGM>Silk Woe (S T A R S)

    Lmao, haters? That you and ur dogs doing Woof Woof in main chat every WoE. You and your dogs started that shit. If you don't keep calm ur dogs or ur self, we will keep this holy war. hahha Strong? Open ur eyes, join on some other server and try to make some woe. Oh w8 you can't do that, cuz you just a random pvp players whos can win only on broken woe in which none from normal guilds in life will not play. We got lower online and give you "SOME CHANCE" just cuz this server broken, and Lai don't try to fix him, and WoE Players just leave from server. Here still we can't turn off vscyn, with gtx 1070ti still pll got drop fps to 30. No WoE Statistic xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD You can win with online\ skill bugs, when enemy don't get more then 1 party, also you can win TT figts but can't win fair WoE. Guys you doesn't hear about gate fights. About what we try talk? This server don't have statistic but you keep saying you win cuz take some castle? Rly, hello from 2006 year. You playing in one server on which normal woe super broken and you didn't try to fix bugs, or report them. Cuz this is one way how you can to win someone. P.s. Mb you will understand this Woof Woof Woof Woof P.s.2 Look how WoE is conducted and what is Gate Fights. Ops ur dogs without control, you can't make something like this. They know only 1 command: Voice (TT in main chat)
  6. Ressentiment

    RGM>Silk Woe (S T A R S)

  7. Ressentiment

    RGM>Silk Woe (S T A R S)

    Too much talk from super weak guild.
  8. Ressentiment

    Land Protector and Killing Cloud bug

  9. Ressentiment

    RGM>Silk Woe (S T A R S)

    pff. Said guild which posted some flags when they was without enemy? Stop abuse online bug. 24 ppl on silk max. Oh w8 without bugs and zerg you losing all time.
  10. Ressentiment

    RGM>Silk Woe (S T A R S)

  11. Ressentiment

    Holy/Undead Elemental Scroll

  12. Ressentiment

    07.04.2019 Silk WoE

  13. Ressentiment

    07.04.2019 Silk WoE

    Hello guys! Let's make some Holy War :3 Why stars don't TTing after WoE like they was do that on morning when they rape 2 catnarchy members? WoE video will come soon~
  14. Ressentiment

    Demonic Fire \ Fire Expansion lvl 5 \ Land Protector

    Mate, problem with Land protector. I'll pm you later
  15. Ressentiment

    Demonic Fire \ Fire Expansion lvl 5 \ Land Protector

    You will certainly forgive me, but you know how many times I tried to fix some spells and there was always some person who did not understand what he was talking about, and admins just closed the topic without any counter proof without any reason? This LP just broke all WoE fights. p.s. im not aggressive, just tired with proofs. It is so ridiculous that I should not show any proof at all for this report.