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  1. Ressentiment

    Preventing SIlk WoE Exploits

    Which things? Sir im still outadet on limitro, after comeback i just change 2 weapons cards (for corrupted). My main guys, doesn't use any of bugged food or item, cuz we just don't have it. WE didn't play here around 1 year. For us better to report them. Russians have such a proverb: Don't do shit, where you eating. Also we have alot of guest players, which came from other guilds, what they use, etc., I don’t know and they don’t share with me, but I can say, if you noticed that - report them. My job here is just lead people during woe. After all, as I said, I am for fair play. I just want to notice that when we were actively playing here, as many reports as we did, no one did here. So say that we play dirty, for me it is stupid. And again, all the main players in my guild do not use anything and I vouch for them. Also how jegore say, we have around 120-150 people in discord, and most of woe people just come for guest woe
  2. Ressentiment

    Preventing SIlk WoE Exploits

    Sure, we all stupid, just only you guys smart. This logic. Love pve players in woe. RMT topic, it was my promise - which I fulfilled, not knowing the whole story, and something write to me, why so smart sir How me remember you guys lose and leave that pvp, also you cry and tting in main chat during pvp. So cant kill, hello problems with perception of reality? p.s. Let's bet, does he repeat the same resist when supervised by the Lai? It was not we who created this topic, that is, not only we realized that something was wrong here. We didn’t really bother with all this, sooner or later we would find what you are using there, and then we will just ask to block it all. Just as I recall, without bugs, you did not go beyond 1 gate))))) And then I left a message that corresponds to this topic, for you it is "crying" because you "abusing", for adequate people these are facts adhered to by the proof
  3. Ressentiment

    Preventing SIlk WoE Exploits

    1) Listen, it seems to me only our guild, handed over cheat things and asked to ban all equipment that introduced an imbalance, because we were always for fair play. 2) Do you consider us complete fools, or what? Naturally, we tried in the realities of Silk. The same, we could not even close repeat this. Apparently there is some kind of broken buff, or gear. Or some things (and there are many, believe me) that are not included in the list (although they should, for their price, because they are difficult to get, etc.) In fact, you should have gone and reported it to Lai. But looking at your comments on our reports also tting in game (BCR only report skills, They cry cuz some skills broken and bla bla bla), the majority here simply people abuse them. Bro its our guild report that set. Cuz we remember long time ago everyone who join in server was have a free rental freya set. If you know how, then it was possible to bind and make it eternal. We are not sure that it is he, but it should be banned, that's for sure. But I’ll even say so that even with Freya (and other silk stuff) we dispersed 91% from demi human. (But perhaps we don’t know something) Why are we thinking about this set? Simple, Sc was have 3 copy spells. Fly kick, Crazy Weed, and Frost Nova. (But maybe he has scrolls for it) (we checked and its was allowed on silk type (Test server)) But on that Gif this SC should to have 98% from demi human. (so its can be something else and sure its not a legal) Why we are sure about demi human redux? Cuz we already checked his redux after he getting 1 debuff. Debuff, reduces 50% only demi human redux. After that he got alot of dmg. (that was mean he doesn't stack: Neutral or some1 else element redux, or Size redux) BUT STILL WE ARE NOT SURE that was during pvp. We kill them and test in one moment. (we have more funny moments how he tank dmg, i just dropped 1 of them, which i got in our discord) We are 100% sure that with the administrator, he will not show such a resist, because there are 100% forbidden things there.We are also sure that most of the players, except for this guild. Will no longer be able to show such a resist in the realities of Silk, even including Lai himself.
  4. Ressentiment

    BlackCat Rampage

  5. Ressentiment

    Preventing SIlk WoE Exploits

    Checking silk Gears? what about that. My Rg deal 4.5k per wave on full redux SC (not this one). This guy tank any dmg during PvP and WoE. Also same any dmg. Tetra 1k. Ninja how you see 500, asura 12k, gx 2k per wave. And sure agree about checking gears and buffs (but without stream or share) Like test shows its should be 98% dh redux. (On silk?!) p.s. its without woe redux :))))
  6. Ressentiment

    Your Top 3 Fav monsters.

    #1 #2 #3 why - no comments
  7. Ressentiment

    Need italian guild or italians player

    I haven’t seen Italians here. p.s. I'm just live in italia 1 year.
  8. Ressentiment

    No Friendly Fire For Ally Guild

    = )
  9. Ressentiment

    Increase capacity WoE members to 36 peps in castle

    +1 for cap 36 members. P.s. about TTing here. Cats not dominating in silk? That was Stars? Okey... Then just one question, why we was being the owners of the castle and why we was doing push whole time, and didn't def, also we was take 2 castle per woe. Stars was dominating in normal woe without any enemy that ye that true. Def vs castle walls and npc. GJ But we all know how lim abuse lai and lie to him about everything ;) @Roycee Roycee i don't gonna talk about ur guild skill or etc. I'll just remind you how to trust your words and how you hold them. Once Roycee ask me about my grf, i always give my grf to "friends" but only with one rule, don't share this grf. Whole time people respect that one rule and keep it. But only one guy just do a rat move and share grf behind me to everyone. That was Roycee. Now mostly players in limitro using BlackCat Rampage grf. IF we are so shit, bad, don't use it, download any other from internet, or made for ur self new one. p.s.2 You trying to be strong guilds trying to say you understand woe, but you guys even cant make grf for own guild, and don't know about gate fights. Its funny to look how pve players trying to play WoE without any experience. glhf boys, ill watch to you when we take back our ppl. Be polite give to us some time we are outdated and don't have main roster but when will bring all back just pls don't leave woe as you did before.
  10. Ressentiment

    BlackCat Rampage

    BUMP Recruit players for Saturday \ Sunday Silk WoE PM here or join in our discord channel: P.s.:
  11. Ressentiment

    4x Health Lv3 Gemstone don't give 20% HP/SP

    sir do you know? This 20% work only with ur VIT HP. Turn off all gears which give you % HP and then test
  12. Ressentiment

    Pet's work on silk WoE

    they try to fix that around half year
  13. Ressentiment

    Kiel card + Bragi are giving the wrong after cast

    this skills don't have cast delay decress effect: water insignea telekinesis intense soul fairy Im think you mix up VCT (Viriable Cast Time) with CD (Cast Delay)
  14. Ressentiment

    Kiel card + Bragi are giving the wrong after cast

    This bug not only with Kiel card. This server use pre-renewal formula for cast delay: but only when stacking Items with buffs Look Im got 67% from items Then when Im use bragi instead of getting 30% i got 9.9% 30% from 33 = 9.9% Here you got the same problem: You got 30% from kiel so bragi now give you 30% from 70 that mean 70*0.3=21% that why 51%