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  1. Ressentiment

    Monthly Task 005

    Caracter name: Ressentiment Vkontakte name: Me Ow Link:
  2. Ressentiment

    command @hold

  3. Ressentiment

    So woe seems to be ruined as far as new competition

    Sir we are newbie guild, and we don't have any problems with competition on Silk WoE. For gear up some char you need to waster around 1 week. For us, only woe time is a hindrance. That why we doing only 2 woe per week. p.s. Last time i see only two guilds on silk: Stars and 007. Mb you guys need just try to come on woe? p.s.2 Wanna see more guilds on Silk WoE. Right now Silk Very balanced. All classes with a lot builds uses on Silk.
  4. Ressentiment

    Sura Build Guide

    Pm me
  5. Ressentiment

    Easter Egg Decoration

    Char Name: Ressentiment Wish comment: Whishing you a Happy Easter! May the Easter bunny bring you lots of chocolate and may it be a wonderful time spent with your friend, family and LimitRO!
  6. Ressentiment

    Cafra Shop Food loses effect at death

    And some breaking news: this food doesn't must fall off after death
  7. Ressentiment

    Cafra Shop Food loses effect at death

    Cap look, on some class i don't use +10 vit food, so i don't like Marhaval Potin. And how me know this pots doesn't work on Silk WoE About Kro, comon, i can find alot items and skill whick don't work like on Kro. Example: Cat Ear Beret About +10 food, this is Mid Rate server so why p***cking hell in Low Rate servers much easier to get +10 food which doesn't fall off after death?! @Lai 1) Im almost on all class don't use +10 VIT Food. 2) Cash Items don't work on Silk WoE and they dispelled
  8. Ressentiment

    Cafra Shop Food loses effect at death

    1) Every server (officials too) have +10 food from "MvP" and +10 food from "Kafra Shop" which also easy to get without kafra shop. So this food we don't get from MvP, then ID same how on official non droped after death +10 food. p.s. Why create +10 food, which is almost like food from a mvp?! For what? 2) These just your guesses. Don't make them reality if it is not so p.s.2 The item doesn't work as it should, so it's here.
  9. Ressentiment

    15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    just quote from this topic: btw you are not accidentally from the guild "Bee", who was constantly in the ally? If Yes, for some reason im not surprised
  10. Ressentiment

    15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    @F a i z Dude share to me experiences how to play against two guilds who using ally
  11. Ressentiment

    15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    Bump, 2k18 people still doing ally
  12. Ressentiment

    improperly works skill Poison Smoke

    Chill ppls, and let's fix this skill >.> im already give all proofs
  13. Ressentiment

    improperly works skill Poison Smoke

    VIDEO From 2017y KRO @Lai 1) We didn't see million posion smoke like on limitro 2) time: 1:44 (gx use 1 poison smoke); 6:42 (gx use 1 poison smoke) 6:54 (we see 1 posion smoke) 8:33 ( gx used 1 poison smoke, other smoke its sorc skill "Killing cloud") Other video from 2018y (2 weeks ago): Time: 0:16 (1 poison smoke) + i don't see reason looking more, cuz im pretty sure about how must work this skill.
  14. Ressentiment

    improperly works skill Poison Smoke

    1) This skill on the limit ro works as it is, around 2 years. 2) How can I find a video from kRO? (2017-2018y) 3)You came from the future and fixed the skill 2 years ago? Comon dude.