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  1. Ressentiment

    Jack Frost and Frost Mist were Bugged

    Update patch from 2011 :)) Jro with extra update skills say kinda other information: This video from Kro showed too other information (2015 year): looks like 23x23 not like 19x19 and not like 27x27.
  2. Ressentiment

    VincentQZ AFK in BG

    If be honest for me you was the same afk like that guy. But who care. (both don't play for win)
  3. Ressentiment

    VincentQZ AFK in BG

    You trying report a man which rly try to play somehow. When Bg have tards like this -.-
  4. Ressentiment

    VincentQZ AFK in BG

    This guy sit with us on discord when you or someone else pm him about AFK, and he say to us: " Im play what this guys want from me" (when you doing this screens) Ban newbie play cuz he is newbie and try to learn how bg is work = deadbrain. P.s. On ur screens we see how he is move. lamer is not afk afk mean = away from keyboard. Lamer = passive gaming or user without experience. p.s. 2 He have other screen shots which show how he play when everyone call him afk. I'll say to post it here.
  5. Ressentiment


    Что ты во время этого делаешь?
  6. Ressentiment

    Magma Eruption and Mado

    Inflicting - is mean when dealing dmg you should to infect stun status
  7. Ressentiment

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    C'mon. If that was any other person I'll said the same. I don't accept ur opinion just cuz this is very unreasonable idea, in which you can't see what will be happens with it.
  8. Ressentiment

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    I don't know about you. But from russian community we always have new comers also many non russian players ask me about guild but we don't take them cuz right now we focused only with russian players, exception Timmi and Keila, (+Tin but she don't play anymore) which I know well and love them much. Bg dead not cuz of silk balance, BG dead cuz of prize pool. Badge not usefull. Wanna see alive BG add restock from BG Badges for PvP + BG. That will make alive pvp + bg. People will don't waste money for PvP + will farm bg for Potions and etc. (Many servers do that for alive BG) But for that need rebalance all BG System. But still this is BG Trouble not a Silk balance. p.s. How you see, many ppls says don't touch Silk Balance. But you don't hear them and don't care. Cuz think about ur self.
  9. Ressentiment

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    Which gears? If you talk about weapons. some of them have enchants. With good enchants this weapons will cost more then any good enchanted vicious. Rebelion without this gears doing one shot. But don't need to make one shot with self buffs vs any redux in silk. FS8 double will give you 250+ atk (this will destroy balance) Don't destroy already worked balance by some cry baby. Is work well so just keep it.
  10. Ressentiment

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    LOL Wat? About Red moment: This is your personal opinion, from a player of average understanding of the game. Nothing more. About our story: C'mon. You think I care about what you say about me? Ha. You called my guild "noobs" and right now noobs always win vs you. I think I have nothing more to add) About Lai's defense: I criticized Lai and his stupid ideas even before you play here. And still doing that. Some time that drunk Chinaman which drink too much our Russian Vodka blocking me in dsicord. True friends should to say a true, and don't lick ass. <-- @Lai just for rofl: But this silk mod is perfect! So Im prefer his side. About newcomers: I say that it will break the balance, between beginners and geared ones and it will turn out Silk WoE with a dead balanced as in Normal WoE. But you don't hear me and don't try to see situation from other side >.>
  11. Ressentiment

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    Do you understand that the balance lies not only in the bonus of the gears? But also in the price and time for which you need to waste to it. That should you open eyes and stop care only about ur self. You doesn't care about online, about newcomers and etc. You just care about your self, your dmg and etc. What I can see in ur topic. It's looks like a soul cry. You are not trying to find a middle ground in resist and damage, in price and benefit. You just say why not and show some weird math. (Which doesn't work as you write) I wanna see more guilds on silk, more newbies and etc. But if they should to farm 1 years for gears which will got all silk guilds.. I'll never don't see them. Cuz they will use and refine those expensive items for Normal WoE \ PvM not for Silk WoE.. So many peoples will stop play gears = low online. I understand that sometimes people do not see beyond their nose. If be honest I was have same idea like ur. But then Im "Open my eyes" and start to looks from other side and saw many troubles which will broken balance things. p.s. The devil is in the details. (which you don't see)
  12. Ressentiment

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    This topic are very narrow and personal opinion. All Depsea are hard to make illusion gears? Only 1 mace will cost 6-9 vip (without refine) Abusive robe ?? (Same 6-9) Silk its a WoE and PvP for newbies, and for guilds that are just starting to play. Right now Silk are super balance. Don't need to destroy it by narrow opinion which is purely calculated from the usefulness of the thing and not its price or way to get it. Want to win at the expense of gears, there is a normal WoE. Want to call newbies and play with cheap and soft gears, there is a Silk WoE. Everyone is on an equal footing, whether you play 5 years or 2 weeks. No boost at the expense of gears cuz everyone have same gears. p.s Here we take the example of your RK which one don't deal dmg on silk. And lets take Berserka which deal a lot of dmg. Mb problems not with banned gears ?!| p.s.2 Also example after unbann some gears from ur list: Im Sura who playing here 2-3 years. Lets take vs me for exapmle any newbie sura who play here around 1 month but which can play more better then me (like all players in this server), but he will lose all time by gears cuz i will have Abusive +7, claw from illusion + garment and etc, when he will be with all standart cheap silk gears. Want to offer - look at things neutral and from all sides!
  13. Ressentiment

    New moon kick hide work not correct.

    i'll ask Doh about translate
  14. Ressentiment

    New moon kick hide work not correct.

    Yes. Same like Cloaking from Assassin Cross
  15. Ressentiment

    New moon kick hide work not correct.

    if someone is "HIDE" how can you HIT HIM? - AoE DMG You need to use SIGHT or something to unveal HIS HIDE? - Any detect skills + any AoE dmg p.s. Hide and Cloacking not the same. Star Emperor skill work like Cloacking