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  1. Here a lot ppl talk when don't know about that nothing. After that we saw here alot of bugs and wrong items work. And then my guys should to report that.
  2. still who said that? you? Not a custome, official servers too have enchants. Andrexp said how that should to work. 0 sense to talk about it with ppl who doesnt know how that work.
  3. Who say it? mb you don't know... But here all shadow gears from official servers.. example: LMAO.
  4. Ressentiment


    1. Do you think I care about my behaviour? Who is who we all here know, i'm not a newbie here, and every normal player know who am I. 2. 1) you can insult anyone as you like in pvp room. Cuz this is a PVP Room. Not a main, not a town or etc. Author doesnt say where he get that msg cuz he know about PvP rules. Also cuz it a little dirty liar (And this is true, not an insult). After a million insults from this person, I can call him how I want. I am not going to pretend to be right or pretty here or to put dust in your eyes, as the author of this topic does. My msg was for Author and Lai. If you are not one of them, then better don't write to me a msg and don't read my msg after this. 2) I have nothing to do, sit and SS every kid who got mad by KOS on pvp? If my guildmate get video from that pvp, i'll post it here, or you don't know how to read? Or read what you want, and not the whole message? then better reread my first msg. Will be more usefull. Im already showed examples screens about how this person talk with people. I can show more. But who care. If people like you don't have eyes or brain to see them and think about it. 3) Since when do people write STFU for no reason? In my opinion, people close their mouths when get some reason! p.s. Abbreviation can be decoded as you like. Mb I was mean GTFO - Game Too Fun Online. Or something else. You never know . p.s.2 I want to notice what I wrote here: I was write my 1 msg here after moment when ban is gone, about which none of us knew, because he only comes for WoE. My message here is written purely to show what a liar is the author of this topic. No more no less. so I don’t understand why you are writing something here. Mb its ur friend (then sry he will lie and insult you later, how this little kid do with me (im not MiniNeko, im a persone who saw all of this story, I saw how that ninja start TT then isult everyone)
  5. Ressentiment


    Where are the insults? This is the whole truth about you, little rat. Why did you not say that you were insulted at the PvP location and that you were the first to insult everyone there? p.s. go report me, little liar and gtfo.
  6. Ressentiment


    @Lai Oi tr*sh @E s n a you are not tired of lying? about this moment, sry we are not a shit like you who SS every dumb who insult someone on pvp. But in that moment you a first start insult this Rebelion p.s.:(i'll ask later one guy about replay mb he will have it, and then we will talk more srsly) About you, you are a rat who quietly does the dirty trick and dirty talk Abuse dispell on BG to ur teammate if you don't like a person. And im not talking only about my self. You do that with everyone. For that move on normal server would you already get a permanent ban! And we both know that a not a first person who got dispell from you and not a first time. Don't worry i'll find replay how you dispell me 10x time just cuz you a cry kid who got KOS on bg. just a moment how Im talk about that and what people think about you: and got a moments when you first start to insult peoples which moments you sure never don't drop here cuz you are RAT. You pull words out of context. And you do not show how you first begin to insult people. And then just like the last scum, doing reports on them. And do not be surprised why you are insulted if you yourself start P.s. @Lai ignore that kid cuz he lie every time to you, he never don't show you a full story. because it is he who will receive a ban for provocation and the first insult Also Im got a moments when you first start to insult people's which moments you sure never don't drop it here cuz you are RAT. Just for example, and belive I can find more. p.s. Child, try to get one moment, sooner or later a lie will always be revealed. p.s.2 if you talk to people like shit, it is superficially as if you are above them and insult them. then be ready to hear the same insults to your side. Oh way you will cry and run to the forum do a fake report and lie about insulting. GTFO
  7. Ressentiment

    Sleep + Stats

  8. Ressentiment

    Sleep + Stats

    Stat AGI should to give you immunitet for status sleep 1% per 1 agi Stat INT + LUK should decress Sleep Status Time How that work on LimitRo: Source:
  9. Ressentiment

    Cursed Circle + /sit

    • What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? you should be able to stand up after being forced to sit after getting windmilled and cursed circled. In other words, if you get hit by windmill and your enemy casted CC on you, you should be able to stand up even under still being CC'd.. Or u you get CC'd while just sitting (Semi Afk or whatever), you should be able to STAND up. • How that work on Limitro: SOURCE:
  10. Ressentiment

    Windmill'd after getting Cursed Circle

  11. Ressentiment

    CE Combinations - Fashion Show

    When FCP slave more geared then my main
  12. Ressentiment

    BlackCat Rampage

    BUMP Still looking for Russian and Non Russian players :3
  13. Ressentiment

    The element of Sky Blow does not change

    @Lai @Inkfish Comon guys, its super hard to find info for some skills from KRO and JRO cuz we don't know their language. How we see in this video, when guy get aspersio from "Miracle Blue Rose:" his dmg got boost. Same in this video: and here: