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  1. AFK FARMers

    maybe OverPower ? I meant this. please think smart xD
  2. AFK FARMers

    I am not here on this pictures, but I use same farm method as ppl on screenshots All legal guys, Im not using any bots or 3rd party programs, I am also not AFK while farm, as sayd earlier I just lure mobs and wait until they dead. I am repeat: ALL LEGAL WE DONT USE ANY BOTS AND WE DONT AFK. ITS JUST OUR METHOD OF FARM. OR! Lets also ask @Lai to punish OP players? Huh? When Im hunt MVPs, for example Atroce, it takes time to kill it but come OP ranger and take my Atroce with 1 shot !!! Its a pity too. So, using the logic of reporter, why dont we prohibit to be OP? Also lets talk about sorcerers who cast LP under my char, with words "Ur autocast just annoyng me!!" / it's a good reason/, btw they cast LP special for hinder my farm. And this is illegal unlike autocast farm method.
  3. LimitRO 2016 Client Features

    RO player according to the notions of Gravity
  4. LimitRO 2016 Client Features

    Im sorry, i didn't knew that this is an official Gravity content. Im sorry Lai ur honor, I thought it is your initiative. But my opinion remains the same - new client is rainbow pony vomit. Exept new Prontera.
  5. LimitRO 2016 Client Features

    Im sorry but i'll be straight . Speaking frankly... what da hell u did with client? All this buttons, kitty chars, all this rainbow pony vomit. Which NPC trade pink dildos? Mostly adult ppl plays RO, coz its an old game, almost no kids here, so why all this kid's bells and whistles? Adult ppl choose old school, but not this pink kitty. I understand that I could be banned for my opinion, but .... client now become a gay. Why you took decision to change client individually? Please make opinion poll about this new client, Im sure that many players will choose old client. Thank you. BTW hotkey for char-status must be ALT+A, like in old episodes. Make this.
  6. Fruit Farm

    Nice event. Thank you, GMs