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  1. Skadilicious

    Costume Headgear List

    Ughh.. Crown of Ra obtainable from Gladiator Tournament. But I don't do Gladiator Tournament. I'll just give up. S>account.
  2. Skadilicious

    Pintados NPC Bug

    It still resets after maintenance. I tried for 2 weeks and just gave up.
  3. Skadilicious

    [Opinion] Improvement to Instance Rewards!

    I did the prerequisites 10 times. The prerequisites are actually pretty easy except for the Report from the New World quest. I suggest increasing the drop rate of "Part of Report" or letting players choose which volume to restore instead of making it random.
  4. Skadilicious

    Cluttered ogh final boss room

    I've had this too on the previous installers. It's cluttered but you can walk through them. I just downloaded the new full installer now, I hope it's fixed.
  5. Skadilicious


    You can also do abra if you have a sorc
  6. Skadilicious

    Insulting VIA Private Message

    That guy has serious anger management issues
  7. Skadilicious

    Calling me C U N T via private message

    That guy always cursing in Main
  8. Topic Name: create a @command to mute Main chat or expand /ex command to block all of character's messages even in public chat, main, etc Character Names: Ranger Skadi Describe your suggestion What is this? create a @command to mute Main chat or expand /ex command to block all of character's messages even in public chat, main, etc Why do we have to add it? because it's very annoying to see people fighting in Main, help, trade, etc Who will benefit this? Everyone who's tired of those PVP babies fighting on main everyday. Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Please god, we are tired of reading all their drama. Other
  9. Skadilicious

    Sam Walton's list of SUGGESTIONS

    There are already so many ways to hunt mvps. There's abracadabra, bloody branches, Endless Tower, Central Laboratory. Some people actually like to PVM more than PVP or WoE. Not everything revolves around killing other players. Also, Guild Leaders already provide salary to the members. I personally avoid PVP because of all the trash-talking, name-calling and shaming which also reaches the main chat. Same here. Official items should have official effects. Custom items = custom effects.
  10. Skadilicious

    Arrows can't be equipped by SC and GX

    You need to equip a bow first before you can equip arrows. Unequipping the bow automatically unequips the arrows too.
  11. Skadilicious

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    For so many years you could buy all kinds of arrows. All of a sudden arrows were removed from VH. 0 warnings were given. You don't go saying that "we're simplifying vending harbor" but actually removing A LOT. I chose ranger as my main, even though geneticist is op because I hate crafting. Now I have to f*cking craft arrows.
  12. whose great idea was it to remove arrows from vh? you suck!

  13. Skadilicious

    Login Screen Contest

    Wow! These are all really good. I hope we can use them all. Winner = Login Screen Runner ups = Loading Screens
  14. Skadilicious

    Crimson Weapon Element Level

    Furthermore, Crimson Weapon Removed current element options from all Crimson Bows and Revolvers as per official. All future crimson bows/revolvers won't have element options.
  15. Skadilicious


    Hi Znehr and welcome to LimitRO! We can't really tell you what job to pick because it depends on what you enjoy. Rangers (archer) have the least expensive equipment for farming. Also good in PvM because they can hitlock monsters. I'm a ranger myself Warlocks (mage) are also good for farming because of their wide AoE skills. I personally use my warlock for farming Skeleton Archer cards, Porcellio Cards, GGBoxes, etc. Archbishops (healer) are always in demand. You also need to make a Merchant to sell your loots at a higher price to NPCs (Overcharge) and buy stuff at a discounted price from NPCs as well as vend items in the vending harbour. Here's the zeny guide for starters: You'll have to figure out what job you'll enjoy the most. There's a lot of players here who switch to another job because they find it more fun. My main used to be an archbishop. Now, it's a ranger. Some players switched from a ranger to geneticist, etc.