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  1. I've had this too on the previous installers. It's cluttered but you can walk through them. I just downloaded the new full installer now, I hope it's fixed.
  2. That guy has serious anger management issues
  3. That guy always cursing in Main
  4. You need to equip a bow first before you can equip arrows. Unequipping the bow automatically unequips the arrows too.
  5. whose great idea was it to remove arrows from vh? you suck!

  6. Wow! These are all really good. I hope we can use them all. Winner = Login Screen Runner ups = Loading Screens
  7. Fixed! My old laptop with old LimitRO files has no sprite problems so I just copied the old LimitRO folder to my new laptop.
  8. Hi @Lai nope it's still the same.
  9. Bored. Waiting for the server to get fixed. ?

  10. I am using the full installer. I never use small installer. Oh well it's not game-breaking so not a big deal. I'll wait for the next full installer. I just saw the new installer updated today. I'll download that now.
  11. Hello, I noticed this a long time ago but I was too lazy to make a report until now. The sprite for Phoenix Helmet and Green Jewel Bag is the same in game. See screenshots.
  12. I was able to use Dead Branch inside the new Limit HQ. I haven't tried Bloody Branch since I don't have one. But might as well disable that in the Limit HQ also. What if some jerk decided to unleash a horde of monsters in there? Poor newbies.
  13. We get too much trash-talking and name-calling in-game already. We don't need any more in the forums.

  14. What happened to the LimitRO Discord server? It disappeared from my list.
  15. Oh so I did too many quests? Lol. Thanks @Inkfish and @Lai. Beers on me!