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  1. Level 3 Enchantment of Racing Cap (Star Gladiator) only gives +30% increased damage. But on kRO it gives 40% increased damage. source:
  2. Amistr Bag doesn't show when equipped.
  3. Super Asi

    Add Elements in Training Dummies

    +1 , also sizes if can too please.
  4. Super Asi

    Newly Wed Character's Can't Adopt

    you can actually adopt novice here, did u marry at asgard? or in the other towns ( pront, hugel , lutie(
  5. Super Asi

    Baby Ranger Unlimit

    can i add that same thing happens on my AB's "Resurrection" skill too, just now on one of my AB, reset the skills, and i cant put any skill points on Resurrection. ^ issue only happens on one of my AB, no problem on other ABs only happened because of the pet Tomadora giving me status recovery skill
  6. Super Asi

    FQL drop rate

    screenshot at post was too small.
  7. Super Asi

    FQL drop rate

    Item Name / Item ID: Faceworm Queen Leg [2] / 13090 Describe the bug - not sure if its bugged or its really intended like this, but the drop rates are different every queen. One is at 25%, one is at 12.5%, and the rest are at 10% Step 1 Entered Faceworm Instance. Step 2 Killed Faceworm Queen Give your source: according to, all faceworm queen have the same drop rate regarding the FQL Your Char Name / Your Char Stats : Eludia / Stats not needed
  8. Super Asi

    quest skills

    afaik, you need to put skill points into it.
  9. Super Asi

    New Year Zeny Fundraiser 2017

    Can it be returned through mato-mato?
  10. Super Asi

    Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

    Title: Sneaky Poring by Asi Sometimes, smallest lads have the biggest guts. Little poring stole Eddga's pipe and now somebody's mad. Poring running quickly to avoid eddga's wrath. The smexy pig is me ofc. Progress: Final Work:
  11. Super Asi

    Xmas Event #1 - Selfie Showdown!

    IGN: Still Asi Yeah been awhile since i last doodle = 3= Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year as well.
  12. Super Asi


    yea, A for no restrictions, B for newbie friendly? or the other way around, doesnt matter.