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  1. The hat only adds 10% magical damage to Small instead See @battlestats
  2. With proper price, i think its plausible to add? Item ID: HE Bubble Gum Item drop rate increases by 200% for 15mins
  3. Tried incorporating the upcoming RK rework?
  4. Super Asi

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Dem some good arts
  5. Super Asi


    jsut PM at discord or FB as well
  6. Super Asi

    Changelogs - Warlock Rebalances

  7. Super Asi

    Guild setup

    +1 on this Nobody asked for alliance. Increase guild members cap for better woe experience
  8. Super Asi

    Afk Farmer

    We will miss you
  9. Level 3 Enchantment of Racing Cap (Star Gladiator) only gives +30% increased damage. But on kRO it gives 40% increased damage. source:
  10. Amistr Bag doesn't show when equipped.
  11. Super Asi

    Add Elements in Training Dummies

    +1 , also sizes if can too please.
  12. Super Asi

    Newly Wed Character's Can't Adopt

    you can actually adopt novice here, did u marry at asgard? or in the other towns ( pront, hugel , lutie(
  13. Super Asi

    Baby Ranger Unlimit

    can i add that same thing happens on my AB's "Resurrection" skill too, just now on one of my AB, reset the skills, and i cant put any skill points on Resurrection. ^ issue only happens on one of my AB, no problem on other ABs only happened because of the pet Tomadora giving me status recovery skill