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  1. Costume Headgear List

    GM @Lai can we add this CE Black Witch Hat Item ID: 18883 , Thank you Source: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/18883/black-witch-hat
  2. Discrepancies with Item Drops

    @Lai Owl Viscount & Owl Marquis should drop Monocle [1] Source: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/18874/monocle-1
  3. Pls update @Yuuki Thank You..
  4. Deepsea City Treasures

    @Yuuki pls update with the new deepsea mats. thank you
  5. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    @Yuuki update pls...
  6. Costume Headgear List

    @Lai you forgot this Costume Over Protector
  7. Wedding Weil

    Where I can get the Wedding Weil Item ID: 5504 , no results found , no mob drop the it or sale it by npc? PSS: The item was listed one of the requirement for Galanthus Guard CE @Yuuki help
  8. Official DeV Future Updates 2018 kRO

    It was implemented last week in Sakray kRO , but after few hours they remove it, ahahahahah
  9. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    Any update?
  10. Costume Headgear List

    @Lai what happen to the fishing , you didnt add any CE to other towns yet , this one looks new to us it will be fun if you add them ...
  11. jRO RK 2nd Sprite!

    @Lai it was release pls add .... Its available now.
  12. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    @Yuuki pls add this two perfect set ....
  13. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    Well thats Shieldless Armor Item 15137 Shield from its robustness It is said that it does not need, To the name "Shi-no" Durable armor transmitted as it became. After the restoration the original power I regained it. ------------- [Shieldless armor] Add every additional refining value Vit + 1 ------------- [Cana Town Card] and When equipped together, additionally Vit + 15 ------------- [RSX-0806 card] and When both are equipped, [Shieldless armor] Add every additional refining value Vit + 5 MaxHP + 5% ------------- [Shieldless helmet] and When both are equipped, [Shieldless helmet] Add every additional refining value Def + 15 [Shieldless armor] Add every additional refining value Def + 15 ------------- Absolutely not broken According from what i got: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15137/cRO