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  1. Safe Refine Ticket

    What happen to all safe refine tickets in VIP Shop ??? PSS: All of them are gone only =.= 2nd Question Does +9 Refine Armor Safe Ticket working or no?
  2. Costume Headgear List

    @Lai pls add Tomboys Ears,Whisper Tall Hat and Eleanor Disguise
  3. Clean Life

    please fix asap... thanks
  4. Serving the Grilled Griffin

    I'm so pissed.... wasting of time .... T^T
  5. Personalize MVP Cards

  6. Save them!

  7. Personalize MVP Cards

    well this is impossible there is a lot of work scripts to do..... if ever you guys will add this, almost same with DP gears.
  8. jRO Sura 2nd Sprite!

    They will release preview this upcoming october
  9. jRO Sura 2nd Sprite!

    Cool , They will release the RK Sprite this upcoming December <3
  10. jRO Sura 2nd Sprite!

    @Lai can you please check if it is available now. Thanks
  11. jRO Sura 2nd Sprite!

  12. Hello from New Jersey!

    I saw US players in verus town before but now there gone.
  13. Purring

    Still not fix
  14. [Class Specific Shadow Gears List]

    Please give us some clue for your new project. Ahahahahah