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  1. Hello, Myself and many others by rapport are requesting to have the 'Convex Mirror' (Item ID: 12214) removed from the cash shop ASAP. This server holds 100x/100x/25x rates as it stands. Is this not sufficient enough chance to even try to obtain legit items through normal PvM? This is a matter of abuse and perusal by dual client users and people who shouldn't need to use this item to achieve what they have in mind for pure profits. It's a decision and purchase based on greed and profit. It's unfair to players who work to earn items and have a vision in mind. Every PvM monster should be a purely 'seek and destroy' by chance. If someone has a goal to obtain a specific item, the proper means in this game time and period (a game, well developed since 2001) should be to Guild Base ticket + Abra + Bubble Gum for pure profits. By offering this item in the cash shop for well versed/aged players, it ruins the gameplay and community for regular players whom are trying to obtain said items through a normal standard -- Player vs Monster. Why offer a item to advance an already overly powered player with their equipment to beat another non versed player? Please remove this 'Convex Mirror' from the Cash shop as it offers unfair advantage.
  2. Mein Reich Toten

    Trolling Vending Spot

    are you kidding me. REALLY. you have your own spot that your mental issues absolutely NEED this spot? HIGH FIVE!
  3. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

    [ √ ] Clown call - Check [ √ ] Still has an erection over me - Check Just making sure you were still masturbating, I actually needed these days to get work done! Thanks for that, goon
  4. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

  5. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

    @Lai bad judgement call, 0 racism on this directed towards a group of 5: Whamy, K yon, NikoLhei, Yon Jiro, KumaOtsin All they do is PM with /exall ON -- indicating that they are all the same with the same behaviour and dirty tactics
  6. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

    What are you 5? You aren't tricking anybody joker lmao
  7. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

    blah blah blah, i'll unload more as I see fit -- just an example of what the server has to see after each round SS not so ez to time on a mac
  8. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

    @Lai taunts both in game + forums for everybody to see , ok.
  9. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

    How about: quit your butt hurt?
  10. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

    @Lai @IngramI have told your team to NEVER PM ME, yet every single one of you still do every single day this week m8 + /exall ON. I seriously do not care about your fake bs, really. LimitRO does not care about your dusty pixels that you can never sell. Get over yourselves puh-lease
  11. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

    @Lai @Lai
  12. Mein Reich Toten

    Again this player...

    Quit your crying and massive butthurt mode. Do you want some diapers with that? You all sure love to gloat and gloom with your MVP cards and pixels that collect dust. This is not racist in the slightest, this is directed towards a harassing party group of players, namely: Whamy (continuously assimilate power against competing suras to prevent their chances on kill+PM with /exall on), NikoLhei (Harassment with bad english, just lol), K yon (PM with /exall, Screams like he ate ice cream too fast), KumaOtsin (PM consistently with /exall), Yao Ming/Yon Jiro (PM with /exall on) (whatever his name is) whom constantly and maliciously try to trash the game for many players. Tjsmex is part of this group, but he does not do ANY of this (he is the ONLY well behaved and respectful one in this guild/group). This group will continuously harass players via private message while on /exall trying to instigate some really awesome responses for the server. As I say (read it slow): Greed kills the soul, keep letting that MVP CARD PIXEL POWER GET TO YOUR HEAD!
  13. Mein Reich Toten

    Non-stop harassment

    Never once did this looney goon tell me to NOT PM him. This is not harassment if he accepts it with love. Get a life Niel- nobody likes/cares for your greed, classless cheap inherited gameplay tactics, or cheap bs period Who are you trying to impress anyways? It ain't working one bit. Mom does not count.
  14. Mein Reich Toten

    Are rangers hated that much?

    I love you clowns, keep the circle-jerk up
  15. Mein Reich Toten

    Non-stop harassment

    Lol you scared Niel? Took me a whole 2 clicks to find you. I'm literally dying of cheap entertainment and laughter here Lai, go ahead and lock this thread so these guys can quit circle-jerking please