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  1. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    i can't even take SS, no one is willing to do BG 1, they were all just lol'ed me -__-
  2. Nightmare

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    yeah this suggestion is nice. Jro equips are too op
  3. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    ah okay, nevermind then. let's just see.. u might need someone from your team to be inside the "game" to watch better and not relying on the player alone, this is just too tiring for me. Thanks.
  4. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    Cmon.. it's been 2 MT and almost 3 MT's this monday we had no BG 1 at all, war badges prices went liek crazy -___- @Lai @Emistry
  5. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    I was gonna do that, but cant. No one wanna join it since its bugged -___-. GM Meteoric was there when it happened, though. But the thing that i remember , it was in BG 1 Rush mode, after breaking the emperium the game should proceed to the next mode/game. but all people were all inside the Rush map, and no emperium. even the portal at the base didnt work. we can still moving around and use skills.
  6. Nightmare

    Thanatos Enchants not working

    u have to put the equipments in your inventory. don't put it on. that's it hmm i'm wondering how some people get messed up with random enchantments, didnt lai provide any info or step on how to use the new system?
  7. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    Note: I don't know to which part should i post this. Currently, BG 1 has a bug where the game will not proceed to the next mode after finished, and people get stuck inside. (Sorry don't have the SS, since i didn't take any last time, and now people will not join BG 1 cause it's bugged. This happened since 1 month ago. GM Meteoric helped to call us out of the map twice. this week and 2 or 3 weeks ago).
  8. Nightmare

    Basic Info Drop-down Menu is Invisible

    hmm. never happen to me until now..
  9. Nightmare

    Prontera Militia Glove

    i think make it only 1-side acc would be great Lai. So it can be "balanced"
  10. Nightmare

    Meteor Assault + EDP

    @Rasuak Hi! Though i made this report, i think u can make a report and considered that as a bug, since Sigma already confirmed it.
  11. Well, Lai did customize seraphim coronet @Sephylon @Cj @Lai
  12. Nightmare


    Wrong report man, he has item with immunity to ban +100%.
  13. Nightmare

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    Half-ass'ing thing just to benefit 1 type of class is disgusting, WIPE gtb pls. BG and woe is already 1 MVP rule. just because u want to be the tankiest player in the game but obviously u can't, please learn how to switch equipments. u have team, use team work to solve ur issue also. tsktsktsk
  14. Nightmare

    Nerf GTB in pvp only not in PVM

    if u want to nerf, just nerf all. half-ass'ing things is disgusting lol xD
  15. Nightmare

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    Again, from random topic to "Shura-specific" topic, what a lol xD