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  1. Nightmare

    @refresh command bug

    First of all, sorry if I put this in the wrong report section. Step 1: I opened a room chat (But i found the bug also when opening @storage) Step 2: I use command @refresh Step 3 (results) : Chat window(or storage, only if u use @storage) is gone and I'm stuck. Can't close the window chat nor moving my char. I do still can type for chat.
  2. Nightmare

    Heart Hunter War Base Instance

    @Lai i just did the instance, and stuck at this part. click the gunbarrel but no gun powder drops. it says the hunter will spawn but none.
  3. Nightmare

    Deepmines items

    +1 for Fafnir Scale, DB rk's definitely need some milk
  4. Nightmare

    BG auto party

  5. and also, False Ears CE, try it xD
  6. Nightmare

    My Favorited+Locked Item Dropped and I dont know why

    @Lai Just want to confirm one thing. How many people have reported this kind of thing to you directly? My suggestion, u might wanna try to take this problem seriously. Okay, some people might "Lie" to get equips for their own benefits or basically they wanna try to scam you. But, there are few people i know in this server that I believe don't need to scam the GM to get the equips, considering the equips on their chars that most players can't even reach that point, and their equips were actually dropped while the lock is activated, good thing that they can get it back bcs one of the time it was happened when in woe castle and sorry i will not mention the name. Thanks.
  7. Nightmare


    For the first time ever i agree with inkfish. =='
  8. Nightmare

    some skill cant use at bg 2

    first of all, inside the bg, items requirement for skills are disabled. in other words, u are supposed to be able to use those skills without carrying the items. Mandragora howl has a pretty long cooldown, so u might wanna recheck it. second, hell plants has maximum number of 5 times usage and have to remove those plants on the ground (with crazy weed) or wait till someone steps on it, and u might able to re use it again. I am sometimes using gene in bg 2, and everything was fine.
  9. Nightmare

    i got perma banned?

    Probably bcs of your IGN: Random Old Nigger. It represents Racism. I'm not a helper or a GM thou. just my personal opinion. @Lai
  10. Nightmare

    Inspiration bug? - RG skill

    Inspiration skill will also remove battle manual, in other words it will removes anything related to "buff"(?) (not sure if this is the correct word).
  11. Nightmare

    Insult and abuse of power

    Lai will not do anything to this Lorenzo. even people +1 on this lol. My very best guess "The person has been warned."
  12. Nightmare

    BG suggesetions

    +1, not to mention about the 1st class shadows, lot of people don't like playing in bg4 bcs its boringgg.
  13. Nightmare

    BG 1 (Normal) - Rush Mode bug / error

    @Lai u gave me the patched installer few days ago ( I PM'ed u thru FB) because i had a problem with a certain VIP amulet. and also, a lot of people experiencing the same problem.
  14. Nightmare

    Insultive, Main chat spam

    For no reason, this wonderful player insulted me by saying im gay when i answered "nope" to his question.
  15. Nightmare

    Skill Bug

    1. Started with no ammo equipped. Result: Platinum Altar can be used without ammo / bullet - issue. 2. Trying to use another ammo / bullet. result: still can be used - Issue