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  1. wanted to report this issue since LAST YEAR but too lazy to see Inkfish comment taken from the link above ^
  2. Nightmare

    Silk WoE new balance

    Just allow reduction equips more for silk, prontera militia glove for example. Can get extra 6% which will make things different. Protect feather for mid gear replacing blush of groom. Etc.
  3. Nightmare

    Soul explosion

    @Lex Luthor yo bro, pls state what is wrong, dont just put Screenshot of skill description and sending video. that's what they meant ^
  4. Nightmare

    Wrong weight

    oops, i posted it in wrong section. sorry didn't see it carefully
  5. Nightmare

    Wrong weight

    No item in inventroy... Salty Rice Cake in inventory 1pc
  6. Nightmare

    Jack Frost Missing Animation

    u probably enabled /minimize
  7. Nightmare

    Allow Elvira Card in Silk Settings

    Dwigh is considered a mini-boss. @Lai
  8. Nightmare

    Remove Cooldown from Box Of Sunlight

    let me just add comment on this. i agree with the CD being removed. some GX players may say that its not fair for jobs that can use cloak / hiding especially in silk. but considering a team play, Box of Sunlight is heavy as hell, with CD being removed meaning forcing us to bring a lot of it, which also means that players who bring it are prone to get masquerade by shadow chasers, or getting a lot of damage from Star Emperor's gravity control.
  9. Nightmare

    Make Normal Woe once or twice a month

  10. Nightmare

    Changing cost of +10 supplies

    all things u mentioned above don't work in silk. @Hades
  11. Nightmare

    Changing cost of +10 supplies

    its just their rights to use it, reducing the price will benefit most people, either they are playing BG or not. using +10 foods in BG or not.
  12. Nightmare

    Make Honor Tokens Tradeable

    +1, for now even the token isnt trade-able there's always a way of people selling it.
  13. Nightmare

    8 of 8, server peak, pandemic efforts

    Respect, sir!
  14. Nightmare

    AFK Farming in Thanatos

    isnt this IGN has been banned before? i remember seeing this ign in penalty list before hmm
  15. Nightmare

    Add Deco Stone Digital

    and here we go another 200vips worth of deco stone