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  1. Nightmare

    Which 5 Instances deserves DT reward?

    Infinity Space Horror Toy Factory Faceworm Nest OGH Normal OGH Hard
  2. Nightmare

    Meteor Assault + EDP

    1. Shown in the picture. Using skill Meteor Assault with no Enchant Deadly Poison ( all stat equips like in the picture). Damage results : 160k ish. 2. Using same skill (Meteor Assault) but now with Enchant Deadly Poison. Damage results = 360k ish
  3. Nightmare

    weight bugged

    Check your "Fav" tab, probably something was there
  4. Nightmare

    Ninja Wind Charm wrong amplifying

    @Inkfish Wind Charm adds additional damage to any wind elemental skills, right? So 10 Wind charms, clearly will also increased Wind Blade damage = correct. but the skill revamp said, Increase "First Wind" damage from 10% to 100% for each 1 Wind Charm, so if 10 wind charms are used, the damage of first wind should increase 1000%, while the one increase 1000% is Wind Blade not First Wind. @Lai Wind Charm Wind Charm MAX Lv : 1 Description : Summons a Wind Spirit using a Wind Charm to increase attack of Wind Property skills. Can summon up to 10 spirits and your weaponchanges to Wind Property once you succeedin summoning 10 spirits. Using this skill will consume 1 Wind Charm
  5. 1. Tried to use skill "first wind" by oboro without any charms to egg. Results = constant 1123 each. 2. Re-use "First Wind" with 10 Wind Charms. Results = increased damage to 1510. (means the damage increased by small % or less than 100% per wind charm used) 3. Tried to use "Wind Blade" with 10 Wind Charms. Damage output = 2189 4. Re-use "Wind Blade" without Wind Charms. Damage output = 252 each hit. Means that 10 Wind charms boost 1000% damage to Wind Blade.
  6. Nightmare

    Inside TODG - last npc (for exit)

    probably next mt
  7. Nightmare

    Inside TODG - last npc (for exit)

    Yes, the quest is deleted by Nidhogg NPC after beating last mvp, have to claim the quest from agip the next day and the CD started from there. @Yuuki @Lai
  8. Nightmare

    Reducing price of items from BG supply machine

    Sorry didn't check it carefully, apparently the amount of pots has increased. Just forget about this suggestion Thanks.
  9. Topic Name : Reducing price of Battleground supply box. Describe your suggestion What is this? - I notice than some items are not "balanced" in terms of prices. For example: Battleground supply box, it was only 5 war badges for each of it. but after the machine implemented, it became 200pcs of battle coin, which wayy harder to get than before. not to mention, BG pots are actually essentials when it comes to faming battleground badges (either for classic badge or war badges). Why do we have to add it? for easier battleground plays. Who will benefit this? : All players, especially battleground farmers. Will this change the system drastic? Not at all. because it was fine when the price only 5 war badge Room for improvement? Not sure.
  10. Bug: After completing the instance by killing the last floor boss. Nidhogg appear, but when we clicked it, it gives expedition boxes and deleted the Agip quest. By so, we can't get cooldown from Agip and didnt get anything from Agip. Have to wait 1 day to claim the Agip reward and cd. . Sorry i don't provide any proper screen shot, it's been a while since i did this instance. Thanks.
  11. Nightmare

    @refresh command bug

    First of all, sorry if I put this in the wrong report section. Step 1: I opened a room chat (But i found the bug also when opening @storage) Step 2: I use command @refresh Step 3 (results) : Chat window(or storage, only if u use @storage) is gone and I'm stuck. Can't close the window chat nor moving my char. I do still can type for chat.
  12. Nightmare

    Heart Hunter War Base Instance

    @Lai i just did the instance, and stuck at this part. click the gunbarrel but no gun powder drops. it says the hunter will spawn but none.
  13. Nightmare

    Deepmines items

    +1 for Fafnir Scale, DB rk's definitely need some milk
  14. Nightmare

    BG auto party