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  1. Nightmare

    Change PvP settings in normal

    you didn't get what i meant.
  2. Nightmare

    Change PvP settings in normal

    + 1 to this.. If u make maximum refine level in normal is +10.
  3. Nightmare

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    @Lai see, finally someone brought it up. i PM'ed you in discord related to this, i dont know whether u understood at the time or not. the point is silk has too little option for reduction! and with all of the skill revamps, there will be no tank classes! in woe we still have siege set but i believe that won't even enough in the future following the skill updates and can you imagine silk BG? wait till RK updates with current reduction set up. @Lai
  4. Nightmare


    i think this sugestion is about making an NPc that offers the same service as Lai's costume garment or deco stone exchange service. so +1 cause my worst case, had to wait for Lai for 23 hours to be able to trade mine. gg
  5. Nightmare

    Gladiator Tournament atroce and ghost beasts not spawning

    oh deym i thought it was intended lol, already been like that since the update of gladiator haha
  6. The bugs are: 1. The item description in LimitRO like already mentioned. 2. Reduction on 10%. based on the proof. both shows 10%, either its for elemental damage reduction, or monster property. the focus is the percentage as for now which 10%. below is before using the shield: damage reduction equal to 0 = Valid Putting on the Shield: 7% reduction = Invalid, Should be 10% (either elemental damage, or monster property, depending on how the developer solved the 1st issue stated above).
  7. Nightmare

    BG deserter problem

    yes, +1 to this, sometimes the deserter come out of nowhere. i didn't even dc'ed when it happened to me.
  8. Nightmare

    Lovely Trashtalker

    loosing its mouth and fingers to the next level ❤️
  9. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    Thank you @Emistry
  10. Nightmare

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    Yeah unnerf seraphim +1
  11. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    i can't even take SS, no one is willing to do BG 1, they were all just lol'ed me -__-
  12. Nightmare

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    yeah this suggestion is nice. Jro equips are too op
  13. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    ah okay, nevermind then. let's just see.. u might need someone from your team to be inside the "game" to watch better and not relying on the player alone, this is just too tiring for me. Thanks.
  14. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    Cmon.. it's been 2 MT and almost 3 MT's this monday we had no BG 1 at all, war badges prices went liek crazy -___- @Lai @Emistry
  15. Nightmare

    BG 1 bug

    I was gonna do that, but cant. No one wanna join it since its bugged -___-. GM Meteoric was there when it happened, though. But the thing that i remember , it was in BG 1 Rush mode, after breaking the emperium the game should proceed to the next mode/game. but all people were all inside the Rush map, and no emperium. even the portal at the base didnt work. we can still moving around and use skills.