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  1. how do you "show" the last costume?
  2. Merci beaucoup
  3. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Verus_Daily_Quests

    This is what I found

    #6962: OLD FUEL TANK

    3153 Excavator Robot
    3128 Kick And Kick
    3127 Kick Step
    3125 Step


    1. Yuuki


      I couldn't find that info in that link /?


  4. Yuuki: can you add colors for female dorams?

    Dress, hair, etc.



    1. Yuuki


      @Lai how's it?

  5. awww! You can get married in the game?
  6. Hi, Does it has to be done with the same character I did the first one?
  7. The costume hat is so pretty. Thank you Lai.
  8. Awwwww I love it
  9. ¡¡¡Yay!!!
  10. In my mind there is only one thing... FOOD!

  11. This is me. Camouflage training ... Thanks for voting!
  12. Thank you. We love you! Ettoo... what about the othe rdaily quests?
  13. @Yuuki Memory Record Daily quest still not working. Neither medicinal herb quest. And... Have you figured out why the packed envelopes are in the etc instead of the Consumable inventory?
  14. Character Name: Dani Do Image: Screenshot: Theme: Forest Comment: Camouflage training at the bamboo forest (Entrenamiento camuflage en los bosques de bambú) Note: I don't know how to properly add the tag in the picture. If somebody helps me, I would really appreciate it. Merçi beaucoup!
  15. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!