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  1. u.u I do not have FB. but if I had, I would have participated.
  2. how do you "show" the last costume?
  3. Merci beaucoup
  4. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Verus_Daily_Quests

    This is what I found

    #6962: OLD FUEL TANK

    3153 Excavator Robot
    3128 Kick And Kick
    3127 Kick Step
    3125 Step


    1. Yuuki


      I couldn't find that info in that link /?


  5. Yuuki: can you add colors for female dorams?

    Dress, hair, etc.



    1. Yuuki


      @Lai how's it?

  6. awww! You can get married in the game?
  7. Hi, Does it has to be done with the same character I did the first one?
  8. The costume hat is so pretty. Thank you Lai.
  9. Awwwww I love it
  10. ¡¡¡Yay!!!
  11. In my mind there is only one thing... FOOD!

  12. This is me. Camouflage training ... Thanks for voting!
  13. Character Name: Dani Do Image: Screenshot: Theme: Forest Comment: Camouflage training at the bamboo forest (Entrenamiento camuflage en los bosques de bambú) Note: I don't know how to properly add the tag in the picture. If somebody helps me, I would really appreciate it. Merçi beaucoup!
  14. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!