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  1. MonkeyChief

    WL - Afk Farming

    LOL this is not AFK Farming. He/She just spamming Jack Frost in a building with no monster/mobs to kill. Dont bother with him/her because this is not a big deal. Not worth for @Lai to waste his time with this kind of problem. You just feel offended because he/she ignored your message? LOL I've been in this kind of situation several times already, but i never bother to report them. Just think positive Maybe someone is using his/her character (his/her small child is using this character and spamming the skill).
  2. MonkeyChief

    BG AFK

    I see people #Main that Aizen is constantly AFKing in BG. Thank you to those Helpers or GMs for taking action by banning his character in BG C. But i believe he already make new character or account, since i heard he also AFK in BG A now. But please dont just mute a player for AFKing farming in BG, since that kind of punishment is useless. Atleast ban them for 1-2days for 1st time offender, 2nd time maybe double or triple the punishment to 2-6 days ban and so on. When i checked ban list, a player also got permanent ban for this(See attachment). We have 600 player online, i dont accept excuse that AFK is to make BG lively. This server isnt dead server.
  3. MonkeyChief

    New Active player seeks guild

    I think you more suitable at @go 27.. They currently is the best WOE guild in server now.
  4. MonkeyChief

    New Active player seeks guild

    Go 19 and search for Otogakure members.. They are best guild for newbie to start off.
  5. MonkeyChief

    Hundred Spear Dmg Reduce 30%

    this 1400% came from [{(600 + (Skill Level x 80)] make sense.. Thank you for your nice explanation
  6. MonkeyChief

    Hundred Spear Dmg Reduce 30%

    Oh I see. @Akin (Master Keele Zeibel) Actually where did the 1400% included in the formula? When not adding 1400%, damage is much lower.
  7. My Ranger's STR stats is also nearly same as this FAW build. I thought it's normal to have around that value..
  8. No idea about other setup, but for me if using +9HBP, need more than 90 STR to obtain ATK bonus, so maybe that 100 STR is for this If Base Str >= 90: Attack +30 although getting 90 STR is enough for me. Plus, maybe because of STR also effect range damage by a little bit. "When using "ranged-type" weapons such as Bows, Guns, Instruments and Whips, every 5 points of STR provide Status Attack +1"
  9. MonkeyChief

    Turtle General and Valkyrie Rangdris Card Effect

    Bump. Any update on this?
  10. MonkeyChief

    poison weapon and grimtooth

    Dont blame brother @S e n t i m e n t a L Your post title is "poison weapon and grimtooth" and this is the only description you provide us for your question? Be more clear bro. How are we gonna help you if your post also make us confuse and asking ourselves what are you trying to ask?
  11. Hi @Yuuki

    Can you please guide me or give some clue on how to play new event

    • Clean the Dirt in Lutie (end in 2016.12.31)

    Even Helper also clueless how to play this. Thank you /gawi

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Freya
    3. MonkeyChief


      Thank you for nice guide @Freya chan /no1

      But i hope GM can do some modification to dirt, because now all dirt share same global CD with other people. Mean if someone have click that dirt, other people cant play and need to wait 30 minutes.

      Maybe can increase amount of dirt in Lutie and make it not share same CD for more fair chance for other people to play, not just play by same person who camping the dirt.

      I also totally agree with @Caphleo suggestion, 5 EP is like not worth it since always get trash tier reward.

    4. Akin


      Hmm.. Doesn't seem worth my time. Back to farming zeny. Wot wot wot wot wot~:rolleyes:

  12. @Lai@Yuuki why Infinty Space experience rate suddenly become lower? Now need to go IS several times before reach max level. And if level already max, job level always still not max.

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    2. Skadilicious


      The exp rates were increased during the LimitRO anniversary. After that the rates were back to normal. But that was already several months ago. It takes me around 2 runs to IS to max my characters with the help of exp manuals of course.

    3. MonkeyChief


      @Skadilicious With exp manual, only need 2 times IS run to max character level? When do you test this? I think this sound like several months ago, not recent one. I remember months before LimitRO 7th Anniversary, our IS exp feel fine, not like recent one, exp suddenly feel very low.

      I heard someone said, they lower the exp rates to encouraged everyone to go leveling through LimitRO group. But i not sure if we have support for leveling between level 100-175. Leveling between level 1-100 is easy.

    4. Skadilicious


      Hmm.. no not recently. I'll try later going to IS with a newbie character later. :)

  13. MonkeyChief

    Battle Caster/Dex Hybrid Arch Bishop GMT Run (Fail lol)

    Nice one Before this, I never thought to built battle AB like this. This is really interesting.
  14. MonkeyChief

    vanil not autocasting

    Sory @Shiny11, i just read your forum thread yesterday and thinking if i can help you with something.. But i was careless at that time since a bit rushing, i forgot to test the link 1st, and its turn out the link is dead link. I think, about your dieter, try change setting to "cast on owner foot" and set skill to be use when number of monster=1 Don't put too much trust on AI since if i not mistaken, this AI script have 0.1 seconds cooldown on skill cast, which mean your homunculus wont spam skill as often as you manual cast it.