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  1. SangPredator

    Create a NPC for reset enchant instead the Godly

    Ahaha gm lai look alike doraemon. Just enjoy the play. Not all the obstacle should be rid away
  2. SangPredator

    kRO Update 2019

    Glory age of DB knight. All eq boosting DB now
  3. SangPredator

    unknown items on daily reward

    Same with me. Already at latest patch
  4. SangPredator

    Holy/Undead Elemental Scroll

  5. SangPredator

    Charleston NPC enchantment BUG

    Thanks mr lai for fixing it
  6. SangPredator

    My Char max level 181

    I already confirm it with lai. It is only the description on the stats thats wrong and not increase but still get exp (visual bug only)
  7. SangPredator

    My Char max level 181

    Char name : Konak Boyz Job: Rune Knight 1. After new patch, I go hunting to illusion comodo 2. Using battle manual to increase exp and job lvl 3. Max Lvl increase to 181 and can't receive anymore exp. The exp stop on 99% on lvl 181. 4. Job lvl seems normal on lvl 65 5. Try to relog and reset stats and skill but nothing happened Please help me @Lai, @Inkfish. Thank you very much
  8. SangPredator

    Deepmines items

    -1 to this. Too Op
  9. SangPredator

    Where/How to get these Shields

    We already have the database but not implemented yet
  10. SangPredator

    Add Temporal Ring

    -1. Too cruel for newbie to catch the new item now
  11. SangPredator

    Charleston NPC enchantment BUG

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... 1. I have +9 STR Supplement armor plain 2. I go to Charleston NPC enchantment 3. I choose enchantment and superior upgrade 4. BAM !!! my +9 STR Supplement armour is missing It supposed to be a small chance to break if we reset. But in this first enchainment, the equip is missing….
  12. SangPredator

    Cap's Guide To Auto Shadow Spell Shadow Chaser

    Ju card around 200 m now. I prefer with ju card and ferus and laurell because boost bolt dmg. Hill wind card isnt important because procs only lighting bolt to trigger earth magic
  13. SangPredator

    Cap's Guide To Auto Shadow Spell Shadow Chaser

    So there is 4 source trigger for coldbolt from auto shadow, CD on mouth, elemental sword and lunar rainbow. Meanwhile lunar rainbow and CD in mouth also give firebolt procs to trigger another chain. I can't count how many hits for the chain because too many
  14. SangPredator

    HALP! Vampire's Servant[1] not equipping properly!

    Please make a proper report in item bug section report with a screenshot. Thanks