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  1. SangPredator

    Is slotted sunglasses already implemented ?

  2. SangPredator

    Shadow of Swordsman Set

    Thx mr cap
  3. SangPredator

    Shadow of Swordsman Set

    So is it already official ? Are the sets effect already implemented ?
  4. This already implemented before in 2016
  5. SangPredator

    Magic Kagerou/Oboro build

    In your opinion, what is the best eq for magic build ?
  6. SangPredator

    Magic Kagerou/Oboro build

    Anyone know for stats and equip to build magic kagerou with fire element or lightning element magic ? Thanks
  7. SangPredator

    LimitRO 9th Anniversary Char name : Si Ganteng Maut
  8. SangPredator

    Monthly Task 002
  9. SangPredator

    Rune Knight's Giant Growth Damage

    Wow mr @Akin. Long time no see. Are you on hiatus now?
  10. SangPredator

    Rune Knight's Giant Growth Damage

    Are you sure it was calculated twice on script? Or just it is on critical? Coz this make the Rk become so nerfed @Inkfish
  11. SangPredator

    Limited Cash Shop revamp

    Add back npc vip shop so we can try the wing or aura
  12. SangPredator

    New CE script

    Oh i see that different item
  13. SangPredator

    New CE script

    So i can refine it to get bonus stats?