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  1. RIP VIP
  2. @Akin (Master Keele Zeibel) I test with naga in splendide 3. Actual damage is 200 k but now only 150 k. @Inkfish so there is no revert back? RK will become weaker
  3. Go to pyramid 1 then go outside
  4. Can you help us mr @Akin (Master Keele Zeibel) to test in IRO for comparison? RK would be so sucks if HS dmg become so low like this when the other job like CC gene and AS ranger do much more damage
  5. ATK [{(600 + (Skill Level x 80) + (1000 - Weight of the Spear)} x (1 + [(Caster’s Base Level - 100) / 200])] % + Clashing Spiral level x 50% ? [{(600+ (10x80) + (1000 - 70)} x (1+[(175-100)/200])]% + 5x50% ? [{600 + 800 + 930} x (1 + [75/200])% + 5x50% ? [ 2330 x 1,375 ] % + 250 % ? [3453,75]% = can you help me mr akin to calculate my atk and look up my calculation @Akin (Master Keele Zeibel)
  6. I really sure this has been reduced. I often test my damage on cornus or naga in splendide field 3. My hs damage on cornus is 230 k but now is only 180 k. Please fix this @Inkfish @Yuuki. Thanks
  7. I feel the same. Last hours, i fought with ferre bos in nightmare jitterbug. My hs on him reduced. Last time is around 280 k - 300 k. Now only 220-240 k.
  8. Si Ganteng Maut & Ratu Gengges Combo Name: The Double Distractor Love Advice: Love is Destiny, prepare yourself to go through it Facebook Share Link:
  9. How to get married in limit ro? What the cupid egg contain?
  10. Go to midgard expedition camp, and enter dimensional portal. Go to second hall there is a crack in the bottom, enter the crack to go to fire basin. You should finished quest with tamarin first in morroc
  11. But in the website in the sprite is like ring of ancient wise king. I open it via mobile phone too
  12. Bump, not fixed yet
  13. It is more like a banana
  14. Please provide the screenshot. Actually after the newest installer release, there are so many wrong script on item